August 31, 2011

Review: NOPS Vitamin-C Oil 25

Overdue post, My apologize of the lateness of this review >.< I was planning to observe the product for 2 weeks, but it's been a month already. so as previously mentioned, I've been totally addicted to skincare product with Vitamin C in it. Lucky me when the PR representative of NOPS skincare company approached me, she let me choose two NOPS product to try. At first I wanted to try NOPS Vital Advanced Vitamin C 20, but sadly it was out of stock, so the PR representative chose this NOPS vitamin-c oil 25 for me. Thank you (●^―^●)v

NOPS (Natural Organic PlantS) is well-known organic skincare brand in Korea, you can find a lot of review about NOPS product on naver. Its parent company, MIZON, established 7 beauty brands: NOPS, ACENCE, DR. FORMULA, STEBLANC, HANNAVI, ATO1004, and O.H.M.U. I'll be posting further introduction about all the brand later, so if you've been wanting to try new skincare brand, stay tuned :3

Product Name: NOPS 비타민-C 오일 25 [NOPS Vitamin-C oil25)
Product Description: Its vitamin C stabilization system is delivered to your skin without skin irritation for absorption safely and rapidly.
Usage: After skin control using toner, drop small amount of it to your skin and tap it for absorption.If using in the morning, use it with UV protect product.
Function: Brightening, Anti-wrinkles, Moisture, Lifting.

-Smoothing properties, non-comedogenic.
-Anti aging, Anti-oxidant.
-Sun protection.
-Guard skin naturally from acne.

-Promote a smooth, radiant complexion
-Help maintain elasticity of skin
-Heal dry, brittle nails and soften cuticles

-Moisturizes the skin
-Rejuvenates and adds shine to hair
-Ultra-violet protection (sunscreen applications)
-Non-greasy feeling, soaks into the skin easily
-Reduces wrinkles and signs of aging
-Adheres well to the skin

Ampoule type
No-coloring =)

My comment:
This is an oil type Vitamin C ampoule. I was skeptical about using 'oily' product on my skincare routine since my skin is a bit oily already. But however, knowing that this product is already been a HIT in Korea, I'm willing to try out this product.

As we all know, vitamin C is one of the most popular additives in skincare products today, I'm really on it ♥♥(o→ܫ←o). I've been trying this product sparingly with NOPS snail healing cream, sometimes I switched to BRTC vitalizer c 10 ampoule (cuz I have to make a vlog about the product next week, awe)- using two different vit c ampoules is not recommended though.

It is highly concentrated (25%) so it can penetrates your skin deeply, and safely! because the Vitamin C in this product is Vitamin C derivative (Ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate) which is more stable and effective even at lower concentration. The packaging itself is do 'designer', I love the cardboard design with the vertical orange things dropping down, so classy! And the transculent orange glass bottle protect the oil for sun damage (we know that UV rays is harmful for all skincare products!) and also, I love the pipet idea, it allows me to dispense just the right amount of the serum. I use 4-5 drops for entire face, and 2 drops for my neck area.

Since this product is an oil type, I always do a light facial massage each time I put this on. I ENJOYED it a lot, really. You can try google about 'facial massage', I really recommend you to do at least 3minutes facial massage every two days for anti-aging, lifting, and relaxing purposes (σ・∀・)σ

I can notice my skintone is slightly improved, not that much, but it really helps me reduce my dull skin.  However, I still get my occassional breakouts, and errh... I can't really say and I won't totally blame the product, cuz I DO get acne sometimes, and so... during my observation, I got like 3-4 'major' acne. So it doesn't help that much to get rid acne.


What I like:
-Can be used as facial massage oil
-Brighten my skintone
-Very very moisturising
-Stable Vitamin C derivative
-Organic/ECO skincare product (Sunflower seed oil, olive oil, meadowfoam seed oil)

Not so loves:
- It doesn't work as antioxidant. I knew this by doing an apple test.
- It leaves an oily cast on my skin, no wonder, this product is oil type =/ so I have a little tips for oil hater folks (me included):
Tips: wait 10-15minutes then gently dab oil blotting sheets on your face.

