October 13, 2012

Review: EOS Adela Brown

Yo girls! I'm finally back, hehe... Now I'm going to do a review of EOS Adela or EOS Adela Ciel in brown. I received the pair from TOMATO shop, online shopping shop based in Jakarta. Thanks a lot Tomato shop!

Eerie selca~ hoho
The owner of Tomato shop e-mailed me and offered a sponsorship, She also kindly asked me if I have specific lens that I want to try, she's been sooo nice! hehe... The lens case is happen to be my favorite lens case too, the piggy one ^-^

 frilly pattern <3 p="p">

Product Description:
Product Name: EOS Adela (brown)
Water content: 45%
Diameter: 14.8 mm
Base curve: 8.8 mm

Now now, can you notice the tiredness on my face? hahah, I look so much older in this photo. Actually I'd prefer to take a selca under natural sun lighting, but the sun went down so fast that day >.< So yeah... Flash photoshoot isn't that bad *hopefully*

Design and Pattern:Photobucket
I think 'Antique' is a proper word to describe the pattern. To be honest, I'm not really fond of this kind of design since it will be too obvious upclose. Like when I'm talking to people, they will stare right into my eyes, and they will start to think "Oh, she's wearing lenses!" and somehow, I feel bothered. haha...I know that it's only me, but I can't help myself thinking that way, lmao. Anyhow, this is actually a beautiful pattern,  the design is so unusual and antique, You might like it for sure ^-^

Just like any other EOS lenses, I'd give 4 out of 5 in terms of comfort. I've never had any problem with any EOS lenses before, I happened to wear the lenses for more than 6 hours and I forgot to bring the eyedropper with me, but to my surprise, it stays 'wet' and I even forgot that I'm wearing lenses. I guess it's because of the 45% water content?

This pair is huge, but not kind of huge that will give you alienish look, or at least that's what I think. The very edge of the lenses is somewhat transparent, and it still look OK even with minimum eye make-up.

If you like natural looking circle lenses with beautiful obvious pattern, I'd recommend this pair for ya! 

I just like to make this kind of pic, hahaha.... please bear with me xD
By the way, speaking about my state of health, 'I' think I'm finally getting better. Tehee... My granny said she wants to accompany me to the doctor later, so... maybe next week. I haven't made any appointment yet. My HB is still at a low level so I get tired very easily (This is one of the reason that I submitted a self-resign document to my previous company where I worked). However... I've been thinking of doing a business again, or maybe even get another full time work while thinking about an online business. So wish me luck ^-^/


  1. Wow, they look pretty natural on you though the design is really unusual and beautiful! ^_^ I love them, they suits you so well! ^_^
    With love, Minnie

  2. I wish you all the best of luck!!! n_____n

  3. OMG you're so gorgeous!
    love the lenses..

    you have the perfect "final fantasy" flawless face.. ^^

    XOXO Kiky

  4. Glad to hear that you're doing well. Missed your posts! ^_^

  5. u look lovely..
    great review..
    owww ur hair is so long now

  6. Wow this design looks pretty but too bad you can't really see it close up >< I love the wig though!!! So pretty you~

    xoxo tifuani


  7. The pattern of these lenses...IS GORRRRGEOUS!!! O____O; I love 'em!!!
    I hope you regain all of your health soon! Just don't overwork yourself and everything will be fine.~

  8. I hope you are getting better <3 best of luck with the business part of things - an online shop/full time job seems easier :) Also, you look gorgeous, i think you look like a porcelain doll ^.^ not tired at all~

  9. I love those lenses!!♥ And you're sooo pretty><!!

    Hope you get better!:<♥

  10. Nice review! The lenses look good on you! Pretty!

  11. wahh you look so so so similar to ulzzang STAR from bonjashop >< soo cute

  12. i hope u get well soon and i love thecontact lenses :)

  13. The pattern is so pretty. Looks good on you :D

  14. U don't look older at all u are cute don't worry

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  16. Those lenses are so cute :3 I love them. And u're cute too ^^

    Can u check my blog?;> www.lifeofb2uty.blogspot.com

  17. you look so beautiful ; A ; and really suit your hair back too! :D

    Lenses are adorable too, thinking of buying them myself!

  18. Oh my, they look really nice on you! Love the colour too.
    This is off topic but since we can't right-click on your blog, do you think you can set your entries to open on a new tab when we click on them? Makes it easier for us to open multiple entries at one time. :)
    P.s. I hope you'll fully recover soon!

  19. OMG you are so adorable~! T^T <3
    Even though the design might be obvious up-close, the lenses suits you extremely well! :O <3
    Also, it is really good to hear that you're doing better!! ^^v
    I hope you can start working again soon!! <3

  20. The lenses looks so nice on you. I really want to try circle lenses!

  21. i was really wondering why you do that to your photos hehehehe. you still looks cute though :D very nice review! the design is very detailed XD

  22. Hope you get well soon! I wish you fast recovery. And I hope you get to have an online shop so you wont get tired easily. :)

    Btw, I have an ongoing giveaway. I hope you guys could join:


  23. You're so cute!!! And I love how they look on you, very gyaru. :>


  24. whaaa... ternyata yg eos adela ini bagus yaa kalo udah dipake.. kmaren mau beli cuma takut gitu motifnya gk kliatan xD

  25. have you ever try Miomi Princess or EOS Crystal brown??