January 8, 2013

Gabalmoa ~ Korean Wig Shop

You might already know that I've been addicted to wig lately! It is said that once you've tried a good one, it's hard to stop. That's obviously true, but in a good way~ I'm liking my recent selca with wig, cuz apparently (and in my honest opinion) some style just makes me look younger and decent! Especially for someone with thin hair like me. I NEED a wig

So today's post will be about GABALMOA.com
while lurking on the internet yesterday, I stumbled upon the site, and I immediately fall in love with their collection ^-^ The picture above is one of my favorite wig from gabalmoa because the style is so ulzzang. Korean wig iz the best~♥

Gabalmoa is a fashion wig online store based in Korea. They sell full wig, hair piece, human hair wig, bangs, extensions, cosplay wig, and wig accessories. Below are some of their wig collection. I took a screenshoot from their site.

Some of the style are really lolita (sweet/deco lolita), with the clip in twin ponytails.

Here I'll show you some of my favorite wig (and also my wishlist^-^) from Gabalmoa~

Upstyle bun hair piece! I really like the before after picture, the girl look younger and naturally beautiful with the high bun hairstyle :)
These are what I'd consider as an ulzzang wig, hehehe... so Koreany! I often see this kind of hairstyle on so many ulzzang selcas, and I know I've fallen in love with the style The waves look so natural with cute sideswept bangs.

I also like simple styled wig like picture above. It doesn't look like a wig, ryte? So real! And I believe the maintenance and care would be hassle-less for medium length wig with no curls/waves. Usually, I'd spend over 1 hour to care and detangling a wavy wig. That's why I've been thinking about getting myself a wig that is easier to be taken care of.

And, found some gyaru-ish wig! The color is khaki brown, looks kinda ashy, and it's beautiful! Though I'd never pull off such a look, but I adore the style!

Oh, gabalmoa also sells beauty and wig accessories like wig comb, wig stand, clips, and such things. You'll need them to style your wig before wearing it :)

Cute banner of Gabalmoa! hehe..if you're interested in getting yourself a wig from their collection, don't forget to visit their online shop~~~ gabalmoa.com 
One of the reason why I like Korean wigs (and Korean wig store) is because they provide thorough and super detailed description about the wigs. The photos tends to be more accurate too (mostly photo doesn't do much justice, especially when dealing with a wig. lol)

I'm very keen to start wearing a wig, as a fashion, and yes...fashion wise! Hyehehe...
I have no problem with my natural hair, they're fine, but too thin ;^; I know I won't look good with those thin hair, esp when I need to frequently take selcas for blogging purpose. (you know~) We all want to look good and better in photos, especially when we're going to publish it online >.<~

Not only that, to me... buying a wig is like an investment. I don't need to pay a hairdresser (which usually cost almost half a price of good quality wig!), and I don't have to style my hair with hot iron tongs before attending any special event like wedding reception and such. Time and money saver!

So readers, please bear with my new addiction, WIGS! hehehe...
I'm planning on making a future post about wigs, like... how to detangle a wig, wig care and maintenance, and also how to style and wear a wig like a model doing it! (will be posting circle lens review too~)

That's all about gabalmoa and wigs! Thank you for reading and please let me know what do you think of WIG AS FASHION, do you agree?


  1. yes! i agree...i'am waiting your post about wig care, because i'am just buy it, it's hard to comb it...when I comb, hair loss ==
    #i'am not good at english @@
    can you speak in chinese?

  2. @Meii chamomille: Hi Meii! thanks for your comment! yeah, I'll be posting more about wig care and styling, hopefully soon enough. Your english is good, I think ^^ (and sorry I can't speak Chinese>.<)

  3. i agree, i'm really thinking of buying wig now..
    will visit this ol shop later..
    thanx for sharing Lina ^^

  4. I've been thinking of buying a wig since forever, but something always stops me (must be the price) XD But I will buy one this year... sooner or later...hehehe. I want a dark wig too since I bleach my hair and sometimes I miss having dark hair. T^T Thanks for the post!

