June 29, 2011

10 Things I love

Melody tagged me quite awhile ago. awe..sorry I'm so late >.<
I really took my time to think about 10 things I love, there are A LOT. So here we go, 10 things I love

1 ♥ GAME
Because all during the finals, I held back , and now... I spent most of my time (6-8 hours/day) to play my favorite game! nyahaha...My favorite genre is FIGHTING, the only RPG I've ever played and like is Legend of Mana. And I was so into Dance Dance Revolution, an SSR catastrophic maniac girl you'll ever meet, perhaps? lulz. I played it from the very start of Konami released it on BEATMANIA, and I also love Konami's Guitar Freaks & Drum Mania (GitaDora), Though I only played the DRUM MANIA section. and my current most favorite is DotA Allstars, actually a 'mini' game from Warcraft III. Meet me in garena or idgs public server :3 my id is Fleurette.
Me at IPOX DotA tournament

My favorite:
Antique Long Necklace. It's called fashion necklace, sweater necklace, long pendant, or whatsoever. But it's been quite popular lately. I like bracelet too! (with pearls and rhinestone prefferably)
 ♔Dresses! Classic Lolita dresses (though I've never wear it =p) I also like bustier dress with lot of frills, lace, and ribbon. But in real life, it's VERY rare for me to be dressed up like this. I'd prefer casual street wear outfit though.

I can't live without my blog. My main blog is here on blogspot.  But I also have a blog on Naver, and tumblr. I like tweaking  the template a lot.Once I start tweaking my template, I couldn't stop! >.<

Especially Super Dollfie Dream of Doll and Pullip Doll! I've been collecting it :3 They're awesome, gorgeous, fabulous, and super pretty. Awwkez, I just wished I have this look:

5. ♥ FOOD
"to live is to eat DELICIOUS FOOD!" ~quote by Lina~ mwahahahaha!
Yes, I can eat whatever I want and never gain a weight, this is really a bless! Thanks God <3 And oh, I won a free coupon from "spicy ramen competition" held by local japanese store too back then. ...Hmm I have quite a lot of favorite food (mostly Japanese) like Sushi ( ♥Salmon), ramen, and miso. My other fave is a 'jigae' range, spicy one ^^, and recenly I got so addicted to TOM YUM! ♥♥♥ Thanks Thailand for having such a deilicious cuisine!

6. ♥ MUSIC
I won't skip a day without music! :3 My sense of music is quite weird for a girl, I like Heavy Metal, Underground, Rock music like Dir en Grey, Asaki, MUCC, etc (mostly Japanese band.hahaha..) But I do like calming music too like Gregorian, some classic ( fur elise, greensleeve), and other music composed by Yuki Kajiura and Yoko Shimomura (Legend of Mana). and OH! I love love love traditional Japanese Music too, prefferably shamisen instrument, which means YOSHIDA BROTHERS! hehehe...

Nah this is kind of music I'd like to listen everyday:
music from "Guilty Gear-Suck a Sage" played by my BF and his band

I like to draw, painting, and sketching...This is my passion and what I live for! If you've been following me for quite awhile you'll know that watercolor and oil are my favorite medium :3
I do like CG painting, but I prefer manual/traditional drawing though. It's more arty in my opinion. This is one of my favorite painting I made in 2009, this is a repro:
(C)2009-suzuran-Lina Kim

Yeah I'm an ailurophile. I love Cat, cat, and cat! They're so cute with big eyes and soft fur. My other fave are BUNNIES, pandas, bears, puppies, and bengal tiger! Anyway... this is my cat Edga, she's a mix of ragdoll cat. but unfortunately I have to hand her to my friend's friend. I super Miss her atm =(

I just can't pacified my love to Japanese culture somehow... and now my kimono collection is pile up and I don't have more space in my room to store them in >.< I have -likely- almost two hundreds wafuku outift in my room, including yukatas, kimonos: houmongi, tsumugi, furisode, iromuji, tomesode, iro-tomesode, omeshi, komon, and other kimono apparel like haori, obi, ro, men's kimono, hakama, etc. Huhahaha.... Go Go Wafuku Go!

