October 27, 2010

My Artwork: Balinese Oil Painting & Watercolor Manga Style

I've been totally bussy. My campuss stuff is killing me >.<
and I think I got sick already =( *colapse

After finished my paper and printed it, it's 63pages x 3 for total 189 pages.... huuuuft.
But somehow I feel like I'm neglecting my luvly baby blog =(
So I'll be sharing about what had I done for my paper =D

I'm currently on my last BIG project in campuss~ ( >_<)
My project is making a fullcolored illustrated book for Wayang Calonarang (from Bali),
The book would be consist of character design, and traditional illustrated art made by me =)
And my visit to Bali back then really help me with my work, I got a beautiful traditional "PRADE" fabric too.

I love everything traditional <3

As for now, I've already painted oil painting art in 60cm x 40cm canvas with oil painting medium. Which will be used as main illustration for cover design.
And for other 12 illustration in A3, I'd likely used watercolor media.
(But oh 12!...I just finished only one TT^TT ) *sob
long way to go...

So here is my painting:
BARONG-60x40cm, Oil Painting

Some people may think that Barong is scary! 
and yeah his appearance is...haha, But after I finished painting it.
Somehow I got amazed with it. Barong looked way more graceful and beauty on its own <3 really~

I love oil color and water color media,
But my style now is more to naturalist and impressionist (remember Van Gogh's Starry Night?)

My old style is so Manga-ish~
take a look at this one, I made it when I was in high scholl (4years ago)
Cricket Gothica, 21x29.7cm, watercolor
She is my original female character named Cricket~
I was workin as an manga assistant for comic artist.
While he still in Incheon now.
I'm not working for him anymore, cuz I have to finished my study =P

That's all for now~ See you later...

P.S: for those who interested in my Hanbok online store please add me on facebook =D thank you~will open my shop 3 Nov, postponed due to my bussines~


October 24, 2010

Anniversary Day & Recent Activities

kyaaaaa... Campuss stuff is KILLING me >_____<
But I don't feel like, I want to work on it. But deadline is on the corner... (27 Oct) and I should have finished my artwork, 5 fullcolored illustration on A3 paper (A3 x 5 = DEAD!) (lll´Д`) But I've only finished the sketch! omg...

so Boring! >_<

Well, forget it. I'll work on it like crazy later. tonight!
So, Instead of working on my artwork... I was having so much fun. Gyahahah~♡
First, Celebrate 3yrs anniversary with my boyfriend at Japanese restaurant "sushi tei"
Cuz I'm really2 a sushi and ramen lover! hohoho...

I ordered one bowl of shouyu ramen and 24 rolls of salmon maki. And still hungry after eat all those =D~

Oh,  my super lovely BF just made a song (again) too! special for me xD~ to celebrate our 3yrs anniversary, tittled "PARTE DELLA VITA" But he hasn't been able to upload it to youtube so I couldn't share it to you all (ノ_<。) 三  How sad...
He gave me super cute and fluffy doll I've always been wanting!!! ♥♥♥
I named him "PUFFY"~ Cute isn't he?

So, what are you guys doing to celebrate your anniversary?

And, the other day... I went to hanbok supplier with my Mom and my friend.
I decided to be a reseller =D
And will open my online shop for new and preowned Hanbok (imported from Korea) soon ( ゚▽゚)/
Tell me if you're interested. I'm still preparing the hanbok for photoshoot. And of course, the hanbok is all selected luxury items.

My friend-looking at red hanbok

It really so much fun to choose them!
And I was sooo tired too. Looking and choosing tons of hanbok.
I dressed up my mom and my friend to see
wheter it will be good ♥

So here they are, so lovely:
My mom in orange hanbok

My friend in pink hanbok
And so, after tiredly looking all of them. I decided to buy several new hanbok for store's sample hanbok.
Here it is, sorry my room is all messed up >___<

I bought 7 hanbok for sample. Will soon buy a lot of them, as soon as the supplier contact me^^

I'm still preparing my PAYPAL for Ebay.
So if you're interested you can contact me for further information about the item (=゜ω゜)ノ
All the hanbok I choose are in good condition and really super cute.

