September 23, 2013

Review: Etude House CC Cream in Silky

I was so tempted to try Etude House CC cream after seeing this picture ^, Well it was originally from naver blog, I forgot to save the link though, will put credit as soon as I find her blog.

I've had this for a couple of months, and decided to re-sell it weeks ago, hahah. Well, Etude House CC cream is available in silky (for oily skin) and glow (for dry skin). I got mine in silky, since I'm more into matte finish as of late. Before I start with the review, for reference, my skin is oily, match NC 15 in MAC foundation chart, and is acne prone.

Etude House CC Cream #silky:
This multitasting 8 in 1 formula hydrates, primes, conceals, treats, and protects skin at an easy single step for a healthier complexion, inside and outside. It glides on with a silky smooth finish

Volume: 35gr
Price: USD $9.00~15.00

 Etude House CC Cream Silky Ingredients


 Left: Etude House CC cream after being pumped several times. Right: NEW Etude House CC Cream

About  CC cream:
CC stands for control & correct, or care & correct, etc, which vary from brand to brand. The first CC cream I tried was THE SKIN SHOP Iris CC cream which texture and color are very similar to BB cream, Iris CC cream is also considered as the very first CC cream in Korea, and it was already on the market even before the current CC cream booming. Later CC cream comes up with the old concept of magic color sphere, and claims to be a mix between skincare and makeup.

Etude House CC Cream #silky:
What it claims?
Hydrates: 2/5
Yes it does contains hyaluronic acid as hydrating properties, but I DON'T feel any hydrating effect by wearing this CC cream. Well, maybe a bit, but it tends to cling on dry patches and accentuate acne scars.
Conceals: 1/5
NO! They must have been joking when they said this CC cream could CONCEAL. This is very sheer that it barely cover up anything. Even BB cream works better. This Etude House CC cream is formulated not to conceal, but to even out skin tone. That's being said.
Primes: 2.5/5
an okay product to be used as a primer. Though it won't fill-in wrinkles/pores. Though, It feels more like a 'base' for me.
Healthier complexion: 2/5
Ahemmm.... I've got lots to say. While YES! It even out my skin tone -a bit- nothing's too amazing  as I could get better result from airy mousse foundation.

8 in 1 formula:
Anti-aging(×): getting tired of seeing this 'anti-aging' label being used everywhere (mostly Korean makeup products), this CC cream is indeed having lots of herbal extract on their ingredients list. But I don't think that using 'anti-aging' label is appropriate.
Stress relief(▲): lmao... stress relief? Can't comment much on this one. If what they meant is rejuvinating, then I'd say, this is not a skincare product, and really this is not rejuvinating at all.
Hydration (×): ^ read above
Whitening(✓): With continuous use I think it's possible, since it has ARBUTIN in it.
Sun Protection(✓): Yes, SPF 30 PA++
Tone-up(×): More like a TONE DOWN for me lol, it gives me a freaking weird orangey look.
Smooth texture(✓): Yes, it has smooth, runny texture which blends easily.
Luminosity(×); Nope. It dries up to absolute matte finish. (if you want dewy finish choose #2 glowy instead).

 Etude House CC cream silky swatch. Too ORANGE for me.
What I like:
♔ Feels light, but yes since it doesn't have any coverage at all
♔ nothing else!

What I don't like:
- Doesn't live up to their claims, lol.
- Gives me a freaking WEIRD orange-ish tone!!!
- Took ages to dry! I swatched it on my hand, and even after a few minutes, it will smudge if I were to touch it. So YES, it's smudge!
- The tube is funny! It gets ridiculously deflated after just a few pumps.
- Fragrance is too strong, typical Koreans makeup product.
- Broke me out a bit (my friends too!)
- Accentuate dryness and scars
- Poor oil control properties

NOTE that I put a correct ample amount of it during the try out and I do apply it properly.

