August 30, 2010

Neese ニーズ - Lip and Eyeshadow Cream

Hi there sweeties~ I'll be reviewing Neese Lip and Eyeshadow Cream, my first mini eyeshadow palette ever. (I got this from my friend in Japan back then (≧∇≦)/ for around 600 )
Actually I've never heard about this "Neese" brand before, or maybe this one is just sold in Japan only or whatsoever, I've never been there and as long as my trawl up around cosme *hwajangpum stores here, I've never seen any Neese brand too, does anyone know about this brand?

It comes with cute transparent plastic pouch with pullable cord fastener. And *oh my~~ I can't help myself handling this! 100% kawaii~ I'm loving the bulky-egg shaped-like packaging, so simple but cute.
got three container inside, white, purplish silver, and brown.

Time for swatch~
Purplish silver, Brown, White
It's creamy, got a bit thick consistency but quite easy to blend well with skin. Altough it is said to be eyeshadow and lip stain, it turns out to be full eyeshadow cream  for me. I couldn't imagine myself using this range of color as a lip stain ( ̄□ ̄; )

Used as eyeglow liner
What I love most is the shimmery things ^^, the purplish and whitey palettes are just perfect to be used as eye glow liner. It gives subtle pearl glossy glow, thanks to the shimmer and thick consistency <3
looks like Etude House eyeglow pencil, eh? 
Absolutely love this product, Does anyone know where can I find another Neese cosme products? I've been googling but couldn't find even a single clue! how annoying =(

Okay that would be all for now,
and my love rating is: 5 out of five~ ♥♥♥♥♥ absolutely loves the product!

August 29, 2010

Hello Kitty Mini Figure

Bunny style, Hanbok, Furisode, Bunny style again^^
Upper: Hello Kitty (bunny). Lower: Hanbok and furisode

Asa asa~ I'm back ♪(*’-^)-☆
it's been a while since I post randomness about cutie stuff... so I think it would be great to share something kawaii and small again =D
actually I've been collecting Hello Kitty mini figures since I was in primary school, but I never ever... found this series again untill now (college), OMG~ I've been so longing (^ε^)♪ I'll just post the newest!

so when me and my BF came along to a cutie store near his house, I was totally delighted knowing that they sell HK mini figures. Actually I was planning to buy the entire stock but my allowance just being uncooperative (T▽T) and ended up just buying 4 of them. *Later I'll be back and bought them all!*

The biggest one is HK wearing furisode (long sleeves Japanese kimono) in pink, and her ribbon is replaced by beautiful kanzashi (Japanese hair pin). The other traditional clothing is HK in yellow-pink Korean Hanbok.The rest two is just ordinary HK in bunny costumes. I'm loving the small pinky bunny HK most
(´ω`人) it's just way too cute~~~ *faint
Yep, and which one is the cutest in your opinion? just tell me okay?

I will reviewing some of my fave beauty cosme in my next post =D stay cute and lovely~
This series is original from SANRIO, Japan.
Size: vary from 2-3 cm

August 27, 2010

Photo On: Korean photo editor

Hi there sweeties~ ♡
It's just one day passed after my lastest post but I can't wait to share something cute with you again xD~
So have you ever seen Korean ulzzang photos which is full of cute templates? Actually they got a program named Photo On editor or Cyworld photo editor which allows you to add extra cuteness to your pic with  templates and you can do minor editing to the photo itself. This program is similar to Photoscape, but off course this one is much more cuter~ ♡ This photo editor is provided by cyworld. Most of korean ulzzang got cyworld account and updated tons of photos to their cyworld account.

So it's me! edited using cyword photo on editor =D mwahaha, camwhore mode *on* welcome to my vanity section!

There's sooo many many cute templates on this program. Like hat, glasses, flowers, crown, etc. nbut eww... pardon me, I'm just too lazy to screenshoot all of 'em. but I guess you're going to like this cutie templates. They're AH SO CUTE! especially the pinky blushers.
If you curious about this I suggest you go on guide to cyworld link to test the program. This photo editing program really cute~absolute love love LOVE. This program allows you to style and frame your pictures too! the simple rounded frame is definitely my favorite <3

Simply drag your pictures to the lower section of the program. Select the pic, then click the number 1 orange icon on the upper part> start editing!
However, cyword / photo on korean photo editor is not the only program to edit your photoc. yeah, naver blog, if you have the account, they also have a program which allows you to edit pictures and they also providing you with a cute template collection.

That would be all for korean photo editor things, Thanks for reading, have a nice day and stay pretty~♡ love you all.

left click to enlarge

August 25, 2010

August- The Skin Food & Etude House HAUL

Yaaay~♥,The package from my lovely beauty shop is finally arrived~ Actually mailman came to my house yesterday but no one was home~ so he kindly resend this today ♥ check check check~
This assemble coming up just now ♥~
My friend partake this too~ hehe this month is full of Etude House and The Skin Food ♥.