And I got 'my first ever' blog award from super kawaii ♥Penelope♥
please do visit her beautiful blog: Inspired by beauty
Thank you so muuuuch~♥

Okay...I'll work on my illustration for now!
be back with NYX product review next week^^ see ya~

October 14, 2010

Review: GEO CK -107 Circle Lenses

안녕하세요, 모두들, 잘 지내 시죠?
Well~ while having my Rosella red tea( ^-^)_旦~  I'll be reviewing my First Circle Lens ever~ it's from GEO Korea type CK 107. Still, I do have a lot of illustration work to be done, but oh~ no worries, I'll be working on it later =P, so lazy( ̄△ ̄;)~

Okay, since this is my first circle lens. I can't compared it with other brand or so. It comes with a free cute pinky pig lens case (σ・∀・)σ  yay~

About the product:
Its color is ABSOLUTE-solid black. Perfect for dolly eye effect just like those ullzang style =D
Have you seen those big and black ulzzang eyes? I swear I'm totally in love with those eye-look, it's so fricking cute. Although my eye color is dark brown, the edge of this circle lens is solid black, that's what I like most about this, it's really define my iris.

Contain 38% water and 62% phema, quite comfortable. Sometimes I just forgot that I'm wearing one of those..hahahas~ But in a room with air conditioner. I feel a bit uncomfortable, so I have to lubricates them with soft rub solution (I'm using "Europa" solution).

Enlarging effect:
Dimater is 14.00 mm ( I never dare to try out 14.8mm, some ppl said it's scary, but I'd like to buy one in14.8mm later) Since its color is solid black, it really adds on enlarging effect. Totally big and dolly~♡

Quite natural~ People would not notice that you're wearing circle lenses. Unless they see your eyes upclose~I think. When wearing this at the first time, my friend said there was something different with my eyes, and I looked good, but she can't really said what is different from me..hahahas~ she din't notice I'm wearing a circle lens  (*^▽^*)

And, because I'm loving it so much~ I'll post some Selcas spam with me wearing it =D Don't get bored with my selcas~ enjoy♥


for more information about Geo lenses you can check it out at: www.geo21eye.com
Geo Medical: 971-25, Wolchul-dong, Buk-gu, Gwangju, Korea.

October 11, 2010

Review: The Skin Food~Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream

Dear sweeties~♥
I want to share some beauty goods again, and this time is one of my best beautfy find ever~for a concealer. Well, I got quite an evident dark circle because I was neglecting my eyes too much. I knew that I should care for it. But oh, it wass too late. (plus tons of campuss stuff are waiting to be done) that really makes my undereye skin condition worser. Actually years ago, I don't really have a darkcircle under my eye, so when I notice that I'm already had it... I was so shocked. ∑(。。)

After researching and read tons of articles about dark circle, I've finally found that this darkcircle is caused because my eyes are getting tired ( cuz I do spend a lot of time in front of my computer), and mine is not genetics, my mom and dad doesn't have any dark circle at all!

besides applying eye serum dan oxy cream. Now my undereye skin safer is this salmon dark circle concealer cream! (in shades #1 light beige) Thanks for its perfect concealing power! yaay~(*^ ・^)ノ⌒☆

This is my before and after photo, unretouched, so you can have more appropriate verdict.
P.S: sorry for fine wrinkles >.<
As you can see, it looks so natural that no one would realize that you're using a concealer. I bought it in shade #1 Light Beige, it has orange undertone.

What I like:
It blends so easily, thanks for the creamy texture.
Moisturize your undereye skin, not drying it up.
Doesn't set in fine lines! and won't crack or become cakey after whole day.
Doesn't need powder to set it up ( because its staying power is quite good, sometimes I set it up again with powder just to absorb the oil)
Very creamy, so it would be just okay if I put it on with my finger only. No need brushes or sponge.
It conceal darkcircle perfectly.

A bit cons:
It's a little bit greasy, but can be corrected with puffing a light loose powder. And because it comes in glass jarred pot, be sure that you clean your finger first ^^

Product description from SkinFood:
Salmon Dark Circle Concealer contains triglyceride which is similar to skin constituent, so it can be applied on the weak skin around the eyes moistly and smoothly without stimulating the skin.
After applying foundation, apply an appropriate amount of the cream around the eyes carefully and evenly, and then tap the area with your fingers.