Highly Recommended for:
People with dry, dehydrated, and dull skin. I'm pretty sure your dry skin will love this product! and this product will help you mantain your skin healthy by giving enough moisturize. However, people with oily skin (like me) could also use the product, reducing the amount of the product on each application will do.

TIPS: Before you start using skincare product that contain vitamin C, I suggest you to search the 'truth' about vitamin C in skincare. Like there's a lot of Vitamin C products, we know them as ascorbic acid. However there are newer derivatives of Vitamin C: Ascorbyl palmitate, Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate and Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate. Vitamin C in form of Ascorbic Acid is very unstable and get oxidized easily, and light yellow is NOT the natural color of Vitamin C serum. I'm going to make a post about SKIN BENEFITS OF VITAMIN C, hopefully next week =3

Visit NOPS-MY official site and find your favorite skincare product.


So hello dear bunnies, lovelies, cutiepies! Here's another GIVEAWAY from LUVIEW, Korean beauty brand that offers high quality make up with glam packaging. hoho... I don't have to do further introduction 'bout this brand, no? Luview has finally reached 1004 LIKES on their official FACEBOOK PAGE. So to celebrate this, let's have another giveaway~!

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August 29, 2011

Random: Recent Haul♡

Hey guys, quick post before I go to sleep. 2.29 AM now..I washed my hair at midnight and they haven't dry up until now. Irrshh..feel to lazy to use hair dryer, I hate its sound, it annoys the hell outa me(☉`ェ´☉)ジ. So here's quick update of my recent haul... OMG I'm super sleepy! TT^TT
Luview~BB cream, lip gloss, pact, cleanser, etc

Another Luview Haul!~ hohohohoh.... check their shop here: LUVIEW~KOREA COSMETIC. What I got is Luview Crystal Cover BB cream (which is too dark on my skin=/)+ Mini crystal pact, they're both packed in travelling set together with the free mini transparent pouch, so handy! More, glossy kiss lip gloss, luview shiny eyes eyeshadow (super shimmer!), Lemon balm bubble cleanser, and Luview Real Skin Primer BB cream. Naah...added all of 'em to my upcoming review backlog.
Btw, I've already reviewed Luview Mascara (my HG-fiber!), Luview whitening capsule BB cream, and Luview Crystal Minral Pact.

and here's three types of RELIAN MASCARA, can be bought HERE. And I already did a review for the phanter series. More review coming soon I promise. And then....

Received two pair of circle lenses (Candy doll gray and EOS Candy eye pink) my first gray and pink circle lenses ever, gosh I think I've fallen in love with the pink one! so anime-ish. these from SPECIALLENS. And next~

Say hello to 5 steps skincare routine♥(o→ܫ←o)~My super super favorite Korean skincare brand, BRTC. Holy Sh** I love love LOVE these babies! I've been trying the Vit C ampoule for err..likely 3 weeks or so lah. and my skin loves it! I'm ready to do a big post, mwahaha... and OH! I got the BRTC WHITENING VITALIZER SET too (BRTC whitening and repairing BB cream 60gr, and two freebies of BRTC vitalizer fluid and cream).

Buy BRTC skincare product HERE.