What's coming up today from The Skin Food is:
- Black Bean Eyebrow Pencil in black-brown
- Sweet Almond Eyeliner in brown
- Salmon dark circle concealer

From Etude House:
- Two-Magic tint balm
- Peach water gloss

So, early August I got some package too... Here they are♥

I've already reviewing some of them in my post =D So, if you want me to review any of product above just ask me, I'll be reviewing them in a week or so~♥
Quick posting, my dad will pick me up to see a doctor in a minute =D. I got irritation in my left cheek,TT___TT *sob Hope it will be allright. See ya soon~

Review: GARNIER-light eye roll on

Product explanation:
"Garnier first-ever roll-on to hydrate, cool & refresh tired-looking eyes.
Enriched with Caffeine, the roll-on is a handbag must-have, great for on-the-go women. The cooling moisturiser contains Caffeine and Pro-vitamin B5 for a bright eyed look!"
It is dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested.  Effectiveness can be seen:
- Immediate cooling effect to freshen up fatigue eye area
- In 14 days, skin is much brighter and radiant
- In 28 days, eye bags and dark circles reduced by 11-12% respectively.*
*Evaluation on 50 women with dark circles and eye bags, all skin types.

How to  use it:
1. Apply the roll tip below your eyes area in circular motion, from inner to outer corner of eyes, then give one stroke on eyelids, repeat this step about 10-15 times.
2. Do the same like step 1, but this time from outer corner of eyes to inner side.
3. tap gently with your finger.

What I say:
 I've been using this for more than 3 month already, and spent two tube of this product, hoping that it will help reduce my dark circle. My dark circle is really bad and bugged me alot T____T It can't be helped *sob. Using it twice a day (everyday) at morning and night and the result? you see it yourself. (taken after 3 months of using it)
Yes, nothing has changed. and my dark circle is still there =(`
I don't really recomend this product for those who really want to get rid of dark circle since is not giving me any of its promise. You may want to buy this since this roll-on is the cheapest eye remedy I've ever found and try it yourself for your own verdict.
The good things are the cooling effect it gaves, and the roll-on tip which is very good to use as massager.
I won't repurchase this anymore, two tubes is more than enough... I will try for Etude house good bye dark circle after this >.<~

My love rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♡ ♡ 3 out of 5.

August 22, 2010

Angeling Papercraft - ペーパークラ

Hello lovely readers, got some spare time? then you can try making this cute papercraft^^. You can place them on your desk, dressing table, or near your computer. It really adorable and the making process is really easy.
What is papercraft?
Papercraft (ペーパークラ) is a hobby where computer images are printed, cut into pieces, and glued into a 3-dimensional model.It's really popular in Japan.
How are they made?
The images are made by unfolding a 3D computer graphic into 2D using Pepakura, a program designed specifically for papercraft. These 3D images are either made by graphic softwares, or taken indirectly from the video game. A few models are hand drawn using trial and error. (taken from papercraftmuseum)

What you need:
- Glue
- Scissor and cutter
- Ruler
- Cutting mat
- and patience =D

First you have to print the pattern in A4 sized paper. It can be ordinary white paper ( suggested is more than 80gr paper), Matt printing paper, or any kind of paper you like. Be sure that the paper you choose is flexible enough to be fold. Here is the pattern for angeling papercraft (left click first to get actual size):
Next step:
- Cut all the 'outline' line (including wings and angel-ring, don't forget to make a hole for the angel-ring).
- Fold the 'dotted line' and form it like a boxes, glue the white part of the angeling body. and you're done with the body.
- Attach wing by simply glue it to the body.
- Last, tuck the angel-ring stick on the rear body. finished.

Happy trying, you can keep it for yourself or give it to your mates or friend, they will surely love it! for question feel free to ask me by comment. Thanks for reading~  Love you all♥

August 20, 2010

Carrot Facial Mask

Got problem with oily skin? Okaaay, then you don't need to be worry anymore =D you can try this mask. It's a good source of nutrient and vitamin for skin.Carrot is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, follacin, potassium, and Beta-carotene. As there is no limited way to make your own mask, you can try mixing it with honey, olive oil, lemon, aloe vera, or any natural substance that suits your skin.

Addidional : What is your skin type?
♥ Oily: add a few drops of lemon juice
♥ Dry: olive oil or honey will moisturize your skin
♥ Sensitive: Aloe vera soothing effect will suits you best!
♥ Acne prone: try honey and you will love it! it's antibacterial and diminish acne

- one or two carrot
- additional substance that suits your skin (choose from above)
- Juicer
- Sieve, a spoon, a glass, and a bowl.