Other Comments:
Months ago, this CC cream was being an object of daily raving on many forums, groups, blogs... Which made me feel curious! So I bought two tubes of it on a whim, It was priced at US $13.00 that time. As soon as I tried it, I WAS BEWILDERED! like, what the heck?!! Why does many people like it? It's nothing like a primer for me, more like a BASE. but heck, a cheaper base could do better than this I swear. For a while, I tried to wear it underneath my daily BB/foundation but I don't find it 'okay'. It doesn't correctly fill-up large pores (I'd recommed LIOELE  secret pore rich balm for this purpose). It doesn't keep foundation/concealer to stay in place, It doesn't hydrates, it doesn't even out my compexion... on the contrary, it gives me the weirdest ORANGEY tone on my fez, like I'm a Mr. rabbit who has consumed enormous amount of betacarotene, heck! I wonder why on earth it oxidized into shade that is too orange for me, considering I have a very yellow skintone.
If it doesn't have this weird orange tone then I won't hate it to this extent. My BFF said she didn't really like this CC cream too. awee...
So what is it supposed to do? 8in1 formulation seems to *mostly fail. It baffles me so much! And no I don't have any high expectation from this product since it's being an Etude House anyway.
My foundation blends out more smoothly without this to, haha!

Final thoughts: Okay, this may feel more like a rant, lol. I'm sorry for that. But I really really want to tell you not to waste your money on this product. (And we have the most recent release of ETUDE HOUSE precious mineral ANY CUSHION ahead). Again, I can't tell you enough to always always check what's your face product doing on your skin UNDER NATURAL LIGHTING/window lighting would do. Indoor lighting alone is not enough. You'll notice great difference from product to product. What's GOOD for your skin, what's actually WORKS for your skin, and what's giving you a skin disaster.
I've tried many products that are far much better than this CC cream, even IRIS CC cream is much better than the one from Etude House. If you like the price, I'd recommend you to try TONY MOLY luminous pure aura CC cream instead.

All in all, those with 'amost flawless' skin is probably going to like it (only if you don't mind the orangeish tone). But for me, it's a miss! Sorry, I'd never ever repurchase.


Phewww! Turned out as a lengthy post! I know that fans of EH CC cream might kill me for this post, hahaha! But this is my honest review. Anyhow, I dislike this cream so much that I decided to sell it right away.

I think Etude House people is really smart in marketing their product, it's been over a week that people start to hype thiz:


Etude House precious mineral any cushion commercial from EH Philippines

I wonder if I should really get a hand on this? Haha? let's see... This cushion BB or Cushion foundation is almost everywhere on blogsphere nowadays. I've tried one from LANEIGE, it looks like this, texture is watery but it's just an okay product and is perfect to wear on low maintenance day. The packaging is cute~

Laneige Snow BB soothing cushion
*Photo taken with Byul, my android.
So yeah, if you LIKE Etude House CC cream, please tell me how do you like it? I really want to know! Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon on my next review~!

September 22, 2013

ROJUKISS Natural Aqua Celtic Cream Review + Giveaway Announcement!

Yo Girls! Back with me with skincare review, and again, this time is another skincare stuff. Recently I've been trying new skincare line from Rojukiss (just right after my Clinique incident, lol) I use this sparingly with my lovely mizon snail cream. The other two products from Rojukiss that I use being Rojukiss ENCA AC control toner and AC drying pinky powder. Will be reviewing this to babies soon, hopefully~

Also, I have a giveaway winner announcement in the end of the post, please do read my review first before scrolling down ^-^ hehe...

Light, but Strong Hydration !
Freshly-Moisturizing aqua cream for Oily / Dry skin -
Celtic, the ideal mineral water from the Unesco classified.

+ Skin Soothing
+ Prevention of Moisture Evaporation
+ Long-lasting Moisture

All Skin Types
Volume : 100ml
Made in Korea

 half dried on the right side :)

 What I like:
★ Leaving fresh, non-greasy feeling
★ Hydrating
★ Paraben free!
★ Could be used as make-up primer, believe it or not. Try to wear this as a base and you'll notice a great difference on the color pay-off.

 - Perfumed, colored.