And hey hooo...I'm such a happy Geek...I received the package from PIXICS just two days ago! I decided to order some cutie accessories, aye aye(*°∀°), necklaces, scarf, and the simple yet so cute chantilly lace tank. And know whaaat, I was friggin' shocked when I saw this cutie long necklace, the pinkish pendant is made from ROSE QUARTZ. I tot it was made from plastic or something like that lah. I lost my lovely rose quartz necklace last year, and this one perfectly replace it ♡ I'm going to update bout these cutie apparels later :3

So yeaaa....I'm going to sleep now. MUST~SLEEP~NOW (lll´Д`)
thanks for reading and bubbye, I'll be back very soon~

August 24, 2011

Review: Baviphat Peach All-in-one Peeling Gel

Hello my lovey lovey readers. ヾ(‘ロ‘) woah I post beauty review more often now. So I'll be doing a detailed review of Baviphat peach all-in-one peeling gel. Just because the packaging is too adorable, I ended up taking too much pic, I'm not going to post all of 'em here though. Okaaay... this product is kindly provided by INTENSHOP for review purpose. Inteshop is online store that sells ready stock and pre-ordered korean & japanese beauty products. I recommend this shop for those who don't like paying high prices.

super adorable packaging♥

Cutie mini spoon! ♥♥♥

Product description:
바비펫~ 피치 올인원 필링젤
Netto 용량     100g
원산지     Made in Korea

Feel a shiny baby skin!
A multi-functional skin treatment exfoliates dead skin cells, minimizes pore size and brightens complexion with a single application. Peeling gel is packed with vitamin C rich peach extracts to whiten and brighten skin. Apply gel on dry face and then gently massage on until it starts to ball up. Rinse well and then pat skin dry.
Exfoliation + Pore Care + Brightening with peach extracts. Removes dead skin cells to improve cell renewal rate which helps better absorption of skincare products.

Recommended if you: Have white dead skin cells?want to care your skin soft and clean?   
Main ingredients and functions: Peach Extract : Caring dead skin cells and wastes.

upclose, not really gel-alike
Baviphat super cute mini spoon!

Peach Peeling Gel~step by step application
This peeling gel really works!
My verdict:
Packaging: The peach-like packaging is just OH SO ADORABLE! I love love LOVE it!!! (´ω`人) and I couldn't even put into words how much I love the packaging I'm not going to complaint about the jarred form since it comes with a cute little spoon to scoop away the gel. 
Texture: not really a gel-like in my opinion. it's watery, very moisturizing.
Scent: Overwhelming sweet peach scent, sweet and ah I'm pretty sure you guys will love the scent!  I have to admit that I love this kind of scent. But in skincare product? obviously a big NO.

I've been trying this product for the past two weeks, use it sparingly once or twice per week, skipped my aspirin mask routine. The results? My skin likes it! I can feel my skin become fairier and smoother. Anyshoots, I have normal to oily skin, plus I've been  seriously taking care of my skin, so I don't have problem with dry and flaky skin to begin with.

I've read many reviews of this peeling gel before, saying that this product is kind of hoax. Okaay. I absolutely knew that we are all having our own personal thoughts about each product and are supposed to write honest review about it. But I really really suggest that those-who said this product is suck-at least know how to use it properly. Most people (on blogspot) stopped at step 3 and said "ah this product is clumpy and they're already balled up before I rub them on!" and they're expecting DIRT-like clump (grayish-brownish in color), \(> o <)/WROOOONG. And I was OBVIOUSLY WON'T get that dirty BROWNISH/ GRAYISH clump if your face/skin is ALL CLEAN before you start rub them off!

You have to patiently rub the gel until it starts to ball up, bear in mind that 'until it starts to ball up' is like what you see in pic 4.  And the dead skin cells are not always dirt like or brown/gray in color.

Peeling or exfoalting product is a must in my skincare routine. Dead skin cells clogged pores and they're one of acne culprits. Keep your face exfoliated and clean helps you achieve cleaner and clearer complexion. Eventhough this is not the best peeling product outhere, I still love it.