Now I'll tell you step by step of making carrot facial mask. You may find people usually cook the carrot first to make it tender. But I don't really like it since cooking the carrot may omit its nutrient content. I'm start with juice the carrot first and there is a bonus at end of the making process ~♥
1. Peel the carrot, put in the juicer. add half glass of water and juice it.
2. Pour juice over the sieve and you will get a carrort pulp like in my first picture.
3. Mash it with spoon until all the juice out of carrots. You can put the water juice in a glass.
4. Now put the pulp in a bowl and add your favorite additional substance. Mix it well.
5. You can start appyling the pulp on your face 
don't forget to put the separated juice in a refrigerator and add sweetener ^^~

Wait for 10-15 minutes then rinse well with water. You can use a toner and moisturizer afterwards.
Now you can enjoy your fresh skin +  a glass of healthy carrot juice♥

Happy trying dear readers =D

August 18, 2010


Hellooo~♡ Now I'm gonna show you one of my doll collection. Dollcena Dolls are the result of a collaboration between Takara/Tomy and Disney. They are the same size as the Petite Blythe and Little Pullip series (11 - 12 cm), and include the same sleepy eyes feature. (eyes close when they lie down). Dollcena Dolls are modeled after popular Disney characters as a result of the collaboration with Disney, and my doll is modelled after CHIP (from chip and dale).

What on the packaging: 
you will get super cute doll, complete with purse and a two nuts. ♡Size : 12 cm. pretty cute and small
Price : USD 12.00, quite expensive for 12cm doll
Check the photo for face details~♡

big blue eyes!

aweee, this small!

It got some explanation in Japanese, it says:
♔ Eye color: emerald green
♔ Hair color: mocca brown
♔Hair type: wave

Dollcena doll is a type of doll that can closed its eye. here:

the packaging is kinda cute too (・∀・)

Okaay.. enough for the pic^^. I hope you like it...though some people take Dollcena series as a scary doll. But somehow it's super cute for me.This doll is popular in Japan, and mentioned in Japanese KERA magazine!

❀'till next time~❀

August 16, 2010

Minimalis Make up for Everyday

♔Gingko BB cream -The Skin Food
♔La tulipe loose powder
♔Black bean eyeshadow in black-brown - The Skin Food

♔Fresh cherry tint in pink - Etude House
♔Color me nude lip concealer - Etude House

I really love nude make up, most of korean make up artist said that "the less for more" and it really make up my mind about how I see make up for face. off course it's different for each purpose ( those heavy smokey eyes or else)

And this time a give it a go, okay... before and after pic doesn't give a great difference. but it really helps me to 'coloring' on some part of my face like eyebrows and lips. also to covering some blemishes. Enhancing what good on your face to become better is the key^^  okay, I missed the part for things like eyeliner and mascara or so on, but I'll try that on later. See ya soon ;3

August 12, 2010

Review: La Tulipe Acne Loose Powder-Natural shade

And here is the ingredients and product description written on the side of packaging:

Well, I have a skincare routine from my beauty care clinic and my dermatologist warn me not to wear any kind of compact powder, so for almost ten years! I've never been using anykind of powder on my face. but loose powder is not strictly forbidden ( even though I am NOT recommended to use any kind powders, especially pressed one) Well I think it's okay for me to use this. I'm interested with loose powder only for oil control purpose, nothing else. and after I tried it, it really works! =D I started to love loose powder. It comes with a handy powder puff. Use time is only when I have to go somewhere after appyling bb cream.

Actually I chose this because this is the series for acne prone skin. I'm afraid that common loose powder will give me breakouts. Looking at the ingredients assure me that this one will suits me (Salicylic acid, sulfur, Terpinen)

Here is the shade:

It blends soooooo nicely with my skin. you can't even tell where the skin area got powdered, can you? xD~ and it looks natural on my face.

Netto: 25 gram, so plentiful. I can use this for more than a year I think.
Oil control: very good! I don't have any problem with oil now =D
Cons: fragranced! well I didn't notice that this powder is fragranced untill I peek the ingredients.
Repurchase: maybe. let's see whether I'll find better replacement for this

Oil control:Photobucket

Okay, that would be it ^^/

Review: The Skin Food Gingko Green BB Cream-Shade 1

I did not edit my cheeks skin and tone to give you real impression. I finish it with dabbing 'very' little amount of loose powder from Latulipe. Taken under daylight:

Product Description: This product is formulated with gingko and green tea extract which are full of beauty enhancing ingredients like lecithin and Vitamin B to moisturize and nourish the skin. This is a multifunction skincare product for both skin correction and skin protection.

