May 1, 2014

Quick Post: Hello, I'm Back! Finally!

Hey hey... how should I start this post. I'm literally scared now, lol!
Well, first of all, I want to apologize to all of you guys, especially those who've been following me for years, for the INTENSE lack lack lack of post, in short, my hiatus.
And yeah, finally after gazillion of months, I'll be officially back to blogger in May (probably mid to late May though), gotta established a reliable internet connection first and it would take a while, hopefully won't take long...


So yeah... the last couple of weeks, I've been busy packing up and getting everything ready for the move. Well, it's nearby tho, hehe...and my new room, I painted the wall myself and I chose wild rose peachy pink color, which turned out to be a little darker than I expected... but oh well~

Sorry for the crappy phone camera o:

My current (will soon be previous) bedroom is dark blue, which I dislike. Aaand.... my new room is a little bit smaller, but I think that's just OK, I won't jampacked all of my belongings there, since I'm going to move again after a few years haha...

Me in my old bedroom

My bedroom... has always been so MESSY! lmao.. I hope I won't dirtied everything up this time, lulz.
Allright... about me know - eventho there's nothing special about me actually- I changed my hairstyle, no bangs! yay! I've always afraid to have this kind of hairstyle cuz I initially think it would give me an oldie and boring look. But 2 months ago I was soooo lazy to cut even cut my bangs, and I just let 'em merge altogether with the rest of my hairs. And I think I like it, my eyebrows are very much visible now. hohoho....

So yeah, I'm going to make a decent review again as soon as I've settled everything, wish me luck ^-^b
And last but not least, THANK YOU for not leaving me -and my blog- during my hiatus, I soooo love you guys!

I'm gonna leave for now, today's working day :3 See ya next month

p.s: a few selcas to assure you that I'm doin fine, hehe... buhbye!