September 30, 2011

Review: BRTC Vitalizer C-10 Ampoule

Hello girls, I hope you are doing fine. So I've been asked several times to review my skincare favorites, and that would be this baby: BRTC Vitalizer C-10 Ampoule from BRTCSTORE, a water based Vitamin C serum/ampoule. This has always been my favorite skincare product, at least one of my all-time favs! So before going further to the review, I would like to show you the result of the apple test (also comparison with NOPS Vitamin C Oil 25)

Well, the result show us that this Vitamin C serum works nicely as anti-oxidant that combats free radicals. So I'm going to talk a bit about FREE RADICALS here. In the very simplest of terms, free radicals are various forms of free oxygen molecules that are floating in and out of your skin tissues. Yes, Oxygen is vital for your living tissues but only if the oxygen atoms are attached to red blood cells and that happens in your lungs. You see free oxygen anywhere is highly CORROSIVE.

In case of the apple, the oxygen has “destroyed outer cells” and turned them all brown.
Oxygen is also what causes steel to rust and if it can destroy steel, it surely can destroy your living skin cells.
So why not just simply take a few vitamin C pills? As it turns out, there are a few problems there and they all lead back to one thing and that is that a highly concentrated topical vitamin C serum is the far BETTER option.

P.s: It's important to have the apple test done after purchasing vitamin C serum just to make sure that your vitamin C is fresh and useable.

Ok, onto the product:

Ingredients list is printed inside the cardboard

About the product:
Product Name: BRTC Vitalizer C-10 Ampoule (MULTI VITAL 10 SYSTEM) BRTC 바이탈라이저 C 10 앰플 30ml
Netto: 30ml
Brand: BRTC
Origin: South Korea
Price: USD $ 38.00
Function: Whitening, anti-ageing, anti-oxidant, repairing, detox, stimulate collagen to prevent wrinkles.

For purchasing and further information of the product, please visit BRTCSTORE.

Brochure~MULTI VITAL 10 SYSTEM range
BRTC guid~Skincare step

How to use:
There's a total 7 skincare steps. However, for everyday use, I suggest you to do 5-6 steps instead of 7, cuz the mask is (of course) optional. The seven steps would be:
However, since the cream is so oily, I apply it only around eye area. yeah I skip the eye cream and whitening gel for now. I think I'm gonna buy them soon.

Note: for every water based Vitamin C ampoule, it won't leave a sticky cast on your face as long as you apply it in the right way. Slather the fuild wisely (I use 3-4 drops) on your entire face, pat it until it fully absorbed deep into your skin. You may experience stickyness for awhile. Just be PATIENT and keep covering your face with your palm for 2-3minutes. The warmth will help the absorbing process and leave your skin without any sticky cast :)

My comment:
I started using this vitamin C ampoule on July, right after I read about how my blogger friend (naver) jae ah received vitamin c 10% ampoule from NS (natural shine), and her skin is snow white like and the most flawless ever that I wish mine were (´ω`人) She gotten even whiter with all the vitamin C things and I LIKE the result! So I decided to buy this ampoule (I bought it from mylovelysister at first) and then got my second bottle from BRTCSTORE. I'm still on my first bottle though^^.  It's 30ml, it will last me like for 6 months or so. The result is captivating that I considered this ampoule is a must on my skincare routine, really! HG for serum lah! ヾ(^∇^)

Texture is very watery, and it has the nicest mild fragrance ever. Though I don't really like the fragrance idea. Ok this stuff is amazing, I notice a slight difference already. Brighter complexion, and it works well diminishing fine wrinkles and dark circle, at least better than any other cream I've tried. What I like most is the cool and soothing sensation each time I put this on, since it's a must to keep the bottle in the fridge.

It fastens up recovery process of pigmentation caused by acne scars. and what I like most it gives a radiance complexion on your face. Say goodbye to your dull skin, and HELLO BRIGTHT SKIN~! Since it's waterbased, it never break me out. So yea, this serum is suitable for all skin types. Just follow with cream or gel if you have a dry skin type. If there's any cons, then it would be the fragrance and the tint. yeah it's tinted. So that's why it's extremely important to do apple test before, because I will not be able to detect if it is oxidised by visual checking. But thanks to the biopolymer process, it stabilizes the ascorbic acid (it's not vitamin C derivatives). So yea, this BRTC Vitalizer C-10 Ampoule is surely a FRESH vitamin C.

It has become a staple in my skincare routine!

