January 13, 2017

New Blog URL Address: claudiafkim.blogspot.com

I've been thinking about it for a while and I know that deep inside I still want to write and blog. but I know I can't keep on blogging under my old blog name because it just doesn't represent me or my blog anymore. This is one of long time reason that has made me stop blogging entirely last year, the other being my personal life issues, either I was being to happy to blog or too sad, lol. Just kidding, it's just that I've lost all my passion to blog this past year, mostly because of my dermatitis (I can't wear any makeup but it's started to clear up now) and deep in my heart, I know that I still like blogging and I don't see myself parting from one of my hobby forever. So all in all, I was just taking a break from blogging for a good 'resting' time.

Soon enough, I'll be changing my blog URL address to claudianakim (update: claudiafkim). It's either a subdomain or a custom domain, I haven't decided that yet. I should've done this years ago lol. If I decide to change my subdomain (.blogspot to another .blogspot) I'll be losing all the traffic from Google and Alexa ranking but I don't mind that. I just want to start fresh, and you know people die, I don't want my blog to revert back to its old name when I couldn't extend the custom domain. Lol

I can't promise that I would be super prolific, but at least I could try :)

So yeah, I'll be seeing you on my new blog: claudianakim.blogspot.com claudiafkim.blogspot.com
will soon change this blog to that address ^

Have a great day everyone!

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November 8, 2015


Hi there...
So yeah, finally, here I am again.
Some of you might already knew that... (sigh) I've lost my partner in life, L'amour de ma vie....And I am still deeply saddened by the passing of my spouse.

I won't talk much here, but you see... I've been burdened a lot by this situation. Ever since his first biopsy came out, which is last month or so. All I could think of was... to spend every teeny bits of my time to care for him. Hence my MIA period. But that time I got sick as well *it's the hello~ old friend menorhagia again* Well yes I am recuperating now, I'm all good now, I was discharged from hospital last month and everything was okay for me, except for one thing... The fact that my spouse is no longer here.

So yeah, I don't know if you're interested, but I decided to jot down everything on my new blog. http://lauwwilly.blogspot.com/
That would be all about me, my feelings, my thoughts, and my spouse.
I haven't started yet, but will update time to time on this new blog.

While I'm gonna keep this blog as a beauty blog, but behold, I don't even know when I'll be back :)
because you know, things aren't so easy now. It's hard, stress and depression has taken its toll on me countless time, I'm staggering. But you'll see that I'll stand still. I won't give up no I won't. For God loves me so much that He has planned everything for me beautifully, not on my own understanding. I trust Him with all my heart and everything would be good for me when the times come. Or so I think, because if I close my eyes now in my solitudeness. I could actually think that dear Lord, everything IS already beautiful. Thank you for everything. Soli deo gloria.

Lauw Willy, you will always be missed

February 5, 2015

Review: KJI & CO Pink Marker Lip Butter

Hello there, lovely creatures of the Earth! :D Few weeks ago, I got an offer from Perfect Beauty Shop to try KJI & CO 72 Hours Pink Marker Semi Permanent Lip Butter. So, let's do a quick review, shall we?

KJI & CO Pink Marker
72 Hours Semi Permanent Lip Tint & Butter!        
0.3 gr
Made in Japan

A fabulous lip butter made of natural ingredients to pamper lips while infusing a deep long-lasting pink color to lips. Stains lips with a semi-permanent sheer pink that looks incredibly healthy and sumptuously natural. Color remains steadfast on lips from day to night - you can wear it to bed, shower with it, kiss your children or significant other, enjoy your food & drinks, all with total confidence.

Creamy rich formula glides on smoothly imparting a luminous intense shine to lips. Lips don’t only look ravishing, but also feel superbly comforted.


Built-in mirror :)

 KJI & CO Pink Marker Lip Butter Swatches

KJI & CO Pink Marker Lip Butter on lips

KJI & CO 72 Hours Pink Marker Semi-Permanent Lip Butter is a lip tint type of thing, or tinted lip butter for short. It has a classic white to sheer pink color-change system, which reminds me alot to Cherry Pink Lip Cream from Bioglo I used several years ago, the color is super similar for that matter. However, KJI & CO Pink Marker is richer, and more buttery. 

