December 17, 2011

Review: KOJI Dolly Wink Eyelashes No.1 Dolly Sweet

Hellooow, it's Saturday and I hope everyone is having a great weekend~ I'm still in the office now (In case you are wondering, I'm working as a graphic designer in a shopping mall),  it's time to go home though, but one review wouldn't hurt ^-^ This review is sponsored by ARTIE STYLE, you might be aware that couple weeks ago, ARTIE sent me a Dolly Wink package. And Today, I'll be reviewing the -very- famous Dolly Wink false/fake eyelashes. Sorry for the lateness though >.<~~~

Since everyone is raving about it already, I won't bother introducing it again. Please check ARTIE, if you're planning to buy Dolly Wink (or other japanese beauty or skincare product).
Price: USD $ 17.99
Quantity: 2 pairs.

Extra zoomed in~!
Dolly Wink Falses No.1
Daiso lower lashes No.5
Mac fluidline eyeliner gel in blacktrack.

My comment:
It does live up to the hype! 1_02.gif (19×19)
Gives dramatic dolly look, I'd say dramatic because this falsies is much much longer than any falsies I've ever tried before. However, it looks more natural from afar, but upclose? SUPER EXTRA dramatic (because of its thickness, combined with my natural eyes feature), so that when my friend saw me with this falsies on, she was like "OMG What happened to your eyes!" LOLZ... I tried it on briefly, and it's so lightweight, like I didn't put anything on. The elastic band is super JELLY~~~~ it doesn't prick or hurt me on the eyelids.

Now for the downside, it's a little bit pricey, though, you pay for the quality3_09.gif (19×19), I can assure you that Dolly Wink is one of the best falsies in the world (no exaggerating here=p) And upclose, the clear band is visible although I'm wearing black eyeliner. (note: sorry for the messy photo, I took in in the office, lulz), but perhaps I'm applying it poorly anyway~~it's only my fourth time applying falsies1_48.gif (19×19), hurhurhur...

This is a very delicate eyelashes, just be sure to take a good care of them and they will serve you well, with its amazing durability it can be reused for more than 5 times (according to DW site). So yea, it's worth the price!

- High durability, can be reused 5 times or even more.
- Lightweight, and comfortable to wear.
- Pretty and unique shape.
- Easy to apply.
- Glue included (it's the best falsies glue ever! imo)

- Pricey
- Visible clear band.

It looks pretty natural from afar :3~ 1_02.gif (19×19)
And sooo... I've been wanting to try new Dolly Wink product, Otona Kawaii, a little bit confused with the tagline though, otona kawaii, I mean... how can 'Otona' be so 'kawaii'? haha... Everyone is raving about it~!
Last note, I can't help myself tweaking the layout again LOLOLZ. I knew that I can't live with the pinkyness !!! Mwahaha... See ya, I'll be back pretty soon~

December 13, 2011

PETIT BIJOU Peach Touch Allover Spray

Good daaays my lovely readers, I'm popped here to do a quick post, a review of Etude House- eSpoir PINK Petit Bijou Peach Touch All Over Spray. Sorry for the boringness>ㅁ<, I've been super busy lately, overpiled with work and haven't got the time to prepare anything fweeee...~ So here we go!

About the product:

Produt Name: PETIT BIJOU Peach Touch All Over Spray (PEACH TOUCH)
Volume: 150ml / 5.07 fl. oz.
Wonderful scent "Soft Fruity Floral"
Price: USD $ 8.00

"So Lovely Allover Spray is designed to be used as a perfume for your body, your room & fabric, or your shoes & bags."
Designed by eSpoir Pink

I bought this awhile back, you might be aware that I'm a total Petit Bijou maniac! lolz, though, I'm not enormously fond of fragrance. It's not an eau de toilette, so its fragrance is softer, milder, and nose-friendly! It smells like a mix of fruits and florals, sweet, with a touch of freshness. The nozzle looks like a plant watering spray, which-in my case- it squirts nicely. I've never got any problem with the nozzle though. Also, this is my very first body mist I've ever bought! hahaha... I seriously hate parfumes that stings too much. But Petit Bijou lines is truly different, recenty, I also bought a bottle eau de toilette, just because Etude House is having year end sales event! Mwahahaha~! I'll be reviewing it later ^ㅅ^

★What I like:
- Cheap.
- Multifunctions, can be used as a parfume for shoes, bag, plushie, and even as a room freshener!! etc.
- Light, mild fragrance.
- Cute packaging (as always~♡)

- Perfume not long lasting.

