October 11, 2013

Review: Etude House Etoinette Princess Brush Collection

Today I'll be reviewing a set of brush from Etude House, which called ETOINETTE Princess Brush Collection. And because I think this set is uber adorable, I'm gonna spam this post with lots of pictures :3

Etude House Etoinette Princess Brush Collection (Natural goat brush)

- Lacey pouch
- Lip gradient tip (13cm)
- Soft touch powder brush (15 cm)
- Last touch fan brush (15.5 cm)

designed by: Sylvie de france DESIGN

  Etude House Etoinette Princess Brush Collection

 Etoinette Princess Brush lace pouch

Etoinette Princess Brush lace pouch details

 each of the brushes comes with a plastic brush guard

Cute yet elegant might be the best sentence to describe it. In terms of aesthetics I'd give it 5 out of 5 score. The main material is fabric, the pouch itself is lined with a gold-brown synthetic material and gold synthetic leather on the edge.The lace and the ribbon on the outer part are two things that makes this pouch look even more cute. But overall, the pouch has a bit of flimsy feel, I think it's because the fabrics used are quite thin. It has no zipper too, just a clasp button. I'd never dare to stuff it inside my bag on its own cuz the lace looks very frail and I'm afraid something would accidentally ripped it off.

 Typical of Etude House brushes, it sheds.

 Etoinette Princess Brush collection
Lip gradation tip, Soft touch powder brush (goat), Last touch fan brush (goat)

Etoinette Princess Brush  handle details
Gold doff metal ferrule and pink handle made from plastic, decorated with gold print ornament of Etoinette logo.

The face brushes are made up of natural bristles (goat) and half dyed.
Etoinette fan brush and powder brush.

Etude House Etoinette - Soft Touch Powder Brush (Goat)

Etude House Etoinette - Soft Touch Powder Brush (Goat) details

Etoinette Soft Touch Powder Brush:
First I must really tell you that I'm a BIG fan of white goat face brush (especially for powdering, goat hair is a must!) It delivers an even and easier application. Goat hair has more texture, so it holds and 'trap' products better. While this Etoinette powder brush is also made from goat hair, it does feels soft, not the softest though... but at least it doesn't feel scratchy and doesn't irritate my face. I'd say the softness is close to Masami Shouko 105.

Shu Uemura natural brush 27, Masami Shouko 105, Etoinette soft touch powder brush

On the left we have Shu Uemura natural brush 27, it's the travel size version and this is my current HG face brush, I literraly pet it! lol. Okay, back onto the review, this brush is quite dense, and with correct application I swear it will gives you a beautiful finish.
Please refer to Wayne Goss Video HERE, he'll tell you how to correctly use a powder brush. Just in case...

The overall design reminds me a lot to TOO FACED brushes collection, this one is cuter though, haha! Everything about the brush is carefully designed. The handle is made from a high quality plastic and so is the ferrule. Everything looks so HIGH END to my eyes.

cons: sheds a little.

 Etoinette last touch fan brush

Etoinette last touch fan brush:
As the name suggest, this is the last tool you would want to use on your face on each make-up application. This brush is also a natural one (goat) and also pink dyed on top. 
Mostly, people will use it to dust-off any excess product on face, but actually this type of fan brush holds more functions and is actually versatile. I've seen Wayne Goss using this kind of brush to apply bronzer, blusher, and even a powder. It totally depends on your preference. I myself rarely use a fan brush. I'd prefer an airy powder brush for dusting purpose, and the usual angled brush for bronzing. 
The bristles are soft but it sheds a little, nothing's too bad though. I usually use this brush to soften any hard edges of blusher or bronzer (if there's any!).

Etoinette lip gradation tip:
well, before I read about this brush on the description box, I was like. what the heck is this? It's too weird and I've never seen something as weird as this, haha! But yeah, it's supposed to be a lip 'rubber'. The tip is made of a porous rubber. And it's not soft at all. Anyhoo it does its job nicely, and it makes a good lip gradation perfectly. But I feel something is a bit off, well, idk. I think there's no difference whether I use my finger, a Q-tip, or this lip gradation tip to spread out products on my lips. It's all the same.

★ Etude House Etoinette Princess Brush Collection, Verdict:
The only brush that I actually use from this set is the powder brush. In my opinion, putting up a fan brush and a lip tip applicator in a set contain of only three brushes is really a waste. I'd prefer more staple brushes like eyeshadow or blending brush, or angled face brush. That's really unfortunate considering how cute these brushes are! haha...~but that's just me and this is my own preference.
I'd highly recommend this set for make-up brush lover and collector, not for those who are just starting into makeup business. All in all, this set is just an eye candy for me.
Would there be any sequel of Etoinette series, I hope its designer (SYLVIE DE FRANCE) will do something about the pouch, it's so fricking frail!! I hope it'd be more durable > . <

I think that's it for the review, the next Etude House brush that I'd like to review is the duo fibre/stiple brush (which shed like cats, lol). Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon ♥

October 2, 2013

Beauty HAUL: Chanel, Dior, Elf, The Balm, and lots more!

