February 24, 2011

Mini Haul: All Cute Stuff~

Hi lovelies I'm back with another random post >.< heheheh. I was going out with my BF yesterday and bought some cute stuffs :3 
Well, I found an extra CUTE Hello Kitty hand bag at Hello Kitty Castle! omg, this is just too cute! I fall in love at the first sight, Cost me USD $33, and I spent 4 hours *thinking* whether I should buy this or not! hahaha

front <3

back <3

I don't really like this part :p

peachy pink ribbon zip grip, could it be any cuter? <3 ~~~~~  The inner part is made of satin-like fabric with 'Hello Kitty' printed on it.

And I bought Anna sui's mirror set too, with a comb. It's black! I want it in pink T_____T But yeah, black is not that bad :p, I put it in my make up puch (oh, I think I should buy a new  pouch too, mine is starting to deteriorate, huhuhu)


Bought usamimi headband and hairband! ahaha...I knew it >.< it has been a CRAZE in Japan for a loooooooong time ago! But this time I really got my very very first usamimi headband, hahaha, I'll make a post about usamimi band later, feel like I want to get it customized <3

with a cute tag~

The other one I bought is usamimi hairband, I love the color, so pale and pinkish! I'd be cute with a hair high bun! hehehe...

look how cute the pattern is!~~~♥
I believe that usamimi the cutest hair accessories that I've ever seen! But I feel unsure about wearing it though, I'm not confident enought, it's ok with the hairband. But what about the headband? I think it would suit curly hair better than straight hair, isn't it? what do you think? Should I get my hair curled up before wearing the headband?

Mini Haul-february

Well, thanks for reading and enjoying my spam spam pics, hehehe  :3 I do hope u enjoyed it, see ya in next post and any suggestion of what should I review first?

February 23, 2011

Tag~ You're It

I got tagged by Isabel, thanks for tagging me~ ♪(*’-^)-☆
Now is 2:30 AM, I know that I should slept earlier but I didn't, I want to continue reading 'samkok' =)
Well, before that... I think I got time to jot down my answer ♥

1. Why did you create this blog?

why did I create this blog? mmmm...at first, I got the same reason as Isabel ^^ I loved to do review for skincare products, make up such as lippies, tint, bbc, etc. But I like to write a random post too (^ε^)♪ sharing my hobbies, interest, and any interesting things!

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?
Currently I'm following just a few blog, people who is closed to me, and a blog that I find it interesting. Blog that gives tutorial, nice and complete review for skincare or make up products, and updated one.

3. Favorite makeup brand?
Though I'm not really into make-up, my fave 'skincare' brand is Skinfood, Etude House, The Face Shop, The Body Shop, Innisfree. Quite a lot (*´▽`*)

4. Favorite clothing brand? 
...mmm...it's CocoLulu & C. Mc Bee, for casual. I do love lolita things, and also gothic-punk style, so Baby the stars shines bright, Sexy dynamite london, Hell cat Punks, H. Naoto, and every brand in KERA magz. I love them all! and more, my fave cute doll PULLIP is featuring this brand~

5. Your indispensable makeup product?
more appropriate if it is said to be a skincare product: My Beautycode skincare range, and my nivea pinkish boost lipcare (●´―`●) Oh my I just can't live without~

6. Your favorite color?
PEACHY PINK for sure! hehehe...combined with white, pale brown, or..silver! ^^

7. Your perfume?
I haaaate perfumes! o(`ω´*)o

8. Your favorite film?
There are only a few, Dae Jang Geum, The great merchant kim man deok, that's for drama. Else is... One piece, and Hunter X Hunter.

9. What country would you like to visit and why?
Sweden! I've been wanting to be there for a loooong time, because there are a lot of meadow and prairie in Sweden ♡kyaa...
Japan, because I want to learn about Japanese culture more more more more, and J cuisine is the best ever!