Overall rating: Photobucket

Here's how it smells, in jpeg picture of course, lolz...: Thanks for reading and bye-bye >.< I'll be back with a better post. Nightiiie~~~☆

December 6, 2011

J.ESTINA Jewelry ~ Tiara Necklace 티아라 목걸이

Hey girls~ I'll be posting a photolog of J.ESTINA jewelry, or jewellery...yeah~ First I have to thank my older brother for giving me this super lovely birthday gift! What a happy (and lucky) dong seang I am...~aye aye~ (≧▽≦)

Okay, I'm not a fan of SNSD, so here's some information about SNSD and J.ESTINA:
SNSD became the newest models for accessories brand, ‘J ESTINA. After revealing numerous ad cuts, the brand has finally released their long-awaited CF. The girls sport different styles of bags from the ‘J ESTINA Choice’ line, including sexy clutches, contemporary totes, and casual backpacks. On September 30th, SNSD appeared in an advertisement as the contemporary princesses in a chic and modern style for jewelry brand, J.ESTINA’s. Together, the 9 beautiful princesses give off an extremely elegant feeling. Previously, J.ESTINA had also appointed Lydia Hurst from the Hurst family as their model.

And two days ago, the fashion brand J.Estina held a fan-signing event with SNSD in Lotte Mart. According to J.Estina representatives, ever since SNSD began endorsing their brand, SNSD-associated products (such as the YoonA backpack and the Seohyun bag) have been selling so well that they had to take reservation orders to supply the demand. The fan-signing was arranged as a way of saying thanks for the overwhelming support that the brand received from its customers.

And this cute necklace I received is a tiara necklace ^-^

티아라 목걸이/J.ESTINA Tiara Necklace
온라인 고객님들을 위해 특별히 제작된 온라인 전용 상품입니다.

들을 위해 특별히 제작된 온라인 전용 상품입니다.

영한 형태의 하트 모티브가 큐트한 느낌의 주얼리로 표현된 세트로
발랄한 이미지를 연출할 수 있습니다.

화사한 스톤 세팅 하트와 메탈 라인의 하트가 링크되어 사랑스러운 느낌을 더해줍니다.

5점     이뻐용~~~사진을 클로즈업해서 찍어서 팬던트가 커보이는데 그렇게 크진않구요 작아요 근데그렇게 막 작진않고.. 글구 작은데 이뻐요^-^ 

I looooove it! It comes with a luxury hard box that strong enough to protect the necklace. The interior of the box is covered with purple velvet, all glammy

 Cute Guarantee 'Mini Book'

The product is under warranty for one year, and this cute lil mini guarantee book is written both in Korean and English.

There's a slight difference between the actual product and the one in catalogue, though, it doesn't botter me much. It's still a pretty and lovely necklace as a whole

Lastly, Thank you oppa! I will treasure it forever~♥♥♥
Ps: Today is my birthday! Omg nooo.... I'm getting older!! I'll be celebrating my B'day with my BF tomorrow, though, I barely had any free time to do anything (got a job already =/ ). So I'll get back and let you guys know how it goes! See ya later

December 1, 2011


Hello everyone, It's December already, wheee... time passes more rapidly every year! and that means LUVIEW MEGA GIVEAWAY has officially been opened! ^^  you might already know 'bout the brand since I've been raving about it often ^-^ Just in case you want to ready my review, please follow this link: LUVIEW Cosmetic Reviews

First, I want to thank Mr. Bryan Han, the director of sales and marketing at luview for choosing me as one of the POWER ANGEL, I'm a representative for Indonesia. As for the giveaway, Luview will be giving away 100 (YES A HUNDRED!) products, plus 50 Angel T-shirt!