Overall rating:Photobucket

Here I will show you the upclose pic of my bare face just right after I apply this serum, Yeah BARE and upclose! you can see that my face is not that flawless (ノ_<。) Ok, it's not really a nice skin. I have hypersensitive skin but this serum works nice on me. I love love LOVE it already. This is my real UNEDITED complexion. I swear I didn't edit my skin complexion and the lighting. You can see red spots here and there. Crap TT^TT

So that's all for the review. I hope this review helps you realize how important vitamin C is to our skin. and also, I highly recommend this product if you are serious about your skin. Lastly, have you girls joined my CIRCLE LENS GIVEAWAY? Please do join if you haven't, thank you~ and I'll see you soon. Have a nice day ( ・∀・)

September 26, 2011

Speciallens Review: EOS Candy Eye Pink Circle Lenses+ GIVEAWAY [CLOSED]

I received this circle lens like nearly one month ago. Omg I'm terribly sorry for the overdue post! >.< I got these from SPECIALLENS, online shop based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. They offer wide range of circle lenses and ship worldwide. Today I'm going to review the lenses and also I'll be hosting a mini giveaway for you girls, still sponsored by SPECIALLENS, thank you♥ I've been craving for a pair of PINK circle lenses though ^^

the vial, with label from speciallens

Lens Specification:
Brand: EOS
Product name: Candy Eye Pink
Diameter: 14.5 mm
Water content: 38%
Base curve: 8.6 mm
Life span: one year disposal
Where to buy:

Design: Photobucketso ANIMEish! I think the design is purely based on anime character. I'm totally loving the design~ simple with solid black limbal ring on the edge to make it look moooore animeish (remember solid black rim on most anime eyes?).

Color: Photobucket Pretty milky pink, I'm liking the color so much. But I knew it doesn't look that 'good' on me because most ppl say I got a natural feature, so wearing pigmented lenses like this is also my first experience. It looks violet/grayish from afar. Anyshoots, it looks kinda vampirish on me, and it might be too fake for some people.

Enlargement: PhotobucketGood enlargement, the solid black limbal ring makes them appear much bigger than they really are. On most people, it gives an animeish dolly look minus the creepy alienish look.

Comfort: PhotobucketIt's pretty comfy for short period of wear. But still, nothing could beat my HG G&G dolly black lenses in terms of comfort! (o→ܫ←o) Since I got them in plano, it 'occassionally' blurred out my vision, maybe because the color is more opaque than any other lenses I've tried, not really a big deal though.

So this is my first pair of EOS circle lens :3 I personally think this lenses are better to be worn with full eye make-up like falsies and solid black eyeliner, so that they could 'blend-in' with your eye and to make them look more 'natural' or less fake lah. Anyhow, I was too lazy to put on eye make-up though. So sorry! I look terribly bad on the pic (●´―`●) I need to pixelate the selca bcuz my room is super super messy atm. Don't hate me TT^TT

So here is my FAIL attempt of uljjang pose, lolz! fail fail fail (☉`ェ´☉)ジ I need to censor myself for the sake of your comfort! Hahahahah....
and if you're planning to buy korean/japanese circle lenses from SPECIALLENS, you can use this code: SKAL888 to get extra 10% off.  ヽ(*゜▽゜*)ノ

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Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon :3

September 23, 2011

Review: RELIAN Mascara Pink Series

Hey, today I'll be doing a review for Relian mascara pink series. The concept is still the same like the previous Relian mascara I've reviewed. Check it here: Relian Mascara Phanter series, still with the transplanting gel and natural fiber. Big thanks to RELIAN MASCARA for providing me this baby. Please do visit Relian Mascara FACEBOOK page and hit the "LIKE" button(^ε^)♪

Transplanting Gel Mascara
This is the Natural Fiber
How to use Relian Mascara*:
1. swipe the transplanting gel mascara one or two strokes to your eyelashes, just enough to keep your eyelashes evenly wet.
2. Spread the natural fibers evenly on your eyelashes, the fibers will stick together and create a volume.
3. Reapply the transplanting gel mascara, do it in zig zag movement. Just make sure you're not overdoing it to avoid clumpy look. Then you're done!
(* Important!)

Where to buy:
Netto: Transplanting gel mascara (10 ml), Natural Fiber (0.8 g)
Waterproof: Yes. However, it could be removed with a towel soaked in warm water, and it won't gives off a terrible panda eyes.

My barely there natural eyelashes, uncurled.
After~Relian Mascara pink
Upclose look
My Pink Relian Mascara verdict:
As it claimed, it creates a soft and bushy eyelashes. The more you put on the fiber, the bushier it will be. I was amazed by the result when I see it upclose on mirror. I'ts absolutely works! Note that my eyelashes are asian typical, super short, and sparse. So forget about NON-FIBER mascara on me, it ain't gonna work.

So yea, I have to say that this mascara is one of my HG♥, and although it took more times to put this on, I'm totally satistied with the result. The pink relian mascara gives more softer 'curled' look while the phanter series gives more length.  If you're getting curious about this mascara I suggest you to look it up on google, the swatches and result on people with 'normal' eyelashes is absolutely gorgeous and tempting.  Well, as for the packaging itself, I like it. simple yet so glam in pink and glossy pink box.

The formula, IMO is something that able to 'hold' the curl and it sets well, so I've never had much of any smudging with it. Staying power is also good. The mascara does live up to my expectations, as it does curled and lengthen eyelashes WITHOUT severe clumping. That's what I hoped for.

