September 24, 2010

Review: Etude House Peach Water Gloss

Hello! While waiting for lunch, I'd better be productive and reviewing some of Etude House produtcs again~ now it's a time for glossy lips (^ε^)♪ Peach water gloss in shade 4 Apricot arrived on the post together with my August haul.

Product Description:
♪ Peach Water Gloss coats your lips for a light, moist and smooth sensation.
♪ Moisturizing gloss supplies color and volume to lips with a moist, smooth sensation.
♪ Jelly Polymer’s smooth texture supplies moisture and color coating to lips without hassle.
♪ Supplies glossy, wet look to lips with specially formulated hydro coating.
♪ Heart-shaped applicator adds glossy volume to lips.

Let's just take a closer look, the packaging is always the cutest it can be ♪(*’-^)-☆:
Peach water gloss - cute packaging
Product description
Etude House claimed that the heart shaped tip applicator is designed to add more glossy and plumper volumes on lips. The tip is a bit wider than ordinary glosses's tip, it's also felt so soft and smooth.

Now is time for swatches ♪
m(._.)m forgive me for not snapping a photo swatched on my lips, I posted some of Etude House's before after photo instead for -on the lips- swatches (it's in strawberry milk). Swatches on my hand is in shade 4 Apricot.
with flash

without flash-natural light. pretty pinkish shade issit?
Etude pic-Peach water gloss in strawberry milk

And, eeeeek~ looking at all swatches makes me really want to collect all of them. It comes in 5 color varian, I'm gonna buy peach milk for sure ^^ it has a cute peachy pink shade that I've been wanting for a gloss. Although I'm not really into fragranced make-up, but peach water gloss has a really cute -cotton candy- like smells~  omg, it's just too sweet that I want to eat it!

So what is your favorite glosses?
well, I'm going to have my luch now, and go to doctor (again). I got an infection on my right thumbs and it's so damn huuuurts・°・(*ノД`*)・°・ ~ I got an experience, always treat your wound, no matter how small it is!
okay, see you later and stay health, bubbye~(*^ ・^)ノ⌒☆

September 22, 2010

Kawaii Bunny keychain and Panda Fan

I haven't been able to make a product review for quite some times (´;ω;`) sorry sorry~  because this week is super hectic!! I was having lots of work to be done before Saturday, and felt dreadful tired because I was work on my paper (chapter I-III, total 52pages... and will be doubled for chapter IV. kyaaaaa\(゜ロ\)(/ロ゜)/ ) for only threeee days, OMG... totally exhausted. First preview for my paper will be held this Saturday, and I wish I'll be ready for it.haha~(=´∇`=)

Buuuut~ All those exhausting things couldn't makes me upset! because I've got a suuuper cute recent buy. A super cute stuffed items♥. Just because I'm loving Bunny and Panda so very much!

Their face looked like this >>> (●´    `●)
well, this lovely bunny keychain is just super irresistible! Height: 8cm and the color varian is likely 12-15 in color and pattern. But I adopted the creme and black bunny keychain as my mate ^^, Here are the their pic:

These babies sleep together with me every night (´ω`人) , and went with me wherever I go♥. I looove them so much, but I still haven't find a cute name for them, can you suggest me several cute names for them? hehe~
Oh, I named all of my stuffed toys, though, this one is a keychain, but I didn't use them as a keychain. They're so cute and fluffy... I can't help myself to touch their super soft lint fabric everytime~

Oh, and I got this one too on the other day, from the different shop.

Her name is Noro, 8 cm stuffed bunny keychain too. Has a scary and punk-gothic face. But she is totally cute, she's always be one of my favorite stuffed keychain ever ♥

And oh~, although I've been really bussy, my friend ask me to trawl-up hwajangpum stores, and I was really happy to shop at THE FACE SHOP, ETUDE HOUSE, SKIN FOOD, and MISSHA, kyaaa~ I bought several items too...
Lastly, I bought this weird faced panda fan:

I was laughing because of his funny face and 'funny' teeth. lol~ but he is cute! and he is a panda, so I bought it! nyahaha~ I bought almost every pandas-bunnies item that I saw in a store  ^o^
Well, that's all for now. I'm so dread sleepy so bubbye everyone =D

September 18, 2010

Review: Maybelline BLUSH STUDIO Mousse~Peach Satin

This is the second blush I've ever bought by myself. When I was spreeing around lookin' for some stuff at my fave beauty store (the cheapest among all shop), I found this^^ at first I'd like to choose the PINK FROSTING shade, much pinker than this. But my friend told me that this one should be better because the peach color is sheer and looked natural on her, and she is right. Since the glass jar was sealed. I couldn't try on the shade in order to get my own verdict. So I spent $7.00,- for this stuff^^~ and I'm not regreting that.

