September 29, 2012

Mung Bean Yakult Mask for Acne Prone Skin

Hello girls! I know that most of you have probably already heard about this famous Mung bean Yakult mask. It's being hyped a lot because of its effectiveness to reduce and figt acne. I was amazed by how well this mask works, thanks to diceey from soompi, check the link to witness the amazing result! I was fascinated by the result and decided to try it myself, and it works well on me too. So I'm here to share you more about Mung bean mask :)

What is mungbean?
This is a known FAQ :) but well, mung bean is a actually a green bean or green gram, a seed of vigna radiata. I believe that every each of you had already tried this green bean as a foodstuff, green bean soup and such. I personally like the green bean soup too. ^-^

Mung bean has a lot of benefit for our body and skin. A very famous Chinese herbal pharmacist, Li Shi Zhen, stated in his book, Ben Cao Gang Mu, that “mung beans are highly recommended not only as a rich source of nutrients but also as medication” and described that mung beans can help to clear heat and toxins from the body, balance the organs and skin, and tonify Qi.  Mung beans also improve circulation in the twelve meridian channels throughout the body.

THE FACE SHOP also released mung bean tissue mask! But you can make one yourself, DIY! which is cheaper! :)

Benefits of Mung bean:
When it's being used topically, it will become a great natural facial mask. It contains Vit C and Vit E, which is good for our skins.
-Anti oxidant.
-Anti inflammatory, reduce redness caused by acne and rash.
-Help to clear heat and toxins in your body.
-Help to improve skin texture.
-Minimize pore size.
-Diminishing acne/scars.
-Brigthen complexion.
-Can be used as a scrub.

DIY Mung bean Mask:
You will need mung bean starch, yakult, bowl and spoon. If you want, you can substitute the yakult with plain white yoghurt.
Tips on choosing Mung Bean Starch:
I'm using organic mung bean powder, it can be found in almost every asian market. Be sure to check the ingredients: 100% organic mung bean. The "organic" here is important because you don't want any pesticide residue in your mung beans. :)
I you can't find any mung bean powder, you can make one yourself. Pour a cup of mung beans to blender, and make a fine powder.

image credits: cleochang

How to use:
1. Wash your face with your favorite facial foam.
2. Apply the mung bean paste to your bare face evenly, you can apply it with your finger or a special facial brush.
3. Let it sit for 20~35minutes, or until it's completely stiff and dry.
4. Wash with water and gently rub the remaining granule to your skin, use it as exfoliator.
5. Apply toner.

You can use it one or twice per week, or even thrice, depends on your skin condition though. Some people might be allergic to beans, so if you have sensitive skin (like me), you may want to do a test, apply a little amount of the paste on your inner hand, let it sit for a few minutes to see if your skin receptive to these ingredients.

My Experience:
I've been trying this mask for one month, and my skin feel smoother and more refined! And it might help improve my baby acne a little bit because I notice that my skin will be less oilier after each use. But however, I still get my baby zit, and sometimes one or two annoying acne during PMS. The anti blemish properties might work differently on each person I believe, like this mung beans really do wonders to Diceey from soompi. Her skin is as smooth as an apple now!

This mask works great as anti inflammatory for me, I love to wear this mask especially before my period, because my skin tends to be more oilier during that time. So I really recommend this for those with oily skin as it will greatly reduce the excess oil emission on face, and keeping my face look matte for a longer period of time.

When combined with a good diet, you can have your dream skin! So work on it and never give up :)
One note to remember, this is a natural remedy, so it might take time for us to notice the benefits, but I do believe that all organic and antural remedies are better for our skin. I've been reducing the amount of skincare product that I use per daily basis. And also make-up. I only wear BB cream like 1 ~ 2 days in a MONTH. Hehehehe..... My skin complexion is getting better though, and I like it ^-^

Hope you like the post and thanks for reading, see you soon lovelies~♔


  1. nice tutorial~ thanks for sharing :)

  2. thanks for the tutorial and the info~ may just try it now coz ive been breaking out so much randomly T.T

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  4. nice tutorial ~ <3

    i'm curious, that's it help you with acne scars (if you have any acne scar which i can't find in your pic XD)

  5. Hmm.. I'd like to try this out but I think that these ingredients will be very hard to find where I live, in Sweden. :(

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  8. I clicked on the link to diceey's post and wow!! Her skin has improved so much!!
    Would love to try this mask but it's kinda hard for me to get mung bean powder :/ Also I really like Yakult so I'd probably drink it all before I get to try making the mask *fail* LOL

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  12. hey, in which shop did you buy the mung bean starch? i really cannot find it anywhere :(

  13. @linky: I bought it at Papaya japanese mini market :D

  14. What a pain. Acne. I hate it. I feel very sad when I look at my picture. I've had acne for more than four years now. I have treated under skin pimple for a long time, but I don't see any difference. I'm hoping that one day, I will be free from it.

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  16. can i know where can i buy the mung bean starch in malaysia? what is the brand? i had buy the bean and use blender to blend it...but seems like so big different with yours.

  17. where can i get the mung bean starch in malaysia, i had buy the bean from mini store, and use blender to blend it, but seems so big different with yours~