Rojukiss Natural Aqua Celtic Cream is a gel based moisturizer which contain lots of natural herbal extract such as extract from lime tree, aloe vera, chamomile, rosemary, licorice, etc. For extra hydration, you can benefit from the squalane, collagen, and hyaluronic acid in it.
This gel moisturizer is formulated for those with dry/oily skin. I myself have oily skin type which is so annoying, I'm acne prone too. And frankly it's extra hard for me to make a review of skincare product now because my skin has been acting up crazily (Clinique issues). Ok, let's talk about my crazy skin later on. I don't even wanna think about it now, lol.

So yeah, I got this cream earlier this month and I've been using it sparingly, every other day when my skin needs more moisture. I usually put it more on my forehead, nose, and my laughline. It hydrates really well despite being gel~ And leaving no greasy traces. The consistency and the color reminds me a lot to Lioele Multi Seaweed gel. I personally think this moisturizer suits oily skin more due to its gel-like consistency.

One of the reason I chose this cream is because I also get the other product from the same line, the other one being a Natural Celtic Mist Lime Tree. Well, I think I'm gonna make a separate review for this stuff later on. Just check on the link, people with acne prone skin is going to love it I guess ^-^

Allright, back to our Celtic Cream! It came in a huge 100ml plastic jar, no spatula included so you'll need to buy your own spatula. Or make sure that your finger is sanitized really really well before you touch the gel. Two things that I don't really like about the gel: first, it's artificially fragranced, second, it's artificially colored. Which is not really a good thing for a skincare product (I'm too used using gentle hadalabo and mizon). 

One thing about it that amaze me is its great function as a primer. Yeah you know that all kind of moisturizer could be categorized as a 'primer' cuz it primes the skin. On the same day, I was trying to swatch my very hard Chanel Joues Contraste which has overly poor pigmentation, I was so irritated because nothing comes out and I decided to just take a photo of this celtic cream instead. Once I finished with that, I think I'd just try to swatch the blush one more time and to my surprise, the color comes out really WELL! I was like, zomg, this stubborn JC finally show up some color on swatches!
Hmm, this cream is a great one to be put on before makeup because it keeps my foundation and concealer on place longer.

This cream didn't help much with MY acne, but well. Say that you're having a very oily skin, then you're logically more prone to acne, and if you use an oil free moisturizer like this, it will simply help your skin get more balance.
But well... sadly that doesn't work one me ;/ but I won't blame the cream, I know it's just my skin that's being nasty. I hope my skin is getting better already ;^; I'm sick of even looking myself at the mirror *sob
Naah...  I tried so hard to make honest and objective review, minus my fez! lol... so I hope you'll understand that I won't be publishing selcas these days around.

Last note from me, I'd recommend this for people who want a simple, basic skincare step who loves herbal ingredients~♥ This cream is also free from paraben, so 'yay' for that! ^o^


Now it's time for giveaway winner announcement! Two lucky winners will receive free OST VIT C 20 SERUM as a prize! Thanks for all participants~♥♥ I can't really thank you enough ^^

1. Joanna Ladesma
2. Monika Prasetya

Congratulation to both of you girls ^^ I sent you a mail and you need to CLAIM YOUR PRIZE within 3x24hours. So I'll be waiting for your mail, ok?

September 21, 2013

Review: Wet n Wild Liquid Eyeliner & Megaslicks Lip Gloss

Heee~ sorry for the lack of post *again. I was busy doing some stuff, y'know... like reading manga (one piece) and sleeping. *whacked*! Just kidding! Hahaha... Actually life is just getting a bit more hectic than usual. Well, I knew that's definitely a classic reason from a simpleton like meh, but meh... Blogging also need mood, I mean, if I don't feel like writing then I won't. Don't get me wrong though, it's just a matter of 'mood', huhuh...I am still... dedicated! :3

Anyhow~! I have taken quite a bunch of picture of products, and they're waiting to be reviewed. So I will try to catch up with them asap, this year I had quite a massive haul of makeup product, you'll see more of them on my upcoming post. I'll try to start working with 'draft' mode. So I can eventually write a review just about everywhere as long as I got internet connection. I hope I could keep my 'blogging mood' long enough.