Although that I'm not really into a blush. Pale and nude cheeks are just great for me. I've been rarely use this too. Only sometime, when I think everything is too pale...but I'm kinda lazy to put this on my cheeck because the jar ~____~ My hand must be extra clean before I touch this nor this jarred blush would be contaminated

If you look for a very obvious blush, this won't match you. but I love the way it produces sheer color. you can easily adjust of how much the color would be noticeable, the more you smudge it the more it'll blend with the skin tone and gives soft and luminous color. Let's just see lovely swatches =D

What I like
♥ The peachy color is so cute and I'm totally loving it.
♥ Sheer color, with super fine shimmering thingie. If you nudge and smudge this over and over again on your cheek it will just blend well with the skin tone. Producing nice and super natural healthy blushing cheek.
♥ The mousse thingie. it's super soft and silky smooth if applied to skin.
♥ Doesn't give me breakouts or something like that

Not so loves:
-Come with a glass jarred packaging, which is not very hygienic.
-Staying power is weak since it a mousse, a lot of friction on skin could sallowed the color.
-it's perfumed, I believe that perfume is 'not that good' to my sensitive cheeks.

Overall ratings~ I'd like to give 4 out of 5 starts for this <3
Repurchase? maybe...but I've been wanting to try new blushes if this one run out. cute packaged blush from Etude House maybe xD

September 17, 2010

Review: Etude House SKIN DRINK AQUA~Lotion I


안녕 dear lovelies
I couldn't take a sleep again, after went through a sleepless night like this, I think posting some review will help distract my thougts from all my problems. Ouch, I've had a lot in my mind right now that I couldn't sleep. My 3 years relationship with my current BF doesn't go well・°・(*ノД`*)・°・  sob
Well, but as I be a girl means only one thing~ is to be strong, don't we? I'll cope myself for sure~ 
So, I'll be reviewing one of Etude House best moisturizer while I'm having a cup of sweet tea in the morning (´∀`)

This is my first ever Etude House products I bought on my own! bought it because an advice from my close friend, though... that time I wasn't really sure about switching my old moisturizer. But the packaging, and all the explanation was way too cute to be rejected. Lol, I often buy something just because it's cute~(。・ω・)ゞ 
I choose the lotion in number I for oily skin because back then my acne issues is quite annoyed me..grr (`ε´)

  • For oily and combination skin, this is a mild oil-free, PH-balanced skin moisturizer developed for young skin to promote clear complexion
  • Formulated with deep sea mineral water for moisturizing
  • 180ml/6oz
  • Price: $11.00 -13.00 (USD)
What I like:
-It really makes my skin plumper, soother, and moist.
-Waterbased, not oily and does have a great oil control.
-super watery consistency, love it. Feel just like I'm watering my face for each apply^^

-It claimed to take control of acne, but I was still having my occasional breakouts.
-Fragranced, although the scent is mild, but I prefer to non-fragranced products for facial skincare. My skin is super sensitive.
-Colored. The fluid's color is plain baby blue.

I was loving the moisturizer, but after 1 months of usage I was having my monthly facial detox therapy due to my acne issues and my aesthician recommend me to use her products instead, and my poor Etude House moisturizer is being neglected for likely 6 months untill I gave it to my maid. haha...what a waste.

Review: Garnier Whitening Infusion Tissue Mask

Hello sweeties ( ゚▽゚)/コンバンハ, I woke up suddenly at 1 a.m and couldn't sleep back. So I decided to write down a quick post about Garnier tissue mask. I love facial mask so much(⌒▽⌒)♪, you can check my homemade facial mask recipe via label archive.

Products claims:
-Equals to 14 days of whitening care
-Intense whitening action
-Instant luminosity boost
-With pure lemon essence + Vitamin C (lift of dull skin, lighten skin tone and boost skin's radiance)
-Hydro-white complex (soothes and replenish the skin)

At first, I was a little worried  because the word "whitening" on the packaging. I don't really want to whiten my skin, and I'm afraid the whitening ingredients could be somewhat dangerous. But after read the explanation the "whitening effect" it claimed is more likely refering to "brigthening". What I like about this mask is the cool effect it gives. And I'm really enjoying a relaxing moment as I wear the mask.