I love him so much :33 and to be with him is all I want, heheheh... *sorry for being exaggerated* =p He accept me just the way I am. he doesn't really care of appearance (that's what he said), and I knew he's such a loyal person, though we quarrel sometimes. I can't stop loving him :3

That's all for 10 things I love ^^. Actually there are a lot of other things that I love too! like skincare, make-up, hang out, window shopping, trawling at mall, TEA! yeaah TEA. I forgot to tell you that I'm a big fan of tea XD. I always have a cup of tea each day, mostly while DotA-ing. hahaha.. Ok. I should tag ten people then...it would be: Sasa, Amelia, Saving Capulet, Jin, Cominica, Cutielippi, Nene, Momickey, Kelly, Emy

June 27, 2011

Review: Skinfood Black Bean Eyebrow Pencil #3

Okay, another 'super late' review(´∀`)
My review list is piling up, you can check it on 'upcoming review' section. I have a lot of time now,  so before I started a fulltime job I want to set myself fully into blogger =) yay!
So now (it's super late, 5.26 am and I was supposed to be sleep) I'm gonna reviewing my old skinfood black bean eyebrow pencil that I bought in 2010. This is my first eyebrow pencil I've ever bought.

My friend help me pick the color, cuz I really have no idea what color I should buy ((*。_。) I'm torn between black brown or gray brown, ended up buying it in shade 3 black brown. What I like most is this eyebrow pencil comes with a brush too! This is really convenient, I don't have to use separate eyebrow brushes, I use it to even-out and blend the color for more natural look.

the casing itself is so vintage, with non-refillable catridge that can be tuned in and out (the stick length is 2.4 cm). Now for the swatch:

the harsh color blends naturally after a few stroke with the brush. It's really helpfull and makes all the eyebrow shaping process becomes incredibly easier.

Color: Perfect shade for me and lucky me I don't have to roaming from brand to brand and shade to shade in order to find the color that matched  (^▽^) the color blends naturally on my eyebrows.
Texture: a hard crayon like texture
Waterproof: yes

Overall Rating: 4/5

What I don't like: Nothing! I'm not going to complain about anything here, I like the product

sorry for my wide ass face! and the swatches looks ugly on my sparse eyebrows, I haven't shaved my eyebrows for one week and this is how they look after I swiped them (softly) with the pencil. Well, I don't really know how to shape and shave my eyebrows properly, is there anyone here want to help me shaping my eyebrows? (≧∇≦)/

Speaking about my eyebrows....
I have a broad, sparse, super STRAIGHT, and FLAT eyebrows line. And what I want is a full but natural looking, I DON'T want to shape it to be more curvy with tapered arch at the end. But my problem is, as you can see here, I'm not that skilled in making such a FULL straight eyebrows. I've never been able to draw a perfectly shaped eyebrows in my life, and everytime I tried to apply more swipe... it would end up giving me very harsh and unnatural & FUNNY look, just like I'm having a caterpillar sticked above my eyes! totally stupid looking >.<

So what a newbie like me did is gently fill the empty sparsed space with gradual and soft sweep. Hm...maybe I should try to shave it and draw it to be more tapered and fine at the end? awee.... NG! !(;`Д´)≡⊃
I have to learn and watch eyebrows-shaping vids a lot!

Well, that would be all, thanks for reading and I'm really going to sleep now! acck.. 6.41 in the morning! Bubbye~


June 23, 2011

Skinfood Aloe and Gingko Green BB Cream Comparison

Hi dollies (・ω・)/
This is a requested post, lots of people mailed me and asking me about: "what's the difference between aloe and gingko? which one is better? what should I buy?" Actually, I am NOT a BB expert, make up expert or whatsoever, erh...really. I made a review based on my very own opinion.
So yes, I've reviewed this Skinfood aloe BB cream and also Skinfood gingko green BB cream back then in 2010, check it out:

Aloe sun versus Gingko green bb cream?

I think it's not about which one is better, but it's about choosing the best that suits your skin. I first begin by examining my skin. What is my skintype, do I need any sunscreen? such things. And here's what I came up with:

You might like Aloe sun BBC if:
♔ You are working outdoors (cuz it protects you from harmful sunray, SPF 20 PA++)
♔ You are working indoors but exposed to sunlight.
♔ Your skintype is oily, and sensitive.
♔ You don't usually set up your bb cream with powder.
♔ You are looking for a BB cream with great oil control properties.