10. Make up the last question and answer. Okay, my question is what is your favourite outfit?
Casual! hehe... Well, i'm not really a fashion person, but T-shirt or dolly dress combined with legging or capris are always become my outfit super comfy combo ♡


I'll just TAG EVERY LOVELIES that read this and feel want to post about this! =)
But I want to xpecially tagging:
- JeanJean from http://iamluckytohaveyou.blogspot.com/
-Elle from http://insideoutelle.blogspot.com/
-Tsuriki from http://quentria.blogspot.com/
-Saving Capulets from http://twistedodeath.blogspot.com/
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-Elisa Lee from http://www.memorable-days.net/
-Melody ( But Isabel already tagged her ^^)

Thank yooou ^^

February 16, 2011

Shizuka Wig~Sexy Curl

Mini review about my very first wig~it's shizuka wig in sexy curl (not sexy at all in my opinion, lol)
The only reason I bought this is because I attend so many wedding ceremony in a week (bcoz of my boyfriend) and I thought it would be a money saver to buy one, since I don't have to go to hairstylist to let them set-up my hair, anymore.
It's really a nice one, comes with a free hair net and free shizuka false eyelashes. haha...But I'm not a big fan of fake eyelashes, so I gave it to my mom.

Well. what to review about a wig?
It's a synthetic one, that's is the only thing that made me regret about buying it. It looks so fake! T____T plastic alike like barbie hair, and smeel the same too. I should have buy a real human hair, of course with higher price.

I'll just spam you with a pics, it's not a 'good' wig, because I don't like a wig that got no natural looks!
fake one fake one fake one. so PLASTIC...can u notice?
Not combed pic of shizuka synthetic wig. All tangled, though, it's really hard to maintain an artificial wig in good condition. The hair is easily knotted and fall out it it's not combed carefully.

nah, u see how fake it is? the tone is too light for me too. I'd expect for a darker brown because I always liking liking my natural black-brown hair. And the curl is just a bit too much! I expect for a more natural curl too... Just because I treasure my hair a lot. I never colored it, ironing it, blow dry, etc. My hair is really a virgin. haha...

What I don't like about this wig (other thing than how fake it looks and smell), I feel not comfortable when wearing it. it's kind of heavy, smelly, and the hair got tangled so easily. My scalp becomes itchy too after a few moments! gyaaah~ >.< super2 hate it.

I don't know if it's only my digicam effect that makes it looks so fake. bcuz it was all okay if I took pic using my cellphone cam:
it looks all okay on last 3 photos... issit because the pic is too much saturated? sorry sorry, But my cellphone cam is always been like this~over saturated >.<

Well. I just gave my wig to my mother...hahaha...

And I'll be back soon with a skincare and beauty review! to be reviewed list is:
-The body shop~tea tree concealer (I adore it so much)
-Nivea Pinkish Boost (things that makes me say goodbye to my cherry pink) <<
-Acnes tea tree oil clay mask

That's all for now, see yaaa~

설날 & Valentine Day

Waiii...sorry for not updating for a loooong time. Been really busy these days, I'm making 'something' that I'd like to show you later on~ u may wanted to try it your own too...it's really interesting...believe me! ehehehe...

and I have to say a delayed " HAPPY VALENTINE" to all of you lovelies. Sorry2 for super delayed post *sob, My val's day is not that special...Because at 14th my BF got a work to do, but no worries. I'm happy enough because the day before we went to a seollal party together ( a super delayed party too) hehehe~

My bf gave me this, a cute winged Kit-Kat, I eat all of it in one day :3

We played Tu ho, 투호. It's a simple traditional game~just stand on a line and throw the stick to the barrel.  I'm really excited about it! ahahaha....  it's really difficult! I couldn't throw all of the sticks accurately to the barrel. 

sorry for blurred pic >.<

 well yeaaah.... that's just all. sorry for my super short post =P. I hope u were having a nice and lovely valentine too~~~
I'll be back with my beauty review for Acnes Tea tree oil clay mask, and nivea pinkish boost! See ya~