Netto: 10 g
Available in two shades:
Shades #1 light beige (for white-pink-yellow skintone)
Shades #2 natural beige (for darker skin)

Overall rating: Photobucket
For those who owned a darkcircle, I'll really recommend this products! say good bye to your darkcircle and get more beauty perfect~  (・∀・)
But of course, don't forget to care your undereye skin. Applying eye serum and oxy cream is really helpful for me =D now my darkcircle is not as evident as it used to be, I'm glad =D


Okay, catch you later~('◇')ゞ

October 10, 2010

Review: The Face Shop LOVELY ME:EX TINT

Hullo sweeties (・ω・)/ how have you been?
Actually I'm having  a lot of paper and illustration sketch to be done, but oh~ I'm just not really in a mood to do that. maybe later, maybe... hohoho~

So, I'll be reviewing a lip tint (again) that I bought recently in The Face Shop counter, it named lovely me:ex tint, comes in two shades, mine is shade #1, which has more natural tone. While shade #2 has more fuschia pink tone. I got hooked when trying out a tester for this tint, and I'm TOTALLY IN LOVE! kyaa~ 

lip tint

This is my MOST FAVORITE~♪ tint and the best tint compared to any other tint's brands I've tried so far! 
Texture is watery, run out just like a water. Gives a flush of super natural tone to lips. Packaging is slim, and doesn't leak, perfect to be carried out everywhere~

What I like:
♪ It has really good staying power (compared to benetint and TBS tint)
♪ It doesn't dry out your lips! (just like etude house fresh cherry tint did), It changed my opinion about tint, say goodbye to flaky and chapped lips that caused by tint, I don't even need to applying lipbalm afterwards
♪ Gives you a beautiful natural flush of color  (≧∇≦)/ I swear, this is the most beautiful shades of tint I've found!

What I don't like:
♪ It's so tastefull, quite bitter. But, oh~ I don't really mind it ^^

Let's see swatches:

Perfectly natural isn't it?
It gives a healthy and natural lips color with peachy undertone. Barely noticeable, but... in my opinion, compared to etude house fresh cherry tint it has more natural shades. And, oh~what should I say (*´▽`*), this tint got a shades that I've been wanting so much! if you are a big fan of benetint, or other brand, you should really give it a try. I really should buy another one for me, just for back ups (^ε^)♪

Overall rate: ★★★★★ 5 out of 5!
and will repurchase for sure!

Well, I think that would be enough for now =D I'll be reviewing TSF salmon dark circle concealer after this, stay tuned lovelies, and bubbye for now ヽ(´ー`) ♪

October 6, 2010

How To Wear Hanbok 한복

Stupid pose with a hanbok~^^
Hi lovelies, Sorry that it took a while (≧▽≦)ゞ
I've promised you to post on tutorial how to put on a hanbok, and so, I decided to make a video since there's not much explanation about how to put on hanbok properly in a video format (even on youtube!)

This is my first ever experience to make on video tutorial, I'm really sorry that it's not a good vid (I knew it >.<) but I'm glad that I've done my best (*°∀°)=3 I was getting so confused with movie maker at first. Here you can watch it if you want =D

I tried to put on the hanbok as fast as I can, lol. Slipped the chima really fast so when I'm swinging around the back side of chima was opened up and the underskirt was shown off >.< (please ignore it)
The first step is to put on sokbakji and sokchima, or a moojigi (underskirt) it's usually white in color.

 ♪ Put on chima (outer skirt)
Credit: www.dsjr.org
My chima type is called pull-chima, or back opened chima. Wear it with its both ends overlapping at the center of the back, and tie the strap at the front. You can attach norigae (accessories like hanged brooch) on the chima's straps.

 ♪ Put on jeogori (top)
After put on jeogori, fasten the inner button first. Then adjust the sleeves lines to remove wrinkle. Be sure the colar line and the seam line is not appearing at the backside. The sokjeoksam and the waistband of chima should not be visible under the hemline of jeogori.

 ♪Tie the Otgoreum (one loop ribbon)
The tricky part is to tie on otgoreum, one loop ribbon at the front. But once you done it, then all dressed up^^
Actually, I've made a tutorial vid how to tie an otgoreum. But I'm not sure...should I post it to blog?