There will be FIVE (5) lucky WINNER! Winners will be chosen at random (by me). For outside Bandung-Jakarta area, winners will have to pay the delivery cost. For Indonesian residence, please participate the event here on my blog. And for other, please participate in accordance with your country:

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Malaysia: Tan Kim
Finland: Carita

Winners may choose two products from Luview online shop, and get one angel T-shirt (available size S-M)

1. in order to participate in this event, you MUST hit the 'LIKE' button on luview official fan page, just click on the link below.
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Note: You may have already seen this giveaway being hosted on other blog. Since this is a sponsored giveaway, and fully hosted by me (I'll be choosing the winners myself) there might be a slight difference between MY rule and other luview power blogger's rule.

Thank you for joining and good luck

November 26, 2011

Review: PETIT BIJOU Cotton Snow Body Lotion

Petit Bijou is not a new product from Etude House skincare line, but I've always loved it! and you'd probably aware that I got this included in my prize from my cutie friend Lippi (thanks hun~♡) So I'll be reviewing another body lotion here >.<~ which is designed by eSpoir Pink (developed by eSpoir fragrance) and Etude House.

Product Description
This delicate body lotion is formulated with milk protein, chamomile, aloe vera extract and the Petit Bijou fragrance to soften and relieve stressed skin.
No additives (sulfates, parabens, dyes, soaps, alcohols)

How to use: Dispense product and apply to all areas of the body by gently rubbing and massaging.]

Volume: 300 ml / 10. 14 fl. oz.
Brand: Etude House ~ eSpoir Pink

First off, I have to tell you that this is my NO.1 FAVORITE BODY LOTION~!!!5_23.gif (19×19) it makes me smell like baby >ㅅ<, all powdery with certain level of freshness!1_03.gif (19×19)
as for the packaging, it came in a huge pump type bottle. You may want to buy the smaller size for tester purpose though, it's also available in 30ml tube. What I like most about the packaging is the baby-ish vibe, which looks like it's made for babies. For some reason,1_05.gif (19×19) I found it cuter than most Etude house's product.

Texture is creamy, but once it's applied to skin, it turns out to be runny and watery.  a small amount of it can already evenly spread and moisturize your skin. Unlike other body lotion (which requires me to use a large amount of cream). The moisturizing properties itself seems to be long-lasting (but not as long lasting as vaseline cocoa glow which I've previously reviewed). Actually I would love to use it daily, but it's a bit pricey... so... (heeyaaa Ms. stingy!) lolz, I use it only when I go out ^-^

I'm totally in love with Petit Bijou line! especially with this lightweight body lotion, and I'm tempted to buy the cotton snow body wash too>㉨<~

What I love:
- Smells REALLY good! (soft scent of baby powder)
- Free from harmfull irritants: Paraben free, coloring free, alcohol free, sulfates free.
- Simple yet cute packaging (as expected from Etude House~)
- Safe for sensitive skin.
- It doesn't leave a sticky residue on your skin.
- Definitely HG!

- 'a bit' Pricey.
- The scent seems to be not long lasting.
Other than that, I love this body lotion the the most! The scent is very very soft and delicate to begin with, but when compared to the petit bijou eau de toilette (which seems to be super long lasting), the fragrance of this body lotion isn't long lasting.

Recommended for: People with normal-dry and sensitive skin, or anyone who wants to smell like a baby. ^-^

Overall Rating:Photobucket

That would be all for the review~
And for my dear readers, sorry that I didn't post much about my daily life, lolz. Me irl is a super boring person who've been busy doing job interview  =/  lolz... I desperately need something fresh this weekend and luckily one of my best friend asked me to go to FLEA MARKET tomorrow~!!! HYAAAA!  I LOOOOOOVE FLEA MARKET already! all items are super duper cheap, I even got original LIZ LIZA jacket (second in good condition) for 'only' USD 1.50 could you believe thaaat? ~~~ and by checking the tag, I'm pretty sure it's the ori Liz Liza omg. I'll be hunting more Liz Liza and CocoLulu clothing tomoro! I'm hoping to find some brands like angelic pretty tho, xixixi.(✪ܫ✪).

Last note before I go sleep, there will be a giveaway hosted on my blog very very soon ^-^ dun miss it~
Thanks for reading and have a nice weekend everyone~^^