You might like Gingko Green BBC if:
♔ You are working indoors and totally free from sunlight exposure.
♔ You need a BB cream with lots of hydrating properties.
♔ Your skintype is combi, which means you have a blend of oily and dry skin.
♔ You're looking for a BB cream with great beauty enhancing properties (Lecithin & Vitamin B)

I should say that Skinfood Aloe sun BBC is a BESTSELLER product from skinfood since 2010 up 'till now. I like it except for the stingy fragrance, and Aloe BBC has a better oil control properties, yeah. much better than gingko green. They have a medium sheer coverage, don't expect anything like what a foundation would do~! v( ̄Д ̄)v
ingredients etc, left click to ENLARGE
it blends smoothly on my skin, see? But, I'm just going to complain about the stingy scent of Aloe, and for Gingko, it has a baaad oil control properties. I've noticed my normal-to-slightly-oily skin has become incredibly OILIER everytime I put on gingko bbc. So dollies, I think we really have to choose one that suits our skin~(^ε^)♪

But I'm not going to repurchase, it's not bcuz I'm not satisfied with the product, I just wanna try a new product from INNISFREE, ECO GREEN BB CREAM, sounds promising, eh? I've been wanting to buy it since months ago! (`ε´) put it on my wishlisht already♥

Well, CMIIW about this skinfood BB cream comparison, and I'll leave you with my templated selcas wearing my favorite gingko bb cream. mwahaha.. |ヽ(*゜▽゜*)ノミ|Ю

 see ya~

June 19, 2011

Review: Etude House Magic Tint Balm #2 Magic Pink

Heeeey, say hello to holiday!( ・∀・)Just yesterday,I've totally finished my book design and Balinese artwork project (I was super super super exhausted, I didn't even have a sleep for -almost- TWO days), tired like hell, went to campuss without a single nap, gave a very formal presentation about my work, settled all the payment, went back to my BF house and I finally fell asleep (thx to my hubby, he's always there for me through thick and thin)
Actually, errrh... I should have been graduated last year! >_< it's all bcuz the surgery things. awe... well, no prob. I've finally finished my work and I'm gonna show you my Balinese artwork on upcoming post!

Today I'm going to review my favorite lipbalm, Etude House Magic Tint Balm in shade no. 02 (magic pink) 에뛰드 하우스 매직 틴트밤. I bought this almost one year ago (better late than never, eh?)('◇')ゞ

Comes in four shades, mine is shade #2, magic pink. But shade #3 which has a peach undertone is prolly my favorite!( ・∀・) I'm gonna get my hand on this.
package swatch-without flash
package swatch-with flash
I've had this tinted balm for quite a long time (August 2010) 'till now. I've always put this tint in my make up pouch and this is how it looks after almost a year:

Well, as I've said before, this is my most favorite lipbalm atm! it can be paired with other lippies as well. While run of the mills lip tint just gives you a tinted lips, Etude House magic tint balm hydrates and relieves chapped lips, pluuus it's tinting your lips at the same time. a tinted lipbalm with healing properties, what could be better? ♡

Packaging: Plastic Jar... meh! since I'm really a germaphobia I hate this! But I admit that all jarred lipbalm is indeed CUTE! much cuter than those in stick. But, the quality of the print (on top of the cap) is just suck. It faded away easily, and mine is just a plain red cap now (´;ω;`) 

Texture: Although it's been mentioned as a lip BALM, it's neither a lipbalm nor a lip goss. It gives you a bit of glassy finish. It feels more like a lip plumper with thicker consistency. This is definitely a GEL type balm with sheer glossy finish.

Color: subtle pink which I like so much, and no.2 has a a nice pink with magenta undertone. (*゜▽゜*)ノミPuuurfect!

Moisture properties: Good enough, it can be used in a place of ordinary lipbalm.

Scent: Juicylicous! with berry sweets flavour.

Packaging: Photobucket
Moisture properties:Photobucket

What I don't like:
Short time wear~ the color fades away after two hours.
The packaging~cheapie plastic!
swatches on lips:
one swipe over my bare lips
Since I don't really like my pigmented lips, I used it over etude house color me nude lip concealer. And the result is much much paler. but I like it, Nude color rocks!
with Etude house color me nude
paired with etude house fresh cherry tint #3 peach

Okay, that would be all for the review. I'm going to buy EH magic tint balm in shade 3 bcuz I'm sooo in love with this lip blam (or plumper?) :3 and this baby is super cheap! I bought it for USD $ 6.00~ just another cheap but great product >=3