I chill it in the fridge before using to gives more cool down effect for the skin. The fabric is really soft, a bit thicker than ordinary tissue mask and the liquid essence is covering up all the surface. I don't have problem with the shape too, it stays on the face nicely.

After leave it on for around 10-15minutes, I removed it from my face and I was impressed and happy to find that my skin felt moist, plumper, and the cooling effect is still there even after I massage all the remaining fluid to the skin. It can be used twice, so I always put it back to the fridge after the first usage.

What I don't like about the mask is the super strong lemon fragrance, inhaling it too much while masking sometimes cloyed me. But overall, this is a nice tissue mask to be put on (*°∀°), I've tried a lot of facial tissue mask and this one might be the best.
This is really really recommended to be put on at the end of the looooong tiring day, as it will rejuvenate and soothe your tired skin.

That would be all for now, Bubbye sweeties~ I'll be back soon with some skin food and etude house reviews~ヾ( ´ー`)
Oh, and tell me what is your favorite facial mask?

September 15, 2010

Webcam: Logitech QuickCam Connect

Hello sweeties~
I bought this webcam months ago but rarely using it now TT^TT though, my purpose is to communicate with my -long distance- friend. This is a good and cheap personal webcam to be used.

Product Details:
Web Camera Type: Personal Web Camera
Video Capture Resolution: 640 x 480
Image Quality: 1.3 MP
Interface Type: USB
Image Sensor Type: CMOS

Logitech becomes my fave brand for all desktop hardware (PRICE wise! super cheap!) though, my desktop PC's hardware is not all Logitech. So for a webcam I wasn't being torn to other brand. And lucky me, I bought this one during Logitech promo~ for around $14.00 in USD. Which is super cheap~ gyaaa~ <3

So here's some selcas of me~ I captured my funny dorky face selcas! hohoho... bare faced, no makeup worn.

Buuut, what I hate about the webcam is the NOISE, just look at pic below, it got noises even during daytime, and the noise just getting worser at night, whereas I got two big lamp in my bedroom already =(

look how annoying the noise is >.<
But, however...the noise is still acceptable. It comes with a quickcam program too, which gives a lot of templates and style to make your cam funnier, and even scarier! So since this is my first webcam, I can't really say if it to be compared with another brands. I'm liking this webcam so much! and totally recommended for those who want a cheap but nice webcam^^~

September 10, 2010

FAKE The Skin Food Aloe Sun BB Cream

Oh wow~ 100 follower...I didn't expect there would be so many follower for my new blog (a hundred is 'many' for me, hehe~ moved here early August). But thanks to you all (*´▽`*)~ I love you

And now, I'll reviewing Aloe Sun BB cream again. Again? yep! because I just bought a F-A-K-E one of this BB cream *sob. This fake one is my second aloe bb cream that I bought from my forum pals, she sold it to me because she already clinged with other bb cream that suits her better. So when I knew the price is much cheaper, I decided to buy it.

Click here and take a peek to my: REVIEW: Original Skinfood Aloe BB Cream.

When it came, I was having a suspicious feeling in mind because the packaging is a little bit puffed-up and bloated. I wouldn't surprised if this one is a fake because there are a lot of  fake BB cream out there like skin79, Etude BB, Skin Love, BRTC...but, oh gosh...when I opened up the tube I was really sure that it is a fake. The concistency of the cream and the fragrance! it's all different! I smelled it again and again, compared to my original Aloe bb cream. It's totally different.
So let's just see the packaging:

All same, except the puffed-up packaging. Fonts, logo, gold printing on frontside are all very similar to original one. But what is inside, the cream... is totally different.

I was too curious and did some oil-test on a oil blotter film. And the result surprised me out! It's so SCARY.
The gingko is original, it was just for oil comparison to original Aloe bb cream.
Well, just see it yourself:

5 hours on oil sheet- look how OILY the fake is
The original Aloe BB cream got a very little oil. And the fake one got a LOT of absorbed oil ~___~

This oil-test really assured me that what I bought is a fake one ・°・(*ノД`*)・°・  . It's okay then... It wasn't my friend fault too. She said she bought it from EBay and when it came to my post it was still sealed.
The best way to find out whether is a fake is to do some oil-test. So make sure that all cosmetics products you bought is original (*°∀°)=3

Do you have any experience with fake products too?