Now if you see the name, 72 hours, in my opinion it's a bit exaggerating, haha! It won't last THAT long of course. I mean seriously, 72 hours :)) Sad this lip butter didn't survive 3 days on my lips. But even so, KJI & CO Lip Marker survived a day on my lips without reapplying, like hours and hours, even after I gobbled up lunch to dinner. The color is still there, only fainter. The moment you apply it, it leaves a shiny-buttery coating, if you smudge it, only the buttery cream will be wiped off, but the color remains, and it will last there on lips from day to night.

This lip butter is very moisturizing! It gives a buttery feeling on lips but minus the stickyness, win! I could see myself wearing this when my lips are being sensitive and physically damaged, lol.
I love the packaging too! Especially because of the little mirror attached on it. It's super convenient as I don't need to bring extra mirror on my pouch :3

Things that bothers me a bit is the aroma/taste of this lip butter, it tastes weeeeird haha... but then again it's not a dealbreaker for me, as you know, one of my HG tint from TFS tastes bitter on lips as well.

What I like:
♥ Long lasting
♥ Healthy looking sheer pink color on lips
♥ Moisturizing
♥ Mirror on the packaging :)

Not so loves:
- Bittery taste

If you are interested with this product, KJI & CO Pink Marker Semi Permanent Lip Butter is available on Perfect Beauty Shop with IDR 265 (US $ 26.5) price tag for every 0.3 gr tube.

 Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon!

January 27, 2015

Recent Haul: Beauty and Fashion

Oh boy, I do have a loooong queue of products to be reviewed!!! Aside from some Make Up reviews which I've been putting off from 2014 , I have even more products to review now~ This is what I get for being such a slacker!

Anyway, just as some of my darling readers requested, "Please make a haul post", tonight I'll be posting up my recent collective haul. Bring on the Make Up porn!

Yves Saint Laurent haul, mostly lip product, awesome SA gave me black YSL pouch as a gift! win! Inside I found YSL la nuit de l'homme vial, and some samples. From left to right, Rouge Volupte 103, ROUGE PUR COUTURE Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain 105 Corail Hold up, Gloss Volupté 203 Corail Gandoura, Gloss Volupté 19 Rose Orfevre, Rouge Pur Couture 52, and RPC 52 again (back up) haha! Basically almost every lipstick worn by my ultimate idol Cheon Song Yi.

Anna Sui Drama Queen Lipstick, from left to right: 301, 304, 600, 350. I bought three tubes of shade 600 for back up because I really like it! It's not as orangey as on the pic, pic doesn't do justice lah, it's actually more peachy irl. But recently I reached to 301 and 304 more often. It's a nice base lipstick for me.

DIOR Lip Maximizer with collagen activ. My lips true love! Mine are mini version, the original version is 6 ml and this one is 4ml. And because the price is so much cheaper, I decided to get more tubes, again, for back up! haha... I've been using this for 3 weeks and this darling made my lips permanently luscious!

KJI & CO 72 hours permanent pink marker from perfectbeautyshop.com,  Etude House play 101 pencil in shimmer and glitter, The Face Shop girl concealer which I often use as a highlighter.

SK-II Pitera Essence Set red flower limited edition, contains 75 ml of SK-II FTE, 30 ml clear lotion, and one facial treatment mask. Also got my first bottle of bioderma.

Chloé EDP, Chloé EDP minis, Bvlgari Rose Essential (and backup!), two minis, and VS glamour.

Masami Shouko Vanity Case with dimmer lamp. This is quite huge! I love how the mirror is super big! This Make Up case is very convenient with little wheel on the bottom, travel friendly :)

Philips ionic styling brush. It's pink and stylish!

ETUDE HOUSE nail remover, lol... nail remover! and some nail polishes from Etude House, I use this combination to make a color gradation.

Spotlite casing for iphone 4s, love how it's flipable :) It's super easy to clean too.