Ok, that's being said. Now I'm gonna make a quick review of this two products from Wet n Wild id:
Wet n Wild H2Oproof Liquid Eyeliner #black and Wet n Wild megaslicks lip gloss in #seedless watermelon

 Wet n Wild H2Oproof Liquid Eyeliner #black 

 Wet n Wild liquid eyeliner swatches and waterproof test:

How it looks on my eyes:

What I like:
★ Amazing formula:
★ Doesn't budge!
★ Waterproof
★ Easy to remove
★ Last all day on my oily eyelids, it's crazy!! I love it!

What I don't like:
- HARD built-in brush
- eyeliner falls out
- dried up to a semi-glossy finish

Ok, this item is rated 2.8 on makeupalley. Many complain about this being clumpy, messy, and hard to use. And yes, the ONLY downside of this product is its built-in felt tip brush, which is so HARD, unbendable, bulky, and many other bad thing about it. It's a total joke of a brush.
So yes, with brush this bad, application will be hundred times harder, and won't go as smooth. Remember that we'll always need a decent make-up applicator to achieve better looking makeup.
About the eyeliner itself. I'm seriously telling you that the formula is GREAT! it stands up til the end of the day, stands up my super oily eyelids (I used etude house proof10 eye primer). It didn't budge! It doesn't transfer to my undereye too (unlike many gel eyeliner I've tried - even MAC smudge a little!) Okay. Ikr, liquid eyeliner could be better in terms of staying power. And this one is a great product especially for the price. It's originally $3-4 but nearly hit $10.00 in my place. I have a very oily eyelid and it's VERY hard for me to find eyeliner that could stay in place for a full whole day. It's a win! Hmmm... there's one thing about the formula though, it dries up fast and became literally 'dry'. So you may find a bit fall out, but nothing's too hard to fix.
I won't use its crazy built in felt tip, I use separate eyeliner brush instead (from MasamiShouko) because it's easier to work with.

Final thought: this is a GOOD product! Too bad that the built in 'crazy' applicator ruined everything out. Wet n Wild REALLY NEED to improve it!

Formula: photo rating4.png
Built-in applicator:  photo rat0.png

Okay then, onto the next review: Wet n Wild Megaslicks lip gloss in seedless watermelon!

What I like:
★ Its nice, sweet smell
★ Very cheap $2.00 (US)
★ Doesn't leave sticky feeling

- Seedless watermelon is too sheer for my preference

- Tastes funny! Almost plasticy
- Wear-off really quick

Other Comments:
This is a so-so product for me. Well, tbh I don't really like wearing lipgloss, the only lipgloss I  currently use is SOAP AND GLORY sexy motherpucker lip plumper (or I'd say gloss? Well I like this one anw♥). So yeah, what I'd say... The shade I got is seedless watermelon, it looks vividly bright inside the transparent plastic casing, but comes out super sheer once swatched. Packaging is just okay, nothing special. It's your typical wand lip gloss case.
Each product contain 5,4g/0.19 oz of product. Will last for years I reckon. Hmmm.... There aren't many things that I like from this stuff. I like its sweet candy-like scent, it's not sticky too. And probably that's pretty much everything about it. (this cost $8 in my place, so heck. I'd better spend my money on other stuff.)
To the downside, this gloss tastes funny! everytime I wear it I feel like I'm eating plastic or something, yeww.... and it doesn't have any color-payoff that I won't bother to take a swatch on my lips because all you'll see is a glossy lips of mine, lol. This is too sheer! You'll like it to layer it over a lipstick for extra kick though. Staying power is very poor too :( It will only sit on my lips for less than an hour, lol. What kind of joke is that? I know glosses wear off pretty quickly but this one is even quicker! Haha!
Won't be getting more of this product :)

Rating: photo rat2x.png

Wet n Wild id facebook:
Wet n Wild id official site:

That's it for the reviews~ Thanks for reading and 'il next time ladies :)

September 10, 2013

Review: ELISHACOY Herbal Massage Cold Cream

Hey guys! Sorry for being MIA for weeks ._. currently busy with work and stuff. Anyhow, I have a skincare review for you, a skincare product from Elishacoy, Herbal Massage Cold Cream. I got this from the lovely Korean skincare store

Quick Overview:
Forget about the previous cleansing !
Amazing combination of natural herb
and handmade ingredients.
Easily and simply cleanse off your face !

