January 13, 2017

New Blog URL Address: claudiafkim.blogspot.com

I've been thinking about it for a while and I know that deep inside I still want to write and blog. but I know I can't keep on blogging under my old blog name because it just doesn't represent me or my blog anymore. This is one of long time reason that has made me stop blogging entirely last year, the other being my personal life issues, either I was being to happy to blog or too sad, lol. Just kidding, it's just that I've lost all my passion to blog this past year, mostly because of my dermatitis (I can't wear any makeup but it's started to clear up now) and deep in my heart, I know that I still like blogging and I don't see myself parting from one of my hobby forever. So all in all, I was just taking a break from blogging for a good 'resting' time.

Soon enough, I'll be changing my blog URL address to claudianakim (update: claudiafkim). It's either a subdomain or a custom domain, I haven't decided that yet. I should've done this years ago lol. If I decide to change my subdomain (.blogspot to another .blogspot) I'll be losing all the traffic from Google and Alexa ranking but I don't mind that. I just want to start fresh, and you know people die, I don't want my blog to revert back to its old name when I couldn't extend the custom domain. Lol

I can't promise that I would be super prolific, but at least I could try :)

So yeah, I'll be seeing you on my new blog: claudianakim.blogspot.com claudiafkim.blogspot.com
will soon change this blog to that address ^

Have a great day everyone!

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