Staying Power:Photobucket
Volumizing:  Photobucket
Overall Rating:Photobucket

What I like: the result, packaging, the fact that it's naturally curled up and lengthen my eyelashes, smudgeproof, minimal clumping,  no residual flakes, no PANDA eyes.
Cons: the brush is too big, it is quite difficult to reach my lower lash with such design.

So yea, if you have a problem with your short asian eyelashes -just like me- I really recommend you to try this mascara. Visit RELIAN MASCARA for purchasing info and more basic information about the product :3
Ok, so that's all for the review. and I'll be here again very soon ♪(*’-^)-☆ I'll be hosting another mini 'CIRCLE LENS' GIVEAWAY for you girls, so stay tuned and have a nice day~

September 15, 2011

Review: BRTC Whitening & Repairing BB Cream + BRTC BB Cream Comparison

Today I'll be reviewing BRTC Whitening & Repairing BB cream + BRTC BB Cream swatch comparison (BRTC Jamine Water BB cream and BRTC Gold Caviar BB cream). Visit BRTC STORE to find your favorite BRTC product. BRTC STORE is the official store for BRTC based in the US.

Product Name: BRTC Whitening & Repairing BB Cream [BRTC 화이트닝 앤 리페어링 비비크림]
Netto: 35gr / 60gr
Product Description: 원래부터 완벽한 피부처럼~Multi benefit cover cream with whitening and wrinkle prevention functions. Covers naturally and evenly.
Functions: Anti aging, Whitening, Cover wrinkles.
This BB Cream is featured in Whitening Vitalizer Set. Click on the link for more basic information.

BRTC STORE kindly threw in some samples too (thank you~^^) so I decided to make a comparison swatch for BRTC BB Cream to help you choose one that meets your liking.
BRTC Gold Caviar BB Cream and BRTC Jasmine Water BB cream~sample
BRTC BB Cream Swatches-ZOOM!
BRTC BB Cream Swatch & Comparison
So that's for the swatches, extra zoomed in pictures included so that you can see 'em clearly. the colors, textures, etc. I'm not going to review the other two because it was only a sample. Anyhow, the thickest goes to BRTC whitening & repairing BB cream, while the most watery one is BRTC Gold Caviar BB cream that has the darkest tone among those three.

As you can see on the swatches above, they didn't match really well with my pale (yellow?) skintone. I'm not pink though. I am Not. Really. hahah... and to my surprise, the tone! three of them! it looks slightly DARKER compared to my real skin tone. I'm not that pale in real though. But even the 'fair' BRTC jasmine water bb cream turns out dark on my skin (lll´Д`)

My verdict on BRTC Whitening & Repairing BB Cream: 
I super love the result because it gives off a dewy finish on me. I'm not a fan of matte-finish make up. It doesn't give me any breakouts or so. I've already got like 2-3 pimples on my cheeks. with its nice coverage, nothing to see here folks xD~ as for the packaging itself, nothing special, ordinary BB cream in a tube type with profesional and sleek looks. The only things I don't really like about this BB cream is the paraben, and its grayish tone. However, I love the fact that it contains Vitamin C as whitening purpose, and other beneficial ingredients like hyaluronic acid and peptide to help recude wrinkles.

Tone:  Photobucketslighty DARKER than my skintone(ノ_<。) and Grayish. It looks ashy on me, and turns out darker after oxidized. See the swatch? But it's not a big deal though since I used just a small amount on my face, the darkening isn't noticeable.

Texture: PhotobucketThick, the thickest BB cream I've ever tried. So better coverage, eh? definitely ^^ the thickness makes it harder to spread. I put a small amount and used make up sponge (for the first time!) to blend in the BB cream. It blends well and gives no cakey finish.

Smell:Photobucket Subtle fragrance and neutral, if I never read the ingredients, I would have thought this BB cream is non-fragranced.

Coverage: PhotobucketI considered it GOOD compared to some other BB creams I've tried. Almost foundation-alike.

Result: PhotobucketDewy finish and healthy glowing skin. Minus the cakey look = LOVE♥

Oil Control:Photobucket Since it gives off a slight dewy finish, so a thin layer of 'oil' should be there on your skin. But it do controlling sebum secretion nonetheless, I only need one sheet of oil blotting film at night to absorb excess oil and all done.

Staying Power: PhotobucketQuite good, or at least better than my old skinfood BB Cream. I didn't set it up with powder but it goes along till night.

TIPS: To prevent cakey look, use moisturizer and apply very small dab amounts (BB cream) and lather into skin until desired look and coverage is achieved.  This BB Cream blends well with other BRTC BB Cream

Here's how I look with BRTC Whitening & Repairing BB cream. Taken with my old samsung cellphone, lolz. sorry for the low quality (☉`ェ´☉)ジ cuz I left my digicam at my BF's room yesterday. And as for today... I feel super lazy to retake a full face-swatch. Mwahaha... Actually, I rarely rarely put on BB cream. On lazy -I have to go- days, I prefer to stick with concealer alone. a bit concealer here and there. Okay. So that's all for the review, I hope it helps you (*^ ・^)ノ⌒☆ See ya~