  5. owee.. I love this post.. :) My sister gave me pink wig and it's not really that good but it's cute for photo op only. I guess I'm also buying this is really fun. I did a blog post using my pink wig http://akirahbabe.wordpress.com/2013/01/08/pink-sensation-angel-winged-eye-liner-%E2%99%A5/

  6. i want this wig >.<,look so natural,really,hope online shop at indonesian sell this product ^_^


  7. I would love to be able to buy a decent wig and pull it off! They're all so gorgeous but I think I can only admire them >_<

  8. Haaaiiii~!!!
    I am a new follower ^_^
    btw, what a coincident! I've also been addicted to Korean wigs as well. I spent hours and hours online looking at all these different styles.
    My hairstyle is actually short and sometimes I get the urge to have long hair; so a wig is ideal for me. Also for the reasons you said about hairdressers and crappy hair type (I, too, have thin hair *high five sistar!*)

    I've ordered my first wig (YAY!!) from Pinkage and I am anxiously waiting for it >_<

  9. I used to wear hair extension back then, and once bought a wig, they're heavy and i couldn't wear the wig right. So i stop. It's better if someone can teach me the right way..XD


  10. It's almost scary how some
    wigs can look so natural!
    Good luck with picking one
    out c:


  11. I have really thin hair too, so they are flat and make my face looks bigger @_@ that's why i've been tying my hair up in a bun recently, i can't do anything pretty, plus I have medium hair, i want long hair :(, the wigs look really pretty ! But korean wigs are often kind of expensive, i'm sure it is worth it though :D have you ever bought from Gabalmoa ? Do they ship worlwide ? :)

  12. Aaaa... can't wait until you post how to take care of wig, because mine can not last more than emm... 2 months or so. -_- It's horribly tangled and look like doormat. >.<

    Waiting for your next post ^^

  13. The wigs look cool, I especially like the Gyaru ashy blonde one and the pink & blue ones, they look pretty!

    I guess maintence is important in keeping the wig looking good :P

  14. Wahhhh~ I really want to try getting a wig! >u< I've never had one before, and I think it would be so nice to try one! ;u; They look so expensive though. ;u;

  15. I'd love a post about wig care... I have struggle with mine at times.
    This site seem to have some pretty pieces too. :)

    You've been tagged by me, keke.


  16. comelnya >.<
    I hope I wanna have one of them
    it's look so cute.

  17. i think you should get a dark brown colored wig because i remember you got one a few weeks ago and you looked amazing c: i really like the wigs you picked out!

  18. I will definitely be noting this site down! Same here my hair is really thing and I don't like damaging it too much by curling it and I can't seem to get it to color. Wigs always make things interesting :)

  19. wooooaaahhh!! sees like I need wid for my bangs >.< thanks for sharing Lina~~~

    mels at pandapavillon.blogspot.com

  20. I really want to get a wig!! It's like you can immediately change from one colour/length to another! *A*

    The wigs here are all so pretty! I'm a bit curious at the price though ~ wigs are usually expensive D:

    Thanks for sharing though! :D

  21. Whoaaah, Vanille wigs, Hatsune Miku wigs *jaw drops*

  22. Whoaa, look at the first before and after pic ! The girl seems to be more playful after putting on a wig xD

    I was also obsessed with wigs because my school won't let me dye my hair etc, but thankfully I've moved from my home country now, so I can do whatever I want with my hair x)

    And even though you said that you won't look good in it, I kind of want to see you trying a lighter color for your wigs collection too :p

  23. Whoaa, what for lovely, natural and beautiful looking wigs♥ *w* I already fall in love with them♥ *-* I want a wig too like those! >.<

  24. Hello :) Thank you so much for your Comment :) I think you can't buy the essence Products online...only in German Shops >___< Maybe you can find some Products on ebay? Or you can tell me what you want and we can send each other Products from our Contries :)

    Best wishes :)

  25. You are so right, Lina! I also think the wigs as an investment because it saves the stylist (hairdresser) and damage your hair with an iron. For some time I have the concern of buying a wig that looks natural, particularly one as your first picture, because I always wondered how I would look with black, long and wavy hair instead of my long, red and weird hair heheh ^^U. Although I also like the gyaru-ish wig you mention, I love that color but do not know if it would look good on me u___u. I'll be anxiously awaiting your next posts on wigs!(*^▽^)ノ
    btw Thank you very much for your comments in my blog, I really appreciated it!♥
    Have a really good day!;3

  26. pretty! i've always wanted to try wigs.. especially since i'm scared to get bangs.. but i really really love the long straight fringe bangs that basically look like it stops right above your eyes is so sweet and pretty but i'm too scared to do it.. heheh maybe i could try it out with a wig first hehe :p

  27. I saw your post about about wigs. I myself am a wig fanatic as well! I own like 10+ wigs, but I just wanted to let you know about two different sites for realistic wigs as well.
    gabalnara.com and pinkage.com
    I haven't bought from pinkage, but I have bought from gabalnara and the wigs there are really pretty.
    Just wanted to drop by and share this with you XD