September 24, 2012

I'm back =P + Review: GEO Berry Holic Brown Lens

Hey girlz :) I'm finally back from a hiatus, sorry for not informing you earlier, huhuhu..... I got sick and the doctor filled the prescription in WRONG dose so I got even sicker.

Now I will write a review for GEO Berry Holic cirle lens in brown. I received this lenses from mukuCHU like a month ago. So yeah. a super late one, I'm really sorry for the lateness >.<~~~

I'm wearing brown GEO Berry Holic lenses on the photo. Indoor lighting, and please excuse my pale and sick-looking face. I tried to make it look less pale, but failed (I don't have any blushers atm LMAO), and also my HB that time was only 7~8 (Doctor told me to get a blood transfusion but I refuse~) Nah...

POWER/PRESCRIPTION: 0.00 (Plano) only
B.C.: 8.6mm
DIAMETER: 14.00mm

Click the link above to check more color variant of GEO Berry Holic lenses on mukuCHU, a Brisbane based store in Australia. :)

Pattern: Photobucket

Okay, Berry Holic series from GEO is a 3-tone lenses with a basic pattern. It consist of three color,  black on the outer edge, followed by yellowish pixel dots, and light orangy brown on the inner edge. It looks even more orangy-yellow when they're still in the vials.

When I first notice how light it is, I was unsure that this pair of lens will look good on me. I've always look weird with light colored lenses. But once worn. the lightness will fade a little a blend in with my natural eye color. Though, I still can notice the browny inner edge on my eye.

It doesn't enlarge that much, as you would expect from 14.00mm lenses. If only the dark rim is darker it would probably gives off better enlargement. Things that annoys be a bit is that I can see my white conjungtiva under the outer edge of the lens. Eek~ People won't notice it afar though, but upclose, the conjungtiva is so visible.

In terms of comfort. I'd start to love GEO (once again). It feels a lil bit thick though, but not the thick that can annoys me. I can feel the lens on my eye after I put it on, but after a few minutes. I'll start to forget that I'm wearing lenses.

I saw some great selcas of other bloggers wearing GEO berry holic series and it look good on them! I wonder why I always look weird with light colored lenses. But I think I like the turquoise one because the color is much more vivid compared to the brown. 

That's all for today! I won't be in hiatus anymore and I'll soon post a photolog :)~~~~ Hope you girls will enjoy the photolog. So stay tuned, and thanks for reading!


  1. OMG. that's why you're not posting anything on your blog. i check it almost everyday :( i hope you get well soon dear. you still look pretty though, even you're not well. wanting to have skin like yours!

  2. Get well soon! I'm so anticipated for your post. :D

  3. oh wow the brown one looks really pretty! I've tried the purple one and it's too vivid and bright for me

  4. I hope u feel better soon. Salam kenal! Aku rosdiana.i joined IBB a month ago so we have never met since you have been missing for that period.

  5. I thought you're pregnant ! OMG Get well very soon ^^

  6. @all: thank you!
    @marsha: no I'm not xD ahahah, I'm not even married yet

  7. You look like a doll so its ok that you look kinda pale. I wish for a fast recovery. Get well soon!

  8. get well soon ,just missing your review posting dear :(

  9. Get well soon, Lina.. :)
    And I think you look pretty with the brown colour, maybe the color is a little bit obvious, but still it's cute on you xD

  10. Yay for being back~! ^_^ We miss you dearly!
    These lenses look very nice and natural on you. =)

  11. You look so pretty, but too pale! :O I hope you will be ok, ❤
    Color of these lenses is a bit unnatural, but suits you well ^_^

    with love, Minnie

  12. Waa hope you're OK Lina! Get well soon ^^
    Those lenses look so pretty on you~! I really wanted to try them but they only come in plano and my eyesight isn't exactly the best :'D

  13. Lina, hope you'll get better soon. Missed your posts a lot! Anyway, I hope you won't be needing the surgery after a second opinion. Σ( ° △ °|||)︴

  14. oh nooo! i hope you won't need a surgery at all! get well as soon as possible !!!
    and those geo lenses look great *Q*
    ♥ ♥

  15. Hope you get well soon!
    And these lenses are natural but I like them :)

  16. Aw, I hope you get well soon ! Just have lots of rest, okay?
    Hopefully you won't need the surgery - I know the nerves! ( - 3-)
    Those lenses are so nice ! I like how they're natural ! ^^

  17. Linaaaaa miss you so much! No wonder no news from you :( get well soon dear :)

    The color look obvious but doesn't make you like alien lah x3 still cute kok :D

  18. get well soon, pretty! :)

    &nice contact lenses btw :P hihihi

  19. Get better soon~ >//<" you still look beautiful! :D i missed your pretty face~~

  20. Oh gosh. When I just glanced at the ultrasound I thought you were pregnant and were about to congrats you haha! But arghhh :( I hope you're recovering!! :(

  21. the yellow paper~ like indonesian lgg? are you indonesian? ^^