At first I'm torn between choosing gingko BB cream or Aloe BB cream. Both are having a nice review and I'm eager to try it. I'm ended up buying both of them. hehe... But for everyday use I choose gingko BB cream because it has Vitamin B and lecithin to maintain my skin. I've tried this product for almost 3 weeks, put it up only when I have to go out somewhere (not everyday). and it gives me no breakouts. oh okay I got two, but I'm quite sure gingko BB cream is not the culprit^^. It also smeels good, like a scent of freshly cut grass.

compared to aloe: gingko has no sunscreen, but I think this is the nice because I'm rarely exposured by a direct sunlight even though I have to go outside. The shade color #1 is perfectly the same with aloe. The thickness is also similar. It is said that gingko is greasier than Aloe? absolutely not. I think both are just the same. but gingko gives you a lil more dewy finish, dewy thingie doesn't always means to be greasy, rite?

Oil control: medium, but it you finish it off by dabbing some loose powder it will gives you oil-free face for 6-8 hours. ( depending on your skin type too)

Coverage: medium, sheer.

Overall rating: ★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars! ♥ and repurchase for sure!

August 9, 2010

Sariayu Mujizat Tolak Jerawat-Sekar Sari

This is one of my best acne-remedy find, although I haven't tried a lot of acne product, but this one suits me well, so there will be some time untill I tried new product. I tried this and the results is quite good. During my last PMS last week I got one big pimple on my forehead and it sucks! I applied it to my pink spot routinely before go to bed, and at the fourth day I found that the inflammation was gone! It contain powdered sulfur, and the powdery thing will stay at your pink spot.

Ingredients: Water, Alcohol, Sulfur, Glycerin, Salicylic Acid, Zinc oxide, Camphor, Bentonite, Zinc Sulfate, Menthol, Alumunium Hydroxide, Gel, Allantion, Fragrance, CI 19140, CI 16255
-Allantoin: smooth the skin and heal regenerates of new skin cells
-Resorcin: acts as anti-acne and antiseptic
-Glycerin: moisturize
-Powdered sulfur: desiccate and cure acne
-Salicylic acid/BHA: reduce inflammation, control acne
Netto: 12 ml
Price: 12.6 IDR

-This watery-liquid products help to heal inflammation, minimize the reddish, and for me it can control the growth of acne. When you see a new one occuring, just lay a drop of this liquid can help to minimize the acne size.
-Cooling effect
-Cheap, and easy to find
Cons: contains fragrance, it smell gross... caused by the sulfir things. A bit smarting if you got open scar. but thanks that I have more control now, not to zit pimples again. haha...

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 ★★★★★ 
However, all acne remedy products are not a miracle from God! don't expect that it just like a miracle. Just be patient and keep caring your skin^^

August 8, 2010

Review: Etude House Color Me Nude Lip Concealer

♔Product Description:  
Natural skin tone colored makeup conceals lip blemishes with smooth textured foundation that raises lipstick or gloss presentation and durability. Formulated with silicone coating powder supplies a moist adhesive layer that holds lip color cleanly. Formulated with vitamin E derivative and mango butter for lip lubrication and nourishment.
Review for Etude House color me nude lip concealer:
Korean actress and ulzzang sometimes have a nude colored lips with only the lower lip tinted, it's sooo cute^^ I just love the way they do it. I bought this because my lips are a bit pigmented around the edge, just a bit... but still it disturbs me somehow. Knowing that this lip concealer can even-out lip color and makes the liptint or lipstick tone becomes more vibrant I decided to buy it. 

Lip preparation: The only thing will not work well on chapped lips. so u will need a prep for your lips before using this. Moisturize your lips enough, and make sure your lips are not chapped or dry. What I do for prep is exfoliate my lips with toothbrush gently, then moist it with nivea lip care. For next several hours, I keep balming my lips.

To use: if you use a tint, then do the tint first! If you use lipstick or gloss, do the concealer first. to use is simple. Dab ( don't smudge!) the tip of concealer on a center of your lips, then spread outward with your finger. do it smoothly and wait it to set.

Conceals pigmented lips area
Contains Vit E 
Makes tint or lipstick more vibrant
♥ It's popular among ullzang style make up^^

- Settle on fine lines if you have chapped lips
-Staying power isn't that good
- Look cakey if you don't blend it well

Repurchase? for sure! 
Overall rating: 4/5

UPDATE 16-10-2011:
Updated review for Etude House color me nude lip concealer + swatch. Korean style gradation lips have been my favorite even up til now ^^ so yeah, here's a new swatch for Etude House Color Me Nude Lip Concealer! a smidge of the face shop lovely me:ex tint for inner area, and I apply the concealer only on the edge of the lips.

Color Me Nude Swatches