What I like: Cheap, super cheap for 100gr (last for 6~12months), packaging is super adorable,
Not so loves: I noticed 황색 4호, that's a coloring agent. And this product is fragranced =/

Price: Photobucket
Scent: N/A
Overall Rating:Photobucket

Ok that would be all. Oh, I was a bit bored yesterday so I decided to tweak my blog header. heheh... hope you guys like it. Big thanks to INTENSHOP for providing this lovely baby ♥ Yo guys, don't forget to visit the shop :3 I'll be back soon, so stay tuned... and have a nice day! Thanks for reading ヾ( ´ー`)

August 22, 2011

Review: EVOME~EM Mask Sheet Whitening Essence

This mask is provided by KoreaCosmetic for review purpose. Thanks a lot! ♡

Product description:
EM collagen, whitening essence mask sheet contains vitamin C, tocopherol acetate, green tea extracts which keep your skin healthy and protect your skin. Collagen make your tired skin elastic and Clean.
Also the components, phytoncide and EM Oilve, make your skin healthy and lively with fresh in nature.
Active Ingredients: EM-Oil, EM-X Gold, Aminocoat, Hyaluronic acid, Morus alba L. extracts, Marine collagen, Phytoncide Oil.
Origin: Jeollabuk-do, South Korea

This mask is produced by EVERMIRACLE company. I'd like to have a short introduction about the company frst before jump off to my verdit:  EVERMIRACLE.Co., Ltd. was found in 2002,. With independent export rights, their products have been exported to Southeast Asia Eastern Asia, etc. the company insists on strict quality standards.   If you are interested in their products, please do not hesitate to contact them at 

It left my skin soft and moist, thanks to the high concentration of COLLAGEN in this mask, so as we may know, collagen is widely used in medical, cosmetic, beauty, and skincare products. They're known for being a good anti-aging and has a lot of benefit to our skin:

  • It rejuvenates aging skin
  • Great for toning and moisturizing the skin
  • Delays the effects of aging
  • Improves skin pigmentation, elasticity, and immunology
  • Hair and nail rejuvenation
  • Beneficial for after shaving
  • Treats several skin problems including scarring
  • For fractures, it aids in the process of bone formation
  • For those with osteoporosis, wherein the bones have become brittle and prone to fracture, the collagen can restore the bone density
  • It lessens swelling
  • It improves eyesight

but studies show that topical collagen (collagen that is used in creams and lotions and applied directly to the skin) does not work, so in this case, Hyaluronic acid is an excellent alternative to collagen, particularly since both anti-aging treatments accomplish similar rejuvenating goals. That means that the active anti-aging ingredients are transported to the cells through the layers of skin.
As a result, hyaluronic acid is preferred over topical collagen treatments mainly because HA can actually reach the cells!

★My comment:
comes in two sheet, upper part and lower part. I love this idea cuz it allows the mask to fit my face perfectly. When I opened it, I noticed that this mask has more liquid serums-compared to 'my beauty diary' mask series, and also less fragranced, which is better!

and unlike any tissue mask that I've tried before, EM mask comes in a right thickness! not too thick, and not too thin. Even without the ear-hang-things, it patched just right into my whole face and stays there untill I put it off. For beauty diary mask lover outhere, I'm pretty sure you're going to love this mask if you got a chance to try this. I mean it, this mask is much much better! (by comparing the ingredients alone)
I let it sit on my face for 20-30minutes and it left an oily cast on my face after usage, so I have to patiently rub them off untill the essence is perfectly absorbed. It's a perfect time do to some FACE MASSAGE, no? After having a massage session, my face was moisturized, hydrated, and more plumper with a slight dewy finish. 

What I love: this mask contains a lot of healing and anti-wrinkles properties, collagen, hyaluronic acid. and also I love masks with whitening function in it. Contain Vitamin C that brightens dull skin. It also keeps your skin hydrated.
Not so loves: hmm I'm not going to complaint about anything, but this mask is fragranced =/  just a mild scent though. It's ok la~

Overall rating:Photobucket
after usage
Tips: For absolute optimum result~after put off the mask, try to spend more time doing a facial massage with the leftover essence, then remove the excess oil with blotting paper.