August 24, 2013

Review: Wet n Wild Color Icon Blusher in Pearlscent Pink/Rose Nacré

Hey there! Here I am again, I'll be reviewing one product which I received from, and yeah, for today I'll pick Wet n Wild Blusher in Pearlscent Pink.

Mega Slicks lip gloss, blusher, and H2O proof liquid eyeliner
Reviews are coming up soon~

Small blush brush included

Swatch with flash is more accurate and closer to how it looks irl

Price in my place: IDR 89.000/US $ 8.90, global price: $ 3.00
Wet n Wild says:
Sweep on this silky-smooth blush that strikes the perfect balance between a blendable transparent sheen and a radiant pop of maximum color.

What I like about it:
★ Love its rosy pink color, which leaning towards peach a little.
★ Very very pigmented
★ Price is super affordable! it's only $ 3.00 (west area)
★ Formulated without parabens

Not so loves:
- Too shimmery
- Texture isn't as smooth
- Packaging isn't very durable

This was my first Wet n Wild product, and I think it's ideal for those with great skin, since it has lots and lots of gold shimmer in it. The shimmer, however, is too 'big/visible' for my preference. For blusher, I like one that kind of having a 'luminizing' effect, if you know what I mean. Like, let's say, Chanel joues contraste in Rose tea. ('kay, blame me for comparing it with high-end brand) lol. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I hate shimmer, I do love them! But for blusher I just prefer one with micro/fine shimmer.

sorry for the low quality phone-cam pictures > . < but here's the shimmer for you! However, in pictures, I can't capture the shimmers very well. it's MUCH MORE shimmery irl. Well, that's being said for the shimmery part.

Pigmentation is REALLY GOOD! I swear ^-^ it blends nicely too, no caking and it's very easy to soften up the hard edges (if there's any). I used natural face brush from Masami Shouko to use this product. And many said that this product is a DUPE of NARS ORGASM. The color might look similar, but Nars Orgasm is peachier, and of course the shimmer is subtler too. Texture is a bit powdery, but okay, it's only for your information and I have nothing to complain about, since the staying power is also really good :)

It comes with a mini blush brush too, would be useful for on the go touch up, but it's kinda coarse and prickly. The plastic container is very frail, but heck, it doesn't matter since the price is $ 3.00 anyway :3

DUPE/similar to:

Pigmentation: 5/5
Staying Power: 4/5
Texture: 2.5/5
Overall: 3/5

Wet n Wild Beauty Ambassador program:
So yeah, as you might already know, Wet n Wild Indonesia is having a tab called the Beauty Ambassador. This program is opened for every girls, every makeup lover who is willing to collaborate together and becoming a part of the brand. Fyi, I got an invitation mail for them and I was like, of course, count me in! :)
So if anyone of you interested to become their next Beauty Ambassador, you can visit this link:

'til next time lovelies~ *runs of to work :33

August 19, 2013

OST VIT C20 SERUM GIVEAWAY! + Wishtrend Beauty Secret Page

Hi! so yes, sorry for the delayed giveaway post ;^; I catch a cold and get super dizzy, been resting for three days but heck, I can't really do that since I still have have some stuff to do. I'll be posting the promised giveaway post anyway *with runny and stuffy nose (lol), since I can't get back to sleep (it's 6:15 AM now).

So yeah, let's keep that aside, cuz now is GIVEAWAY TIME!
I wonder if you still remember my review of OST PURE ORIGINAL VIT C20 SERUM? Do click on the link if you haven't read it yet.  Two lucky winner will have a chance to win one OST VIT C20 SERUM from WISHTREND.

Click THIS LINK to get giveaway post banner

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2 winners, and will be chosen by me via (rafflecopter)

From 19/August/2013 to 19/Sept/2013

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

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To make it simple, if you wanna skip all the hassle, there're only TWO mandatory rules to join.
1. Be a public follower of my blog via GFC   *check my sidebar and simply click 'join this site', the blue button.
 2. You have to make a NEW account on But, be sure to make it VIA THIS LINK  please click the link and make a new account. 

*Note: By making NEW account on wishtrend, you'll get one FREE SHIPPING COUPON, as well as raising your chance to win :)

That's it for the giveaway! And I wish you all GOOD LUCK! :)

Aside from the giveaway, WISHTREND is having a new page called the Beauty tips and Secrets For Brand New skin

Basically, through this page, you will learn new stuff concerning NEW and UPDATED Korean skincare products that's being sold on And the best thing is, here you can consult everything about your skin problem! Whether if you have troubled or acned skin, problems related to pores, blackhead, or if you just want to simply having a radiant complexion. Feel free to visit Beauty tips and Secrets For Brand New skin now ♥

Note* I SWITCHED to new skincare line from WISHTREND (currently using  PROPOLIS SPARKLE AMPOULE and Cold Cleansing Cream from Elishacoy) I mix it with Mizon Snail Cream and Rose Water from Corine de Farme. Ditched Clinique already because its anti blemish line gave me the WORST blemish ever. Will never return to Clinique anti blemish line, forever! I'll stick with skincare product that is more natural and friendlier to skin, like what I get from Wishtrend~!♥

August 12, 2013

Disney Princess Make-up Look: Mulan

Hi Guys! I had a collaboration with some of beauty bloggers in here to make some sort of Make-up style, which inspired by Disney Princesses. Stella asked me if I would like to join :3 Anyhoo, I chose MULAN on a whim because I like Mulan the most! Hahaha...  still have the old CD of Mulan and I knew I loved it so much and I can watch it like two times in a week back then, lol, how nostalgic.