+ Soft and puffy like a whip cream
+ Clear and Bright skin
+ Skin Soothing

USD $ 26.49

 it's HUGE, yay for 200gr of product ^-^

 Spatula not included!* I bought the spatula separately

 photo taken with flash

This cream works amazing as a makeup cleanser!!! Really~ I love this stuff! It removes any kind of waterproof make-up very easily without any hassle. I just rubbed it gently over eyeliner and lipstick, and the swatches goes away without any traces.

Unedited before after photo of me.  I didn't want to show you my fullface bare face because believe me you wouldn't want to see it as my skin is still recovering from all the damage clinique has done. Upper part of my face looks okay now, but on lower part of my cheek, I still have lots of milia, blemishes, and crazy spots T___T
 Before cleansing

After Cleansing & massaging

Those with dry skin with love this stuff! It leaves skin feels smooth and supple, you can tell, I still have shine but that's because I didn't wash it off again with facial foam, though I should (because my skintype is oily).

What is this:
ELISHACOY Herbal Massage Cold Cream is a cleansing and massaging cream, made from natural herb with four natural main ingredients: Marine collagen, ceramide, phyllostachis bambusoides juice, Swiss alpine herb complex. Its main function is to maintain skin elasticity and keep it moisturized.

For more information about the product + detailed usage instruction please visit

Who will like it?
People with dry skin! Yes, those will dry skin will love love LOVE this stuff, it moisturized so well. And for people with oilier skin, it would be better to wash off your face again afterwards with extra mild cleanser to avoid any excess oil, because the cream is very rich. 

I picked up this product when I was looking for cleansing oil on wishtrend. I liked its vintagey advertorial banner so much! (reminds me to THE BALM products actually!), and I know I just have to try this cold cream! Basically, this product is the new-upgraded version of old cold cream, which was produced in 1970 according to this banner:

First off, let's talk about the packaging, it comes in a HUGE brown double lidded plastic jar, you'll get 200g of product and I'm sure it will last years! I use one-two scoop (spatula not included) each time. And for travel, I'd transfer some of the cream to 10ml mini plastic jar and put them in my beauty pouch. 

The cream itself is very very creamy and kind off oily, but I think this is what makes it more effective as make-up cleanser. It slightly smells like a medicine, reminds me to some kind of skin ointment, CHLORAMPHENICOL, lol.

Upon massaging, the cream will slowly turns from white colored to transparent. It feels very oily on skin too, the same like massaging your face with cleansing oil, just a bit less oilier. On the packaging, Elishacoy mentioned that we have to use it on a cleansed face, but heck, I think this work better as a makeup cleanser anyway. So in the future I'd just use this cream as a cleansing cream just as in double cleansing method. Without later rinsing, it makes my skin feel oilier than it already is. 

So here's how I use it:
cleansing (gentle cleanser/milk)  massaging (cold cream)  cleansing (facial foam) 
massaging (cold cream) cleansing (facial foam)

And yes, its moisturizing properties is awesome, I tell you, if you have dry skin, or if you wear makeup on daily basis, you're going to love this product. However, it might caused minor breakouts, especially if you're acne prone, just be sure to really cleanse the face afterwards.

Overall. I love this stuff, I use it sparingly with Clinique take the day off cleansing oil (which also works like wonders!)

Last note before I go to sleep ^^ (it's 4.4 AM now and I NEED to sleep, haha!), I still have an ongoing GIVEAWAY, check it out! OST VIT C 20 SERUM GIVEAWAY♥

a little update about my irl life, I've been busy doing job as a makeup artist (I'm an aspiring one at that, lol), as a designer, and busy managing my mini online shop.

One of my cat gave birth to four fluffy baby kitten! Yaaay! Sadly one of them didn't make it and died on the third day :( Here's one of them anyway. She's still small and can barely walk, haha! There's literally 5 cats and 3 kittens at my other house now, the other mama cat is pregnant atm, more cutie newborns are to be expected! ♥

'till next time :3