Samuel & Kevin black coat, I simply NEED more coat!

and a selca~! hehe

I'll be seeing you again soon dear readers! Thanks for reading and byeee for now :)

January 20, 2015

Random Perfume Review & Perfume Loves

HEY! So how have you guys been?
Did everyone have a lovely Christmas and an awesome New Year? I sure hope so!

Before going up to my random perfume review, I have to tell you that I'm slowly becoming an avid PERFUMISTA! My sudden love for perfume started that day, when I walked past Victoria Secret counter on my way to sogo (been splurging on YSL lately lol). I love how the lovely-sexy perfumes from VS permeating the air around me. And seriously, I've never been a perfumista before, in fact I used to loathe them, particularly strong and old spicy-headache-inducing perfumes like most of perfumes my mom have in her wardrobe. My first EDT was Petit Bijou Cotton Snow, never really liked mature scent before. But after I decided to sniff on some perfumes on VS, I was like, omg I love this smell! Victoria Secret is the brand that opened my heart (or rather nose? lel) for perfumes.

So yeah. after some good years.... I finally decided to get myself some perfumes again. I could see myself strolling in perfumery counter and enjoying lots of perfumes (with coffee beans every now and then~). Have I found my signature scent? YEP, I'm more than happy to tell you that I've picked my most favorite perfume as my signature scent, let's read some random review below to find out which perfume is it.

Victoria`s Secret Glamour
Notes: Mango, Gardenia, Amber
Sexy blends of floral notes, very seductive in its own way, rather sweet on the first spirtz because of the amber but not the overbearing sweet type of fragrance. Glamour is seducing, flirty, sweet, feminine, and sensual. Like a girl who's just turned up to be a lady. Lasting power is good with strong sillage, almost overwhelming. I used only 3 sprays of this eau and the fragrance cloud is already everywhere around me. I'd wear this when I feel all flirty and naugthy. I also love the bottle, been wanting to get at least one perfume with atomizer because I think it's super sexy!

Victoria's Secret Noir Tease
Notes: Pear, Litchi, Red Apple, Sweet Pea, Gardenia, Jasmine, Magnolia, Freesia, Vanilla, Praline, Amber, Musk
Very sweet! The top notes are all vanilla to my nose. It's vanilla vanilla and vanilla. Definitely not for those who hates sweet type of fragrance. After awhile, the vanilla blends lovingly with white floral notes. Many said that the scent resembles Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy (blame the vanilla!). The bottle, just like most VS bottle, is really cute. Even if you don't like how it smells, I'm pretty sure you're gonna love the bottle. Looks sultry with pink atomizer and black lacey ornament.

Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction
Notes: Freesia, Red Plum, Chamomile
Pure Seduction is a fragrance from the Victoria's Secret Secret Garden collection. A combination of plum and freesia makes you feel utterly irresistible and seductive. I got VS Pure Seductive body lotion and sugar body scrub from awanawan.com and it was love at the first smell. If you ask me what's my favorite perfume from VS I'd definitely answer pure seduction! It's floral fresh with tenuous sweetness. Sugared plum, sugared freesia, it's about soft sugar. I feel happy, playful, and all girly whenever I wear this.

Anna Sui Rock Me!
Notes: Orange, Peach, Lotus, Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Virginia Cedar, Amber, Vanilla
The second perfume from Anna Sui that I've fallen in love with. The first being Anna Sui Dolly Girl. But lately, I don't love it as much as I did. The drydown reminds me to L'occitane Acacia, fresh candied fruit with floral basenote if I may say. It's so youthful, almost energizing. I can smell berries though it's not listed on the notes. So juicy!

Anna Sui Flight of Fancy
Notes: Litchy, Lemon, Magnolia, Rose, Freesia, Musk, Amber, White Woods
Firstly I want to complain about the bottle, lol. I don't like it, looks weird with that peculiar peacock cap. But yeah it's Anna Sui and I'm not fond of AS's bottle, especially this one. But unlike the bottle, I happen to really like the scent! The type of scent that I usually fancy! Soft fresh-floral-fruity and slightly sweet. Flight of Fancy is fresh, fancy, like the name implied, and dreamy. It's not offensive in any way and has that innocent feeling within.