So here's our Disney Princesses make-up look.

And it's my Mulan look which look kinda crappy, lmao.

Won't be posting up more pics of me cuz the flash ruined off everything lol. The sun went down by the time I finished my make-up, so I have no other option. Thought I should really make a decent dressing table with lamps!
Well, 'bout the look itself, here's the list of product that I used:

SEPHORA blockbuster palette (eyeshadow)
Etude House proof 10 eye primer
NYX Jumbo eye pencil in milky as a base
Wet n Wild Liquid eyeliner in black
Lioele Mix Eyebrow Cake
Etude House drawing Eyebrow in gray
Estee Lauder sumptuous bold volume lifting mascara

Revlon whipped cream foundation #buff
Clinique Blended face powder #neutral light
Wet n Wild blush in pearlscent pink
Illamasqua rich liquid foundation as concealer
Lioele photogenic mix concealer
Too faced chocolate bronzer

Too faced lip insurance lip primer
a bit ofUrban decay lipstick #GASH
Sexy mother pucker lip plumper
Beauty buffet lipstick

and yes, I didn't wear circle lenses. ^-^
For the clothing, lol, I wore a tomesode kimono and the inner part on the eri (neck) was from a Juban (inner cloth), It doesn't really look Mulan-ish (lol) but that's the best I can do that time, considering the short preparation time and how busy I am atm. Oh well, it's not a cosplay anyway.

My favorite Mulan look:

 New version of Mulan and the old version:

And don't forget give my lovely friend a kind visit ^^

Will be back tomorrow with a GIVEAWAY post, stay tuned!

August 8, 2013

July Haul: Make-up and Skincare! SEPHORA & Clinique

Hi :) So we meet again on July's haul post. Hehehe, This time I have a mini make-up haul and skincare haul (I decided to switch to Clinique).

This was from last week :) Here's the list for you:
- SEPHORA pro lesson smokey eye palette
- NYX love in parries let them eat cake
- H&M hello kitty palette
- Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation ()
- Too Faced chocolate soleil bronzing powder
- Too faced lip insurance (I bought two)
- NYX lip pencil in natural
- Urban Decay lipstick in GASH
- SHU UEMURA natural face brush (junior version of Shu uemura 27 brush) ()
- SHU UEMURA eyelash curler
- SHU UEMURA loose powder #colorless ()
- Missha the style eyeshadow pink
- Benefit Cha Cha tint mini, Benefit Stay don't stray mini, Benefit Sunbeam mini
and some of other little thing that I forgot to include in the pic

Other thing....
Finally got my hand on these! I bought double beauty blender make-up sponge! Oh yeay! One for me and one for client, that's what I think. This cute egg like sponge is very very soft and bouncy. All this time, I've been using foundie brush from Masami Shouko, Sigma (F80), and Estee lauder, but nothing comes in par with beauty blender. And I mean it. Robert Jones (proffesional MUA) said that, the only time brushes are better than a sponge is when doing a retouch, and he's right!

Shu uemura natural face brush, Shu uemura loose powder in colorless, Illamasqua rich liquid foundation RF135

These are my holy grails! The brush is actually all white in color (pardon the low quality phone-cam picture) and made from goat hair, This face brush is very similar, like a junior size of Shu uemura 27 face brush, which is also floppy and bouncy. Definitely love it! And I bought Shu uemura face powder few days after I received the brush, just to make it 'complete' lol. 

Illamasqua rich liquid foundation is a totally versatile foundation that could also be used as a concealer, it's highly highly pigmented! Result is flawless, semi matte, and if you have a well cared skin, it will blend REALLY well with your skin and people won't notice that you're wearing a foundation, just like a better second skin. I used less than a pea sized amount, result is VERY VERY natural yet it COVERS!  This is my holy grail! And I've been using it almost everytyme I go out, until last week T___T Clinique Anti Blemish line crazily dried out my skin and the result isn't as beautiful as it used to! Sobbbb! (issokai, I switch to Revlonn whipped cream for the time being as it formulated without ingredients that could exacerbate acne like talc and fragrance), thought it will be a better option during purging period like this ;^; hopefully.

So yea, now I can't stop CRAVING for other SHU UEMURA and ILLAMASQUA products! I love love LOVE these certain BRANDS!

And here's my CLINIQUE haul! ^-^ Mostly skincare! I bought ANTI BLEMISH SOLUTIONS 3 step system which include mousse foam, lotion, and moisturizer. I also bought Clinique take the day off cleansing oil, Clinique mousse facial cleanser, normal facial cleanser, post blemish pen, Clinique anti blemish spot treatment gel (), moisture surge refreshing eye gel, moisture surge cream, Clinique blush brush, mascara, Estee lauder mascara, Clinique 7day scrub, Clinique blended face powder in neutral and invisible blend ().

*Note: I'm still in purging period! (been using it for 1 week) Clinique anti blemish 3 step system give me like the worst blemish ever and has completely changed my skin! (it's DRY now! yet still oily) ewww.... But I will continue using it and I really hope I can get through the purging period because I really want to love this line! Wish me luck!

I'll be back with more updated and detailed review later on, just be sure to check on my previous haul post and mail me if you want me to review certain products :3

And, lastly, I'll be HOSTING A GIVEAWAY soon! do watch out for it~!