Hi dear darlings! I feel like sharing my September beauty haul here, so here it is~ I hope you enjoy today's post~♥
Disclaimer: As always, I bought all of the products with my own personal money.

some of my September 2013 make-up haul

On the pic: armando caruso travel brush set, Masami Shouko 6pcs brush set, Masami Shouko 105 angled shading brush (goat), e.l.f essential bronzing & blending brush, Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm, The balm Marylou Manizer, Cargo bronzer, CHANEL Joues Contraste blush in tea rose and frivole, sho-bi ponpon cheek sponge.

And yeah, it's all E.L.F! I'm currently having a big crush over e.l.f products and decided to try some of them :) and I'm happy I did because some of the products are really really good and comparable to higher end brand.

On the pic: elf studio stipple brush, elf essential eye defining brush, elf clarifying powder, elf body shimmer, elf blush & bronzer st. lucia, elf clear brow & mascara, elf facial whipped creams, elf toner correcting concealer, elf brightening eye color shadow in butternut, elf booster tinted and sheer, elf eyebrow kit in light, elf cream eyeliner in black.

On the pic: TOO FACED the secret to no makeup makeup palette, Etude House face designing brightener, Etude House highlight me body glam, Etude House Nymph aura volumer 3, brush guard, Etude House duo fibre brush, Touchbeauty heated eyelash curler (I can't live without this stuff!!), Coastal Scent 6 brush contour palette.

On the pic: Ecotools mineral brush set (eye shading/blending, concealer brush, angled eyeliner, baby kabuki), unbrand falsies, MAKE UP FOR EVER rouge artist natural N1 lipstick, MUFE lift concealer, MUFE HD POWDER, A'pieu self making brow kit, MAC cremesheen lipstick in SHY GIRL, Etude proof 10 auto eyeliner, refill of brown matte eyeshadow.

Aside from elf and Chanel, I have a huge crush on Dior too! Yeaaay, I bought  3 Dior pouches. The white pouch have Dior's essential Cannage pattern on it which looks so pretty!!! Maaaan, I love love LOVE Dior already!♥

ROUGE DIOR nude lip blush in grege, this is my current favorite lipstick! I like the name too, lip blush, so cute!♥ Fyi, this stuff is Natalie Portman's favorite lipstick and you can see her wearing this shade on this pic:

Natalie Portman, Rouge Dior #Grege shot

Now onto more detailed pics~
SHO-BI ponpon cheek sponge, I love this cute kinoko(mushroom)-like sponge to apply cream blush :) I still have two more of this items for sale, *local area only. So please contact me if you're interested.

Armando Caruso travel brush set. Got lots of backups for sale too :3 This is my favorite on the go brush kit, comes with small PVC pouch. Bristles are soft and shed-free~

And this stuff!!! It's from Marie collection (japanese brand). I aweeeeeeeeeeeeed at its cuteness the first sec I saw it, and I told myself it had to be mine! *ignore the white sponge brush on the left, it was from Clinique. The brush is sooo cute and fluffy! I haven't tried it though, two pieces of this mini brush cost me $ 7.00.

Here's the famous The balm frat boy for ya.

So yeah, that's all for the haul, I hope you enjoyed the post and thanks for reading :) 
Love always~~♥

September 23, 2013

Review: Etude House CC Cream in Silky

I was so tempted to try Etude House CC cream after seeing this picture ^, Well it was originally from naver blog, I forgot to save the link though, will put credit as soon as I find her blog.

I've had this for a couple of months, and decided to re-sell it weeks ago, hahah. Well, Etude House CC cream is available in silky (for oily skin) and glow (for dry skin). I got mine in silky, since I'm more into matte finish as of late. Before I start with the review, for reference, my skin is oily, match NC 15 in MAC foundation chart, and is acne prone.

Etude House CC Cream #silky:
This multitasting 8 in 1 formula hydrates, primes, conceals, treats, and protects skin at an easy single step for a healthier complexion, inside and outside. It glides on with a silky smooth finish

Volume: 35gr
Price: USD $9.00~15.00

 Etude House CC Cream Silky Ingredients


 Left: Etude House CC cream after being pumped several times. Right: NEW Etude House CC Cream

About  CC cream:
CC stands for control & correct, or care & correct, etc, which vary from brand to brand. The first CC cream I tried was THE SKIN SHOP Iris CC cream which texture and color are very similar to BB cream, Iris CC cream is also considered as the very first CC cream in Korea, and it was already on the market even before the current CC cream booming. Later CC cream comes up with the old concept of magic color sphere, and claims to be a mix between skincare and makeup.