Koto Parfums Hello Kitty Party
Notes: Peach, Pear, Grass, Vanilla, Musk
“We really wanted to portray the sweet and sparkly atmosphere of a children’s tea party with delicious scents of candyfloss, popcorn and cakes,” explained Nathalie Gourbeyre, the creator of KOTO Parfums. I was fascinated by how cute the bottle was, a luxury yet cute looking hello kitty! But sadly the scent isn't in rhyme with the bottle. While I know this perfume is dedicated for very young girl out there, still, it smells like a cheap body spray to me. I kind of liking the top and middle notes though, but it dries down soapy. The scent itself is kinda plain, just sweet, and vanilla.

Koto Parfums Ange Lapin Trousselier
Notes: Musk, Powdery, Grenadine
Thought this perfume would be a replacement for my Petit Bijou Cotton Snow (which I really love even until now!) but after I let myself trying the scent, I decided not to like it. Just like most Koto parfumerie, I only like the first initial spritz, it's fresh, powdery, clean, after-bath scent. But after 15minutes, the middle notes kicked in and it turned up weird. VERY sour and yuck I can't even describe how acidic the scent was. A total let down. The bunny doll of ange lapin is very cute btw, have you seen it?

The Body Shop White Musk
Notes: Musk, Lily, Basil, Ylang -Ylang, Jasmine, Rose, Iris, Amber, Patchouli, Vetiver, Oakmoss, Vanila
I've been having a huge crush on TBS white musk for quite a long time now. My cousin introduced me to this scent and I promptly in love after the first sniff. White musk is original, unique, earthy, and classic. I recall the first, older version of white musk is far more softer than the current white musk now, they're reformulating the formula, the top notes is very different but fortunately the middle and base notes stays the same. TBS is one of a kind perfume, I'm not usually into spicy scented perfume but this one is different, it has something that smell natural in it. Earthy, green smell that could be found in nature, a type of scent that I guess all nymph, elves, or forest fairy would wear! White musk is timeless and I really adore it to the bone. Yay for the cheap price too~

DKNY Be Delicious
Notes: Granny Smith Apple, Grapefruit, Cucumber, Violet, Lily of the Valley, Tuberose, Rose, Woodsy Notes, Sandalwood, Amber
A very clean and fresh fruity fragrance, mostly green apple! The SA on Sogo told me it's a unisex fragrance, I'm not too sure about it but I won't mind if my spouse were to wear this, thanks to its woodsy undertones. There's lots of floral notes but I can't barely notice the floral. I think it's all about fresh fruit, energizing, refuelling, and exuberant. It's something that I'd wear for a happy summer morning day.

Fleur d’Or & Acacia L`Occitane en Provence
Notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Mimosa, Genet, Musk, White Woods
It's a love at the first sniff! And as I've mentioned before, the dry down reminds me so much to Anna Sui Rock Me! I asked my folk about how Acacia resembles rock me, almost like a lighter version of Rock Me and he agreed. Acacia is a pleasant, simple, clean floralish mild citrus bergamot and a powdery hint blending all over. Very light, natural, innocent, and innofensive. It's not too perfumy too, realistic type of scent almost like the real thing, acacia.

Roses et Reines L`Occitane en Provence
Notes: Cassia, Bergamot, Roses, Blackberry, Raspberry, Musk, Heliotrope, White Cedar
Looking up to this one when I was searching for something similar to BVLGARI Rose Essentielle. The scent is definitely rose, but rather a wet, artificial sugared roses. And just like many L'Occitane perfumes, it doesn't last long and has a poor sillage. Rose is one of my favorite notes and I've been looking everywhere to find my favorite-signature rose fragrance, sadly this is not the one for me. ReR is just a fine rose fragrance that I'd wear in odd moments.