September 9, 2010

Review: REVLON super lustrous Lipstick in ALMOST NUDE #117

안녕 sweeties, I'm back ~ sorry that I've been away from blogger lately, I was really busy doing my campuss stuff and checking up to aesthetic prior to 'lil' surgery to remove a small lump in my cheecks- Actually I'm really worried about it, but we have to be strong... rite? (The lump appear month ago, but it settled deep in my skin and the doctor said laser nor steroid injection won't help, so she decided to operate me soon. But thanks God it's only a small lump afterall!)
I'm just hoping that everything will be all right (´・ω・`)
Well, forget about doctor thingie (≧∇≦)/ , and let me show you my first lipstick ever. I've never interested to buy my own lipstick, because I've always compared it to a tint! which doesn't left any heavy sense on lips and have a long lasting color. But, after reading a lot lot lot of review, I start to love NUDE colored lipstick so much.

I was trawling around in a mall and decide to visit my favorite beauty counter, at first... I wanted to buy maybelline lippie in natural nude and iced peach tea, but after swatch all of them, I fell in love with revlon ALMOST NUDE.

Product description:
Super Lustrous Lipstick features exclusive LiquiSilk technology
to pamper lips with silk-drenched mega-moisturizers and vitamins.
For rich, smooth color, soft-shine and irresistible lips.
Netto: 4.5 g
Price: so cheap! (゜◇゜) I bought it for only $ 3.00 in USD

a nude brown-orange-ish color which somewhat close to my natural lips color. It looks nice on lips before it oxidizes! like a nude orange peachy color before it starts to get brownish as time goes by. Texture is a bit dry but still okay though, I can live with it.

I always use it over lip concealer ( I used Etude house concealer), and use it fully on my upper lip, but only on the edge for lower lip, and so for the lipstick. Inner side of lower lip lined with Etude Fresh Cherry Tint in peach.

Apply Etude House Color Me Nude lip concealer
Final Swatch for Revlon-Almost Nude
Love rating is 3 out of 5 ♥    Next time I'll buy more nude colored lippies that is closed to skin nude =D

Moisture properties:Photobucket
Oxydize: YES (after several hours)

That's all for the review, tell me your favorite Nude colored lippie too, I'll check it out for sure~
'Till next time sweeties ヾ( ´ー`), bubbye~

September 2, 2010

Review & Comparison: Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint

As I've promised, I'll happily reviewing some of my last month haul, a super cute lip tint ever, welcome~~~ Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in (#3 peach) and (#2 pink) shade ♥ 
Netto: 9.5g
Price: 6 ₩ (vary for $ 5-7)

lip tint

outer packaging and ingredients, left click to enlarge:

At first I was fully in love with the pink shade, but my friend told me that peach will be much more natural on lips. So I managed to buy it and get my own verdict. However, the results may vary depend on your bare lip color. As for me~ the pink shade gives me more natural look than the peach is.

Let's see swatches x3
lip tint
on lips
Upper: bare lips.   Middle: FCT Peach.   Lower:  FCT Pink.

I was suprised when find out that the pink actually gives more natural shades on my lips. Because there are so many review said that FCT pink is sucks, too pale, and too HOT, or whatever~__~ but actually it is not that bad. Since I really hate my bare lips because it's so pigmented on the edge and it's too pale. Makes me look sick all the time TT_TT But both shades are SO CUTE, and I really love them =D

What I love:
❀ a bit creamy at first but gets more watery and runny when applied.
❀ delicious fragrance
❀ loves the perfect shade, both are really cute but still so natural
❀ staying power is LONG LASTING♥. Still leave a trace even after I've washed my skin with water. and most likely stay on my lip for 5-6 hours without reapply.
❀ Oh, and FCT series got a lovely MILKY color which is so adorable! >w< unlike any usual tint which is so transparent red, I'm get bored with those~

❀ It doesn't moisturize your lips, and sometimes settled in your chapped lips ~yikes >-< so before I put this on I've always moisture my lips first!

Anyway, This is a reaaally good lip tint and worth to try =D
Total LOVE RATING: Photobucket
Totally in love with this tint! Tell me what color you would prefer to try on^^

UPDATE (16-10-2011)
I still love this lip tint, and the peach one is still 'one of' my Holy Grail~ yoohooo... and so, I've been learning to take a good swatch photo now, so here's the with a new swatch. ETUDE HOUSE FRESH CHERRY TINT SWATCH in PEACH and PINK!  Clear, big, and vivid :D