Etude House CC Cream #silky:
What it claims?
Hydrates: 2/5
Yes it does contains hyaluronic acid as hydrating properties, but I DON'T feel any hydrating effect by wearing this CC cream. Well, maybe a bit, but it tends to cling on dry patches and accentuate acne scars.
Conceals: 1/5
NO! They must have been joking when they said this CC cream could CONCEAL. This is very sheer that it barely cover up anything. Even BB cream works better. This Etude House CC cream is formulated not to conceal, but to even out skin tone. That's being said.
Primes: 2.5/5
an okay product to be used as a primer. Though it won't fill-in wrinkles/pores. Though, It feels more like a 'base' for me.
Healthier complexion: 2/5
Ahemmm.... I've got lots to say. While YES! It even out my skin tone -a bit- nothing's too amazing  as I could get better result from airy mousse foundation.

8 in 1 formula:
Anti-aging(×): getting tired of seeing this 'anti-aging' label being used everywhere (mostly Korean makeup products), this CC cream is indeed having lots of herbal extract on their ingredients list. But I don't think that using 'anti-aging' label is appropriate.
Stress relief(▲): lmao... stress relief? Can't comment much on this one. If what they meant is rejuvinating, then I'd say, this is not a skincare product, and really this is not rejuvinating at all.
Hydration (×): ^ read above
Whitening(✓): With continuous use I think it's possible, since it has ARBUTIN in it.
Sun Protection(✓): Yes, SPF 30 PA++
Tone-up(×): More like a TONE DOWN for me lol, it gives me a freaking weird orangey look.
Smooth texture(✓): Yes, it has smooth, runny texture which blends easily.
Luminosity(×); Nope. It dries up to absolute matte finish. (if you want dewy finish choose #2 glowy instead).

 Etude House CC cream silky swatch. Too ORANGE for me.
What I like:
♔ Feels light, but yes since it doesn't have any coverage at all
♔ nothing else!

What I don't like:
- Doesn't live up to their claims, lol.
- Gives me a freaking WEIRD orange-ish tone!!!
- Took ages to dry! I swatched it on my hand, and even after a few minutes, it will smudge if I were to touch it. So YES, it's smudge!
- The tube is funny! It gets ridiculously deflated after just a few pumps.
- Fragrance is too strong, typical Koreans makeup product.
- Broke me out a bit (my friends too!)
- Accentuate dryness and scars
- Poor oil control properties

NOTE that I put a correct ample amount of it during the try out and I do apply it properly.

Other Comments:
Months ago, this CC cream was being an object of daily raving on many forums, groups, blogs... Which made me feel curious! So I bought two tubes of it on a whim, It was priced at US $13.00 that time. As soon as I tried it, I WAS BEWILDERED! like, what the heck?!! Why does many people like it? It's nothing like a primer for me, more like a BASE. but heck, a cheaper base could do better than this I swear. For a while, I tried to wear it underneath my daily BB/foundation but I don't find it 'okay'. It doesn't correctly fill-up large pores (I'd recommed LIOELE  secret pore rich balm for this purpose). It doesn't keep foundation/concealer to stay in place, It doesn't hydrates, it doesn't even out my compexion... on the contrary, it gives me the weirdest ORANGEY tone on my fez, like I'm a Mr. rabbit who has consumed enormous amount of betacarotene, heck! I wonder why on earth it oxidized into shade that is too orange for me, considering I have a very yellow skintone.
If it doesn't have this weird orange tone then I won't hate it to this extent. My BFF said she didn't really like this CC cream too. awee...
So what is it supposed to do? 8in1 formulation seems to *mostly fail. It baffles me so much! And no I don't have any high expectation from this product since it's being an Etude House anyway.
My foundation blends out more smoothly without this to, haha!

Final thoughts: Okay, this may feel more like a rant, lol. I'm sorry for that. But I really really want to tell you not to waste your money on this product. (And we have the most recent release of ETUDE HOUSE precious mineral ANY CUSHION ahead). Again, I can't tell you enough to always always check what's your face product doing on your skin UNDER NATURAL LIGHTING/window lighting would do. Indoor lighting alone is not enough. You'll notice great difference from product to product. What's GOOD for your skin, what's actually WORKS for your skin, and what's giving you a skin disaster.
I've tried many products that are far much better than this CC cream, even IRIS CC cream is much better than the one from Etude House. If you like the price, I'd recommend you to try TONY MOLY luminous pure aura CC cream instead.

All in all, those with 'amost flawless' skin is probably going to like it (only if you don't mind the orangeish tone). But for me, it's a miss! Sorry, I'd never ever repurchase.


Phewww! Turned out as a lengthy post! I know that fans of EH CC cream might kill me for this post, hahaha! But this is my honest review. Anyhow, I dislike this cream so much that I decided to sell it right away.

I think Etude House people is really smart in marketing their product, it's been over a week that people start to hype thiz:


Etude House precious mineral any cushion commercial from EH Philippines

I wonder if I should really get a hand on this? Haha? let's see... This cushion BB or Cushion foundation is almost everywhere on blogsphere nowadays. I've tried one from LANEIGE, it looks like this, texture is watery but it's just an okay product and is perfect to wear on low maintenance day. The packaging is cute~

Laneige Snow BB soothing cushion
*Photo taken with Byul, my android.
So yeah, if you LIKE Etude House CC cream, please tell me how do you like it? I really want to know! Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon on my next review~!