Notes: Pink Grapefruit, Mandarin, Peach, Muguet, Bulgarian Rose, Peony, Geranium, Madonna Lily, Plum, Ambrette Seed, Vanilla, Amber, Musk
I tried soooo hard to love this perfume! I wore it twice and made so much effort, in convincing myself, to love this one, but I know Ijust.... can't! The initial spray reminds me of cheap bodyspray. I let my friend sniff it on my hand and I got the same response, cheap perfume. I don't know why but maybe it's just my body chemistry? However, the second times I tried RTO, it's nothing like cheap perfume anymore. It's a mature, heavy, and serious floral with rose hint. Top notes are so strong and intriguing, but still it's headhache-inducing, icky and super sour :( (it smells quite nice on paper though). I let it sit for hours and when the base note comes, it turns to be a soft floralish scent.The rose is there but it's not the type of rose that I was looking for. I wanted a realistic roses scent.

BVLGARI Rose Essentielle
Notes: Rose, Violet, Blackberry, Mimosa, Taif Rose, Jasmine, Guaiac Wood, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Musk
What could I say about this lovely fragrance? *sigh lovingly* BVLGARI Rose Essentielle totally captured my heart the first time I saw the name. She sits solemnly beside D&G Rose The One. Being drawn to her name, Rose Essentielle, somehow I feel convinced that Rose Essentielle is actually THE ONE! And yeah I was right, The first time I tried it on my wrist I couldn't love it more. I love love love this scent to the utmost, It's a realistic rose, rose, and roses. The powdery feels in this perfume is quite prominent, Rose and powder are the best combo I could ever find in a perfume, a perfection in a bottle for me. Just after I got my first bottle from Metro, I bought another one right away for back-up (also bought two minis).
A whiff of this elegant fragrance transported me into a tranquil secret rose garden. Rose Essentielle is the queen of rose, she's vintage, classic, elegant, and solemn, she's young but well-behaved. The picturesque of this perfume would be a european princess or noblewoman from renaissance or late rococo period. Imagine Marie Antoinette with her well behaved manner. Totally captivating! To be honest I can't notice the blackberry, jasmine, and whatnot, it's all about real roses and powder for me. One time I sprayed a cloud of RE to the air and walked over it, I went outside, and when I entered my room again, I smelled the exact same smell of peach bucket of roses I got for my birthday. I was looking the entire room for the roses til I find that it's actually the trace scent of BVLGARI Rose Essentielle. And because I really love this fragrance, I spritz it a little on my wrist before bedtime too. Yes, I LOVE BVLGARI!

Chloé Eau de Parfum
Notes: Pink Peony, Freesia, Lychee, Magnolia Flower, Lilly of the Valley, Rose, Cedarwood, Amber, Honey
It's floral fresh, very feminine and chic. I feel all sophisticated when I'm wearing it. It's one of my everyday perfumes as of the moment, the other one being BVLGARI Rose Essentielle, as you might already knew, read my passionate bvlgari mini review above. Chloé, on the other hand, is a different type of perfume. Chloé, she's elaborate, sweet, innocent, sophisticated, yet playful. It's not a love at the first whiff. I fell in love with Chloé in a tea room, when I'm enjoying my sweet cherry blossom tea. I was wearing Chloé and I could find the resemblances between the cherry blossom tea and the perfume. That time, I decided to make her mine, haha! This fragrance is very elaborate, exuberant, and clean. It's floral, a sublime sugared rose scent with tenuous soft sweetness thanks to amber and honey, just how I want my fragrance to be. Staying power is moderate with a very good sillage, better than Bvlgari for that matter. And not to mention how I love the hand-tied ribbon on her neck, she's just super adorable like that. That silver plate on the upper part of the bottle is a real thing, though by time, it would become tarnished. But it's not hard to get the shine back I believe. Chloé is my current love, I bought lots of minis of Chloé and placed it on my bed, so I could sniff it during bedtime. Chloé, let you become my signature scent for the time being. Je t'aime, Chloé! I'm a Chloé Girl for sure!

So lovelies, would you care to share your favorite fragrances as well? :)