January 27, 2015

Recent Haul: Beauty and Fashion

Oh boy, I do have a loooong queue of products to be reviewed!!! Aside from some Make Up reviews which I've been putting off from 2014 , I have even more products to review now~ This is what I get for being such a slacker!

Anyway, just as some of my darling readers requested, "Please make a haul post", tonight I'll be posting up my recent collective haul. Bring on the Make Up porn!

Yves Saint Laurent haul, mostly lip product, awesome SA gave me black YSL pouch as a gift! win! Inside I found YSL la nuit de l'homme vial, and some samples. From left to right, Rouge Volupte 103, ROUGE PUR COUTURE Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain 105 Corail Hold up, Gloss Volupté 203 Corail Gandoura, Gloss Volupté 19 Rose Orfevre, Rouge Pur Couture 52, and RPC 52 again (back up) haha! Basically almost every lipstick worn by my ultimate idol Cheon Song Yi.

Anna Sui Drama Queen Lipstick, from left to right: 301, 304, 600, 350. I bought three tubes of shade 600 for back up because I really like it! It's not as orangey as on the pic, pic doesn't do justice lah, it's actually more peachy irl. But recently I reached to 301 and 304 more often. It's a nice base lipstick for me.

DIOR Lip Maximizer with collagen activ. My lips true love! Mine are mini version, the original version is 6 ml and this one is 4ml. And because the price is so much cheaper, I decided to get more tubes, again, for back up! haha... I've been using this for 3 weeks and this darling made my lips permanently luscious!

KJI & CO 72 hours permanent pink marker from perfectbeautyshop.com,  Etude House play 101 pencil in shimmer and glitter, The Face Shop girl concealer which I often use as a highlighter.

SK-II Pitera Essence Set red flower limited edition, contains 75 ml of SK-II FTE, 30 ml clear lotion, and one facial treatment mask. Also got my first bottle of bioderma.

Chloé EDP, Chloé EDP minis, Bvlgari Rose Essential (and backup!), two minis, and VS glamour.

Masami Shouko Vanity Case with dimmer lamp. This is quite huge! I love how the mirror is super big! This Make Up case is very convenient with little wheel on the bottom, travel friendly :)

Philips ionic styling brush. It's pink and stylish!

ETUDE HOUSE nail remover, lol... nail remover! and some nail polishes from Etude House, I use this combination to make a color gradation.

Spotlite casing for iphone 4s, love how it's flipable :) It's super easy to clean too.

Samuel & Kevin black coat, I simply NEED more coat!

and a selca~! hehe

I'll be seeing you again soon dear readers! Thanks for reading and byeee for now :)


  1. Kyaaa unni ysl lippies are quite expensive.I want to try one but it does not reach my budget as of the moment kkk.But I also have that nail remover from Etude House.And yeah,my parents are laughing at it.I think it should be nail polish remover not nail remover lol~ As always,I love reading your posts and I am your #1 fan kyahahahaha

    1. waw I'm flattered, a fan! haha... yesshh I was laughing at it too, seriously NAIL REMOVER. and do you know I laught at EH lip and eye remover too. hahahaha.... EH sure has a weird and funny way to name their product lol.

  2. wow... I'm so jealous with your haul..!! want that lipie too >.<
    that phillip ionic brush... look super cute..!!


  3. Wah ada SK-II, udah berapa lama pake SK-II? pantes kulitnya cantik banget :]


    1. SK II ngga terlalu gimana banget di saya, hehe lebih bagus skincare yang biasa saya pake rasanya

  4. Wow, this haul combined with your photography skills is amazing! So so beautiful! I'm nowhere near the stage where I can afford brands like YSL and SKII but I look forward to getting there. Those Anna Sui lippies look stunning!


  5. Such a huge haul! Love those YSL lippies and the Anna Sui ones look interesting. Looking forward to reviews on these :)

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  6. so wonderful products *-*
    Thanks for sharing~
    I follow you on gfc. ~♥ Hope that you like my blog too~ xx
    follow back~ My new post♥

  7. Wow this haul is huge dear, I love it the Phillip Brush is very pretty
    Of course all the colos of lipies are gorgeous


  8. How envy I am to see this! You've got tons of YSL products!

    nice post!


  9. Very nice, Kim-chann!
    I like the way you photograph and present your products! :)


  10. Wow you bought a lot! After your haul I would be so broke lol You have a lot of great picks! :) YSL lippies are perf~
    Love, Jenny

  11. wow, everything's su awesome and cute. thanks for sharing :)


  12. HOLY MOLY MACARONI! Look at all those stuff you bought! How are you still alive and kicking and not broke after all those purchase? OHEMGEEEEEEEEHH... Everything will fill my room in no time and I won't even have a bed to sleep on because.. o.o I mean... well... I guess your room is bigger than mine, lol. Anyway, I will have a super hard time every morning only to decide which lipstick I should wear, goshhhh... ahahahaha...

    anyway, about your comment on my post about the lip scrub, you already have super ultra pretty lips to begin with, srslyyyy.. do I sound insane already? lol, sorry if I scare you, please don't go, I'm not that scary pwomiessss

    1. yoo my lil tiara! ahhaha u left me one of the cutest comment that I've read so far! why are you so cuuute?! last year I moved to a new house, and by that time, I threw almost everything away so that I hape lots of space for new things. hahaha and just like what u said. I used to sleep with several makeup product, and should I say a make up box? bcoz I dont have any other space to put them on! hahaha crazy wasn't it. Good thing it's all on the right place now :))

      and no you're not scary :3 I took that as a compliment... thanks to Dior lip maximizer though! hehe... ♥

  13. awesome haul, waiting for the reviews :)


  14. hi dear❤ the presentation of your "little" haul is so cute... makes me want to buy everything >.<"

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  16. you sure did a super haul! super envy >< been eyeing ysl lip products but they're too expensive for me TT


  17. gellaaa.. super massive haul loh! philip ionic brush review pls.

  18. Very impreesssssiiivve collection, those lip stick colours *0*

    emi-doll.blogspot.jp σ(≧ε≦o) ♥

  19. YSL Their packaging is so luxurious! I'm liking the color of that Dior Lip Maximizer, do you have a review?

    ♥ Enjoy your day~

  20. Ohh my this is such a lovely haul~ ^ ^
    It makes me want to go shopping teehee! ^ - ^


  21. Love how natural and sweet all of those shades are! Lovely!


  22. what an awesome haul! I love YSL products. measurabledifference.com

  23. So much and i love those perfume

    Visit me ^^