 ♪ Tips for wearing Hanbok:
1. Modifications should be made considering basic structure and colors.
2. The chest should not be emphasized.
3. Underwear, including gojaengyi, sokchima and sokjeoksam, should be worn.
4. Jeogori should be stretched down a bit longer, and the outside collars and inner collars should be adjusted.
5. Choose appropriate accessories.
6. Wear beoseon and low-heeled shoes.
7. Be careful not to step on the clothes while going up or down stairs.
(tips credits to:www.han-style.com)

 Here's the full body pic of me wearing the hanbok (*^▽^*), and oh~ sorry that the pic is a bit blurred >.<

Well, that's all for hanbok things! next, should I posted some spam about Kimono? I got a beautiful red furisode and komon kimono from my auntie, and plus... she gave me a pair of cute simple yukata for summer. She's settled in Kyoto, Japan. And when she came here, I learnt a lot of japanese stuff and culture from her. If you want me to blogged about the furisode and how to wear the obi ( there's a lot of beautiful way to create a cute tied obi) Obi = wide belt.

Well. Thanks for watching and reading (*^^)^*) ☆Chu!

October 1, 2010

Cute Pink Hanbok 한복 ~ Korean Traditional Dresss

Hullo sweeties, doing fine?
While I am not...still worrying my thumb TT_TT, I got an antibiotic allergy back then, and the rash is just everywhere, lips, cheeks, ear, and it was so itchy >.< I'm still recovering myself, drinking likely 4-5 kinds of drugs, and I hate the doctors, changed to new doc (which I think better), while it's not! the doc gave me Sodium Chloride to sterilized my infection but I was allergic too... gyaaah-hate hate, I got allergy to most of things-But well, nvm then. ^_^
I got bored to post some beauty review for now. So I think I'd better post something more 'traditional'. I bet you already knew about hanbok, korean tradional dress. It's so beautiful, the wide skirt waving beautifully as the wearer moves <3

Just bought a cute pinky hanbok 한복 yesterday. At first I was thinking of wearing it TODAY for my brother in law's paebaek day! I was supposed to attend his paebaek ceremony but I couldn't (cuz of my allergy) *sob. I took photographs of the hanbok too, but without me wearing it! (I feel ugly rite now TT^TT ) later, I'll be wearing it October.

This is my new hanbok, with a  beautiful flowery pattern printed on it (cherry blossom, I think), it's made from polyester, silk, and cotton fabric. Practically, there is a lot of way to decorate the fabric, It could be printed, embroidered, or decorated by attaching other fabric or flowery pattern lace.

Chima-lower outer dress

My Jeogori ^^

Hanbok for women is consist of two pieces of cloth, the upper pieces is called Jeogori (저고리), a bolero like jacket. And the skirt is called chima (치마), and there's a lot of other term reffering to hanbok accessories and details. Here's the pic:
Baerae: sleeve
Getdong: lower part of the sleeve which is usually embroidered
Dongjeong 동정: attached colar, it is usually embroidered with a flowery pattern
Otgoreum 옷고름: one loop bow on the front
Norigae 노리개: major accessories, hanged on the chima.

What I really like about hanbok is the otgoreum bow, it looks so cute and took only a minute to tie it ♥~
if you want me to make a vids or step by step photo to put on hanbok and tie an otgoreum, I'll prepare it =D
Otgoreum-one loop bow
I took my lil sis hanbok too~ I think it somehow cuter than mine =( maybe because the color is light pink and white, buuut~her hanbok is all embroidered, not printed...which is I think, the chima is too plain. And the bad thing is, I do not like hanbok without an otgoreum (one loop bow), minus the cuteness~ TT^TT  but hanbok for children usually made without an otgoreum. They put on china-button instead.

Yaay, and that's all for hanbok introduce. I hope you like it =D
I really can't wait for October to come~ I'll be wearing this in an event and share some pics (guess I've recovered by that time)

Well~, if you want, I can post step by step pics (or maybe a vids~) about how to put on a hanbok properly. Or maybe how to tie an otgoreum, if you want to just ask me ( *^___<)/♥~
PS: sorry for low image quality and not posting a selca TT^TT

Click here for:  Tutorial How To Wear Hanbok 
I've made it myself. Don't forget to watch the video tutorial~Thank you <3